We had such a fun day on Friday! My cousin Jamey came over, and we got to take lots of pictures with some matching outfits that we have. Grandma Lou and Grandpa Jere brought us back t-shirts from Mazatlan, Mexico when they went in March. Isn't it sweet how Jamey is holding my hand? He did that all by himself. Yeah, we like each other.

Then our mommies took some pictures of us in these neat outfits that Aunt Karyn bought for us in California while I still lived in Mommy's tummy. They've been waiting and waiting for the time when we could wear them together, and the time finally came!

By the last outfit (our cute safari outfit), Jamey was getting a little restless and decided it was time to crawl around. Frankly, I was wishing I was crawling around with Jamey. But no, I had to just sit there and watch. Jamey, when are you going to teach me how to crawl??

What a fun time it was, taking pictures. I have a feeling there is lots more of that to come!
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