Sullivan's Stats

We just got back from the Dr. for Sullivan's 4-month appointment, and Mommy was shocked at Sullivan's stats! Shocked in a different way than you might guess, though...

Sullivan weighs 15.5 lbs. and is 25 1/2 inches long. This puts him in the 50th percentile for weight and the 66th percentile for height. Sullivan is a whole pound lighter than I was at that age, and an inch-and-a-half shorter. We sure are our own unique selves! Sullivan is obviously still sportin' his chubby, kissable cheeks and a few rolls here and there, but don't that that fool ya - he's not as big as you might think!

We can't get enough of our baby. He is the sweetest little guy with lots of personality. He's so easy to hug, kiss, and love.

We can't believe Christmas is only a week away! We hope you are enjoying this wonderful season!


Well, it's time for an update! We're sorry it's been so long...

First, a few pictures from last week. I am quite fascinated with Mommy's necklaces, so she thought it was high time I got my own necklace. Mommy remembered back to her elementary school days and got some yarn and some pasta, and we got-a-stringing. And oh how excited I was to have my very own necklace!Some sweet snuggle time with Dad one evening.I love taking pictures, and as Mommy was getting the pictures off the camera and onto the computer tonight, she noticed this one and realized it is one of mine! Yep, I took this picture all by myself with no help from anyone. Mom decided to post it cause it's a pretty good picture of our stockings and you can sorta see our tree.Here's our Baby Sullivan today (I only refer to him as "Baby Sullivan") - such a smiley boy! He's very happy and chill. He likes to talk lots and lots and lots - he pretty much chats our ears off, and we're all happy to listen and talk back! He has turned into quite the happy and content baby. And he's a great sleeper, too! He sleeps about 12 hours a night these days, which makes Mommy very happy :) Sullivan just turned 4 months this past week, and he has his 4-month check-up on Friday, so we'll be sure to let you know all his official stats. Oh how we love our baby. I continue to just love Sullivan and am always so sweet to him! Today I got to help Mommy make some cookies! She has a special Christmas lunch with some ladies at work tomorrow, and she is supposed to bring some treats to share. So we made Minty-Wiches (thanks for the idea, Auntie Karyn!), and they turned out very yummy. Grandma Lou always has Minty-Wiches at her house around Christmas-time, so making them today reminded Mommy of being "home" at Christmas. Today I also got to paint. (Notice we're in our jammies...we stayed in our jammies all day long! It was very very cold outside, and Mommy was glad we didn't need to go anywhere. We decided to just be productive at home!) In the past, Mommy has helped me a little with my painting. Not necessarily with the painting on the paper part, but the getting the paint on the paint brush part. Today, Mommy got me set-up, and then she continued on with her business in the kitchen and let me go at it while Sullivan watched. Here's the final project. Completely done by me with no interjections from Mom whatsoever. (Except the name and date, of course!)
Sullivan wore a few different Christmas jammies today - it was a very festive day for him. :)


"Who does Sullivan look like," you might ask? Well, take a look for yourself:

They're not identical, but Sullivan sure has Mommy's genes... rolls, double chin, and all!!

Happy Birthday to my Daddy!!

Today is my Dad's birthday! He spent the day at work, while Mommy, Sullivan, and I played at home and ran a few errands, preparing for our little celebration of Dad tonight. My Daddy has a special service at church that he's been planning coming up on Sunday night, so he had a rehearsal for that tonight. So, we had a few hours in between work and rehearsal to celebrate!

When asked what he wanted for his birthday dinner, Dad told Mommy "surprise me". You see, Dad doesn't really care anything about actual food - he just wants the sweet stuff that comes after the meal. He basically eats to survive. He'd live on dessert if he could. Mommy tried to think up something that Daddy enjoys eating, and bbq chicken pizza came to mind. Dad always likes that, so bbq chicken pizza it was! It was a good choice, and we all enjoyed it. Next came the cake part. Saturday night we're getting together with a few friends, and Mommy's going to make Daddy's favorite dessert to bring with us, so tonight she just picked up a little something at the store for his actual birthday. It turned out to be really good. Chocolate cake, cream filled, with whip cream on top and drizzles of chocolate fudge. Yummy!! I loved it and kept asking for more. We only had 1 big piece to share between the 3 of us - yes, Daddy was sweet to share. And, he let me help him blow out his candles.
We got Daddy a special Starbucks coffee mug. He already has a few, but really, can anyone ever have too many coffee mugs? And while we were there, Mommy got an Espresso Truffle drink (a seasonal Starbucks drink... a mix between hot chocolate and espresso) - she said it was very yummy and highly recommends it. I wouldn't know. I did, however, have lots of fun looking at some little stuffed reindeer animals and mini-travel mugs while Mommy was buying our stuff! Happy Birthday Daddy!!! Sullivan and I are the luckiest kids in the world to have you for our Dad. We love you!!

Thanksgiving Fun!!

We spent Thanksgiving with our extended Primm family down at Papa and M'laine's house this year, and boy did we have fun!! We were there from Wednesday through Sunday, so we had lots of days to play, eat, and play some more. On Saturday we got to go to Mr. Roger's house (where I usually get to ride horses) and rode 4-wheelers. Grace-the-horse was sick, so we couldn't ride her. But we sure had a great time on those 4-wheelers! Of course I got to sleep in Papa and M'laine's closet again, and I slept so good. We only had one small mishap during the weekend with me "painting my nails on my mouth" (basically painting my lips with nail polish), but never fear, I didn't get any nail polish actually in my mouth. I just loved every minute of getting to play with my cousins, aunts, uncles, Papa, M'laine, and Grandmommie. Sullivan had lots of fun too - he provided some major entertainment for the weekend. We are so thankful for such a wonderful family!

Since we took tons of pictures, Mommy decided to upload them to a separate album. Click here to go see our pictures!

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