Fun at Home

Back a few weeks ago when I got to go to Papa and M'laines house for the weekend and Mom and Dad went to Dallas, they got a new platform bedframe for their bedroom from IKEA. We all love it! Mom and Dad love it, cause their old headboard was a hand-me-down (a nice one that now lives in the guest room) from Grandpa and Grandma, and this is Mom and Dad's first bed that they got to pick out themselves! It's just their style. Me? I love it cause the bedside tables are hooked onto the low bedframe, so it's easy for me to climb up onto the bed all by myself - and I like to sit on the side right by (on) the bedside table and play with Dad's alarm clock and get his chapstick. Then I like to stand on the pillows......and fall backwards onto the bed! It's very fun :)
This morning I got into one of the baskets on the shelf of my changing table and got out the mask that I have to use whenever I use my inhaler (I only had to for one period of time when I was sick last winter). I like to play with it sometimes, so I walked around with it breathing very heavily into it, to show Mom and Dad that I know the right way to use it! They were very proud of me.

My Fall Package!

This morning after I had my breakfast, Mommy brought me a package that I got in the mail from Papa and M'laine! I love opening packages.

First I got to take out some crumply newspaper...Then there were some little pumpkins on a rope and my first outfit! It has pooh playing basketball on it, which is just like me cause I love playing basketball!Then I came to a really cool pair of shoes - they're sketchers but they look kinda like crocs. I've been wearing them all morning - they are very comfy!I had to take them over to show Dad (it's my thing these days - I have to show Dad everything.)
Then there was a great book in there! Oh how I love books.Again, I had to take it over to show Dad so he could read it to me. I sat there while we read the whole entire book! It it a book of first words with flaps and everything. I really like it a lot!Then I came to some warm footie jammies! It's a nice cozy blanket sleeper, which are my favorite when it's cold outside. It's perfect since it sure has been cold here! They have doggies on them, so I like to walk around and say "rough!" in my high pitch voice. Next was a whole package of socks! They're perfect, cause I'm moving up in sizes and don't have the new size of socks yet. Good thinking, M'laine!And then there was a whole pile of clothes! M'laine is so sweet and thoughtful - I have a few pairs of black/red shoes and no black or red clothes to go with M'laine got me some clothes that I can wear with my shoes! And they all fit me just great! Thank you so much for my box, M'laine and Papa!! I sure love you both. Wanna come visit soon??

Fun With Friends

Tonight we met some of our best friends for dinner at a yummy place to eat, and boy oh boy was it a great time! The food was great (what am I talking about; Mom packed my dinner and brought it along...but all the adults said it was yummy), and it's always fun to see my friends Hudson and Alex. Afterwards we went to Coldstone Creamery and had ice cream! (Well, again, I didn't have ice cream - just graham crackers. What a sad life I lead.) I had a great time showing Mommy and Auntie Sarah where Alex's eyes, hair, and head was. Mommy and me saying "cheeeeeeesse!" for the camera. Thanks, friends, for a great night!!

A Mixture of Stuff

This morning I got to play with my cousin Jamey! His house is quite fun. At lunch we had a great time laughing and being silly with one another. We kept making funny sounds at each other, and then we would giggle and giggle. This made our mommies giggle :) Thanks, Auntie Karyn and Jamey and Jack, for having us over to play! Here's Dad 'n me being stripey twins. Mommy had bible study again on Wednesday night, so Dad and I had a fun guys night! Mommy was sure to set out "appropriate jammies" this time :) Here's a sneak-peak of my Halloween costume! It's only a sneak-peak, cause in this picture I'm missing a few of the elements that I will have on actual Halloween. Mommy and I are working on my "rooaaaarrrrr!"

Climbing, Golfing, and My Playroom

I really like to put my elmo chair up on the black chair (all by myself) and then climb up on the black chair and onto my elmo chair - it's very fun!Here's my new playroom! Mom and Dad moved the office out into the living room, so now this room is the playroom/guest room. Hopefully some day if I ever have a little brother or sister, this room will be my big boy room! For now, I'm having a great time playing in my playroom. I love sitting at my table/chairs and laying on my new rug. I think I'm going to have lots of fun in this room!Tonight when Dad got home from work, we practiced my golfing. I was really into it!

First, I set the golf ball in the perfect spot...Then I take the putter and hit it! Over and over and over again. Tonight after my bath, I had some good play time with Dad and my sunglasses. I kept climbing up into the chair next to Dad; I'd sit there for a few seconds, then climb back down. Then back up again, and back down. I don't ever sit still for very long!

Climbing and other stuff

The other day, Mommy noticed me walking around with 2 of Bella's tennis balls in my hands. Next thing she knew, I was over at Bella's toy basket, setting the balls in there. Then Mommy noticed me walk over to Bella's play sock, pick it up, and take it over to the basket and drop it in. Mommy was very humored by the whole situation, as she didn't know I even knew where Bella's toy basket was. Of course I knew! I pay very close attention to these things.Lately I've been climbing. Nothing too dangerous, just the couches and chairs. It's quite fun, actually, and I get very proud of myself after I've successfully climbed onto one of these things all by myself.

Here I am trying to climb up onto the ottoman.... I'm having a rough time....Yeah, so, it's not as easy as it looks. I got quite frustrated when I couldn't get up there on my own.
So I turned around to give the couch a try. Much easier this time! And up I go!Good job, Oliver :)And here I am after my bath last night. Mom and Dad thought my hair was picture-worthy. This is after toweling off, and nothing else. They didn't even try to make my hair go into a mohawk. I've just got an honest-to-goodness, bonafied mohawk. A kind of curly one. I know all you guys out there are jealous. I do fear that my mohawk days are coming to an end, however. I think I've still got some good time left, but Mom and Dad say that the sides and back of my hair are filling in more. I better milk this while I still can...

Fun with Oliver and Quinn

Star in Your Own JibJab! It's Free!

This Week

I had fun with my sunglasses this week! Mommy thought this picture was especially funny. She says I look a little "nerdy" with the one lense poked out - I didn't know the difference!Mommy had her bible study on Wednesday night, so Dad and I had a guys night. When Mom came home and checked on me in my crib, she noticed that I had the same shirt on that I had worn the whole day long, and just some sweatpants. I guess Daddies and Mommies have different ideas of what "appropriate" jammies are. Here I am the next morning when Mommy came to get me out of bed.I had some good play time with my sunglasses on. Usually I play with them but take them off and put them back on - over and over. This time I just put them on and left them on for awhile while I went about my play time. Mommy says I am one cool dude.These days for my naptime, Mommy has been putting a few soft toys in my crib for me to play with until I decide to go to sleep (which isn't very long). She came to check on me during my nap yesterday, and this is what she found. I guess I take after my Dad - reading puts me to sleep!And here I am today, dancing to my new favorite cd of animal nursery rhyme songs. My cousin Jamey and Uncle James came over this morning to play with Mommy and me, and we had a great time! Mommy forgot to pull out the camera to take pictures - sorry about that. Thanks for coming to play, Jamey! I enjoyed sharing my toys with you!

My special weekend with Papa and M'laine

WARNING: This is going to be a very long post with lots and lots of pictures!

This weekend was a very special weekend. Mom and Dad went on their very own "getaway" to Dallas, just the two of them. They dropped me off to meet M'laine, and off to Papa and M'laine's house I went - all by myself! What a glorious time I had, with all the attention on me! We read lots of books, and played outside on Saturday most of the day. I got to help M'laine pick purple-hulled peas from her garden, and Papa let me play with all of his "big boy" toys like the tiller and lawn mower and wheel barrow. Oh what a wonderful time it was!First I had to check everything
out in Papa and M'laine's house.
"Yep, the cap on this oil is nice and tight."Then I had to make sure the dogs had enough water. I couldn't forget to check the tires on Papa's truck.And he even let me sit in it with his John Deere hat on!Had to check the yard out...Then pea-picking we went!
A perfect bench for climbing - just my size!Dirty Hands!"peek-a-boo!"
As long as this contraption was turned off,
I was very interested! Papa took me for a fun ride around the yard... And helped me shoot some hoops from his shoulders! As you can see by the loss of my shirt, it was a hot day, and we were playing hard!And it kept getting hotter as we played harder. There's nothing like sitting in the dirt in just your diaper :)After my bath - nice and clean and ready for bed!Thank you, Papa and M'laine, for such a great weekend! I sure love you both.