And lots and lots more pictures!!

What a big boy I am!!
Aunt Sherri and me.
We roasted hot dogs one night, and Dad let me help!

Aunt Shannon and me taking a nap together. I loved swinging on the porch with M'laine.
Ready for football!
Cousin Lauren and me in the leaves.
My cousin Payton really likes holding me! And yes, that is a necklace around my neck - all my girl cousins are already dressing me up!
Sweet Mommy and me.Yummy leaf... M'laine showed me all her fun Christmas decorations!
And I wanted to touch all of them. Uncle Dave and me.

More Thanksgiving Pictures...

I love my cousins!!

Here I am with my Mommy and my sweet Aunt Stacey.


We had such a fun Thanksgiving weekend! We got to go down to Papa and M'laine's house with all the rest of my Dad's family, and we had a really great time. There were so many people who wanted to hold me and rock me and play with me...Dad says my feet never hit the ground :) I sure loved all the attention and appropriately gave lots of smiles to everyone. I had some really special time with each one of my aunts, uncles, cousins, and Papa and M'laine. I'm so thankful for all my family! I am sure one blessed baby, that's for sure. And guess what? I got my first tooth yesterday!! It's the bottom right one (in the middle), and it's just poking through. M'laine noticed it yesterday morning, and I didn't even act much different than normal! Mommy says she'll try to get a picture of it to post so you can see. She says it's a very cute tooth.

Here are just a few pictures from the weekend - Mommy and Dad's camera ran out of batteries, and they didn't bring extra, so all the other pictures are on Papa's camera. When we get those, we will be sure to post more pictures, as there are many more fun ones!Bella is so silly! She makes me laugh all the time. What a fun puppy I have! Here are my 4 girl cousins - Alyssa, Lauren, Payton (who's holding me), and Holland.
And this is my Uncle whiskers, I mean Uncle Scott. I was pretty fascinated with his whiskers and really liked touching them!

I love my exersaucer!

My exersaucer is one of my very favorite things to be in these days. There is so much fun stuff to play with on there! My parents were admiring my skills last night as I was playing with the "book" on there - I would flip the pages down, one by one, and then put them back up! "Good job Oliver!!" they said, which made me smile so big :)

Let's try this again...

After my nice long nap this afternoon, we tried rice cereal again. This time went much, much better! It started out somewhat the same...
But after the first bite I was all smiles. I ate much better and even opened my mouth when I saw the spoon coming! I wouldn't necessarily say that I love rice cereal yet, but Mommy thinks I might like it more and more the more I eat it. I'll keep you posted!

I'm not so sure about rice cereal...

Well, my first go at eating rice cereal was not the biggest success. I didn't really like it. I even tried gagging a few times to let Mommy and Dad know that it was a little gross. But they kept putting that spoon in my mouth. Trying new things is sometimes not my favorite.

My new high chair!

The rumor around my house is that I get to try rice cereal tomorrow! I'm turning 6 months on Thanksgiving Day (one week from today), so tomorrow we're going to try something other than Mommy's milk for the very first time. In light of this special occasion, Mommy and I went to Target today and got me a high chair! I really like my high chair. I feel like such a big boy sitting in it. Mommy asked me if I like my big boy high chair, and all I could do was smile really big...she knows that's Oliver-language for "I love it!!!" I'll make sure to let you know how the eating goes!

My normal routine with anything that is put in front of me...

Sippy Cups and Water

This top is fun to chew on...

Water... yum....

Mommy, please don't take it away...

I love my feet!

Uncle Tony

My Uncle Tony is one of our country's heros. He is over in the Middle East right now with the Army and will be in Iraq for a year. He is very brave and is serving our country with lots of courage. Aunt Shannon gave me this Bass Pro Shops shirt - it's one of Uncle Tony's favorite places!


In this picture, Mommy caught me sitting up like a big boy all by myself!! I'm still a little wobbly, but I'm trying so hard! Aren't I just too cute? :)

Rollin', Rollin', Rollin'...

I've been doing something lately, but Mommy didn't know if I was really doing it on purpose or not. Today I did it lots of times in a row and am getting quite good at it! For a few months now, I've been able to roll over from my back to my tummy really well. Now, I can roll from my tummy to my back, too! In this sequence of pictures, you can see that I am playing on my tummy (reaching for my toys, which I am very good at these days)...then I roll over to my back...then over to my tummy...and over to my back again! What fun rolling is!