Playing Catch-Up

Mommy says that since we haven't blogged much in the past week, we need to catch you up on all the happenings in our world. First a few pictures...

This is what I look like most of the time when Mommy comes to get me up from my nap. Wide eyed and smiling!
Here's Bella and me laying on our tummies and playing with our toys. Sometimes Bella puts her toys in my lap or rubs them up against my leg to try to get me to play with her. She's a pretty cute puppy!
I love smiling!! More news: I got to go to the Dr. on Tuesday for my 4-month check-up, and I am a very healthy boy! I weighed 16.8 pounds and I am 27" long. My Dr. said that I am average height for a baby 2-3 months older than me. No wonder I fit best into 6-9 month clothes!
And this is at the airport last Thursday. We got to fly to Colorado to see my Grandpa Jere and Grandma Lou and the rest of my Mommy's family! We were all excited to go, and when we got to our gate at the airport, we found out our flight had been delayed for an hour and a half. So we had to wait, and wait, and wait. I got a little nap in, and Dad had fun taking pictures of Mommy and me.
Cheesin' it up for the camera :)
Colorado was so much fun! I finally got to meet my Aunt Jenna and Aunt Julia...and boy are they fun aunties! They played with me and made faces at me...I liked them a lot. I wish I could see them more often, but they live far, far away in Seattle. Someday we hope to go visit them there. Anyways, back to Colorado...even my Aunt Karyn, Uncle James, and cousin Jamey were there! We had the whole family on Mommy's side all together. The occasion? Grandpa Jere's 60th birthday! He said it was his best birthday ever with all his kids and grandboys home. It was such a special occasion with all the family there that one of Grandma's photographer friends came and took family pictures of all of us. She even took some of just Mommy and Daddy and me. We're excited to see all of them! Everyone said that I was such a handsome little guy. Guess what? It even snowed! The first snow of the year at Grandma and Grandpa's house, and I got to be there! It was quite cold and dry in Colorado. So dry, in fact, that my nose got very very stuffy and "gunky" as Aunt Karyn calls it. I didn't have a fever, and my "gunk" wasn't green, so we weren't worried. But I had a little trouble sleeping and breathing. Mommy kept sticking this brown thing up my nose and sucking my brains out! Now that I'm back in the land of humidity, I'm getting better. What a great trip we had. I'm only 4 months old and I've been to Colorado 2 times! What a lucky boy am I...

And More Snuggles...

Have I mentioned that I love to snuggle with Lambie during my naptime? Just to show you it wasn't a one-time-deal, I decided to post more pictures. It's my new favorite way to sleep. When I'm really tired and Mommy lays me down for my nap, I roll over to my left side, pop my left thumb in my mouth and squeeze Lambie with my right arm. It's so comfy this way, and Lambie is such a good snuggler.

I love rolling...

Mommy heard me making noise after my nap the other day, and when she came in to get me, this is what she found! I'm quite the roller these days...I only like to roll from my back to my tummy, though. I haven't quite mastered the tummy-to-back roll yet. I scoot all over my crib and roll over and then talk and grunt until someone comes in to get me. It's a fun game I like to play.

Dad layed me on my back and in no time, I had flipped to my tummy. So Mommy decided to get me some toys to play with, and Bella wanted to join me. I had fun playing with those toys! The one that my left hand is on vibrates when you squeeze the "teether" parts of feels funny in my mouth!

Here's another snuggle picture. This is one of my favorite ways to sleep during my naptimes. Lambie is such a good snuggler!

And this one is from this morning. Lately, I like to wake Mommy and Dad up early in the morning, like around 4:00 or 5:00, and talk and grunt and let them know I'm on my tummy. They know, but sometimes they don't come to get me right away. The last few days I've gotten tired of talking, so I just lay my head down and go back to sleep and sleep the rest of the morning on my tummy. It's pretty comfy that way too, only when I wake up, I can't stretch like usual, so I have to whine a little bit until someone will turn me over.

Sweet Snuggles

(This is Mommy speaking)

I just went in and took this picture of Oliver while he's napping in his bed...such a sweet boy. I laid him down on his back in the middle of the crib with Lambie right where he is and left the room. When I went back, this is what I saw! What a little amazing gift to us.

A Wrestling Match with Lambie

A few days ago, Lambie and I were hanging out in my pack 'n' play and chatting like usual. Then we decided it would be fun to have a little wrestling match. We shook hands and got started.

At first things were looking really good for me. I had Lambie right where I wanted him -- a choker hold and a foot-bite.

And then things went downhill from there. Lambie sported some really good moves and pinned me.

Lambie and I like to end our wrestling matches with a little snuggle time - just to make sure things are still cool between us.

And no workout is complete without a cool-down, a.k.a. naptime.

Sometimes you've just gotta have a little fun...

When I was at Papa and M'Laine's house a few weeks ago, M'Laine made the yummiest pie! It was a pink lemonade pie...and I got to lick the spoon!!

Well, just kidding. Even though it looks like I got to lick the spoon, it was a dirty trick they all played on me. I think the game was "let's see how close we can get the pie filling to his mouth without actually getting it in there." They're so cruel. Dad tells me that I'm really going to like pie when I get a little older. But for now, it's milk for me! M'Laine thought it would be really cute to get some pictures of me with the spoon and pie filling around my mouth, so Mommy put her "uptightness" away for a little bit. "Just as long as it doesn't get in his mouth," Mommy said. Next time I need to make sure Mommy isn't in the room when M'Laine wants to take cute pictures of me. :)

Papa and M'Laine's House

As promised, here are some pictures from our fun weekend at Papa and M'Laine's house. Grandmommie also came for the weekend, so I got to meet and play with her, too! I got lots of great rocking, smiling, and playing in with all of them - what a fun time we had! As you can see in one of the pictures, Grandmommie even serenaded me with her harmonica! I really liked it...I just stared really intently at it while she played. What a fascinating instrument! We've also posted a neat picture of the 4 generations - Grandmommie, M'Laine, Dad, and me. It was a special time at Papa and M'Laine's house - thank you for having us...I love you!