Colorado Shower

Here are some pictures of my Colordao shower. It was such a special time! Lots of ladies were there who I grew up with and who have prayed for me for many many years. It was definitely a classy affair, and I really loved it and felt so loved. This picture is of one of my Mom's friends, Scharlotte, reading a portion of a book about Mothers that she wrote. The portion she read was all about "Why I love being a mother..." Then we had a really neat prayer time, and every single person went around and prayed a blessing on Oliver. It was so special! I felt absolutely and truly blessed to be in such a situation...there really aren't words to describe what a neat time that was. I will always remember that! This next picture is of me, my Mom, and the hostesses, Kathy, Pam, and Donna. Precious ladies!! They threw quite the bash, and it was so fun just to be able to see them again. They have been great friends of my family since I was a little girl.
Kathy and her husband, Mike, made this awesome diaper cake for me!! They did an excellent job...lots of pretty ribbon and fun little baby practicalities all over it! I loved it.
And here is my Mom and I at home before the shower. It was also so nice to be in Colorado and just get to hang out with my Dad and Mom all by myself. Growing up with 3 other siblings, it's nice not to have to share every now and then :) They took such good care of me, and we really enjoyed lots of talking. I love you guys!

Oliver's Bathroom

Here is the new cute stuff we got at our shower last weekend for our guest bathroom, soon to be Oliver's bathroom! I wasn't going to put it all up until after he is born, but Seth really wanted to put it all up yesterday. So we did, and I have to say, it's pretty cute and fun. I'm turning out to like this little safari theme :)

We also got a dresser yesterday at the same flea market where we got his changing table. It needs a small paint job and new pulls, and it will look great! More of that to come...

Oliver's Room

Here are the boys (Seth and Jeff) painting Oliver's room...going from purple to green. We thought he might like the green a little better than the purple :) Seth and Jeff were troopers and did a great job! They got it done really quickly. Way to go, guys!
Here is the finished product. This is also his changing table we got with some of his stuff on it. The picture below shows you the ceiling and walls, and the one below shows some stuff we got at our first shower. It was so much fun! I can't bare to post pictures of that, though, because there are only a few and I have a massive double chin/neck that looks much worse than I thought it did :) Oh well, just a few more months...