Mommy's Blood Sugar Update

Well, the nurse called Mommy on Monday, and guess what she said? She said that Mommy's blood sugar levels came back normal!!! Mommy was a bit surprised and relieved at the same time. We're very happy about this and thank you for your prayers!


Okay, well, we have to start with a disclaimer. Some of these pictures aren't in the order we wanted them to be in, but blogger was giving us fits. And once you upload the pictures, if you move them around in the order you want, it won't let you blow them up big to see them when looking at the blog. We're guessing you'd rather blow the pictures up than to see them in order, so we're going with that. Okay, here we go.

I've been very into basketball lately. I love watching it on tv, and when a commercial comes, I say "more, more, more!" Mom and Dad got me my very own basketball hoop that I can play with at home! It's actually not the one they thought they were getting, and it's a little too tall for me. So we're taking it back to get the other one that's just right for me now and will grow with me over the years. Boy do I LOVE shooting hoops.
Grandma Lou went on a trip to Arizona and sent me a postcard! It had a bunch of cactus all over it, and I loved having Mommy read it to me. Thank you Grandma!
Dad and I made my superfort into a cool round shape! I've been having lots of fun with it...

In my valentine package from Papa and M'laine, there was a lollipop in there! The other day, Mom put me in my highchair and gave me the "pop" (as I called it). I was trying to bite it at first, but then I kinda got the hang of licking it. It sure was tasty!
More basketball (see caption above)

Boy, oh boy, do I LOVE bubble baths! Anytime Mom or Dad asks me if I want to take a bath, I say "bubbles!"
The other night we went out to dinner with some of my aunts and uncles and cousins, and my cousin Payton gave me a leap frog! Mommy showed me how it works when we got home. It made me laugh so hard!
Trying to get him to "jump" on my own...
Then Mommy did it for me....SO fun!!
And here's my baby brother or sister - we're not sure which one yet. Mommy has a friend in the ultrasound business who needed some practice, so Daddy, Mommy and I got to go in for a free ultrasound! It was too early to tell if our baby is a boy or a girl, but it was still fun to see the baby nontheless. The heartrate was great, and the size of the body and head were measuring right on! The baby even looked like it was sucking it's thumb a few times, and it liked to roll around a lot! In April we will have our "for real" ultrasound and hopefully find out if my baby is a brother or a sister!

Baby Update

Yesterday we got to go to Mommy's Dr. for her very first visit. It was special, cause I got to meet the Dr. who delivered me into the world for the first time! (Well, the first time since I was born.) We got to hear our baby's heartbeat, which sounded right away when the nurse put the wand on Mommy's belly. It was loud and clear and strong! So far, Mommy and the baby are both healthy. Since Mommy had gestational diabetes with me, they went ahead and tested her at her first appointment for it. The nurse will call next week to let Mommy know if her numbers are high or not. We're praying for not. Eating low-carb and pricking her finger 4 times a day to test her blood isn't Mommy's idea of a great time. But it will be okay either way. We'll keep you posted.

Here's a picture of what Mommy is looking like right now. Thank you to Auntie Sarah for letting Mommy borrow all her maternity clothes! Since this baby will be born at a different time of year than I was, Mommy didn't have much to wear. Auntie Sarah to the rescue! Mommy is officially 11 weeks along in this picture. She has "popped out" a lot faster this time! When Mommy asks me where the baby is, I like to smile and point to her belly :)

Our Valentine's Day

We sure had a fun Valentine's Day at our house! Mommy got me a special Valentine's balloon that I have been loving playing with. It must be a good balloon, because it is still going strong! Poor Bella - she is afraid of the balloon and cowers anytime it is around. We have a little bit of a scaredy-dog :) I say ba-oon, ba-oon, over and over again when I see my ballon, and I like the "balls" on the balloon. It sure has kept me busy!
After I woke up from my great nap, (I've been napping really well these days; for about the last week/week-and-a-half, I've been napping generally around 2 1/2 hours. We know for many of you this is normal, but I used to like only napping for an hour to an hour-and-a-half. So, needless to say, Mommy is really happy about the longer nap!) - anyways, after I woke up from my nap, Mommy went and got the mail, and I had 2 things!

First, Grandma and Grandpa sent me a special Valentine's card with Snoopy and lots of flowers on it! I love flowers.
Then I got to open a little package from Papa and M'laine that had lots of chocolate in it! They said I could share with Mommy and Daddy, so that's what I've been doing. But I have been enjoying a hershey's kiss each day! They are so yummy. I was so anxious to get into this one that I forgot to take the wrapper off, but don't worry, Mommy helped me get the wrapper off so I could eat the chocolate!
Then, Mommy, Dad, and I had a special candlelit Valentine's Day dinner together. Dad and Mom got to eat yummy P.F. Changs (one of their favorites), and I got a little of that plus chicken, pink yogurt for Valentine's (strawberry banana), and some avacados and milk. It was a yummy dinner!

Then I got to have a bubble bath! I love saying "bubbles, bubbles"...boy was it a fun bath!
When M'laine was here staying with Mommy and me last week, she brought me a Valentine's pig that plays a song when you push a button on his hand. At first I was just a bit skeptical (like I was with my Christmas squirrel), but I quickly warmed up and love him. In Papa and M'laine's Valentine's card to me, M'laine asked me to play my Valentine's pig for her. So after my bath, I went to play my pig one last time before bed.
It was a great Valentine's Day!

Playing Catch-Up

Well, we know we've been out of the loop for awhile, so we thought we'd post some pictures of my last few weeks for you to see what I've been up to. We forgot to post the final snow pictures, so we'll start with those. After our big snow day, Dad and I went out and played in it the next day. It was so fun!

Daddy's snow angel...
And my snow angel!
Boy oh boy do I love the basketball hoop our neighbors have. Anytime I see it, I say "hoop, hoop, hoop, hoop" over and over again. I love basketball hoops.
Dad and I have this fun game we play. I sit on the edge of the couch, then I fall backwards, roll perfectly off the couch onto my feet, and back up again for more. I can't get enough!

We had lunch one day a few weeks ago with Uncle Tim, Auntie Sarah, and Alex. The daddies went to the store afterwards, so the mommies took us boys home for naps. I liked riding in the car next to Alex!
Then it was time for Daddy to go on his Nashville trip for a week. So we wouldn't get too lonely without Dad here, M'laine came up and stayed with Mommy and me. What a sweet M'laine I have! According to Mommy, she was a livesaver. I had so much fun playing with her all week! We played in her car...

And we played outside with Bella...

There's that hoop again...
M'laine was so sweet and played with me while Mommy rested throughout the week. I guess making babies is tiring for mommies. Here M'laine and I are on a nice, sunny day on the porch. M'laine read her catalogue while I puttered around; I read with her some, checked out the swing some, you know, made sure everything on the porch was in working order.
Brushing my teeth and curling my eyelashes with M'laine's eyelash curler. I saw that thing and knew exactly what it was for!

Thank you so much, M'laine, for coming to stay with us! We love and appreciate you!
M'laine got me some new COOL Thomas the Train boots! I LOVE my boots! I say "boots, boots, boots" and want to put them on and walk around in them. Then I look down at them and say "train!" I love trains. Boots with trains on them are the best!

This morning there was an up-and-coming singer/piano-player on the Today Show. When he started playing the piano and singing, I was mesmerized. I stared at the tv until he was finished. We hope this has quenched your thirst for Oliver pictures :) Stay tuned...we'll try to do better about blogging more often!