A Cold Day in August

Today is a great day because it is a little bit cold outside! Weather.com says it is 66 degrees right now, and we are loving it. It's very grey and rainy outside, too. Mommy says it's just a tease, though, because it'll be back up to 80 degrees the rest of the week. Soon enough, it will be fall and chilly every day! We are excited for fall at our house. I am thinking that my Aunt Karyn and cousin Jamey are having a really fun day today, too. It's their favorite when it's grey and chilly outside. They like to drink tea and read books when it's like this. Mommy and I read books this morning, and I liked the bright colors on the book. I had some good tummy-time this morning as well. I'm starting to like tummy-time a little better these days. I actually smiled and played during tummy-time this time!

This weekend we went to my Papa and M'Laine's house in El Dorado and had such a good time! I'll tell you all about it when we can get some pictures downloaded onto our computer to show you. There were some exciting things that happened. Until then...we're going to go enjoy this chilly day! Aunt Jenna called to tell Mommy that as of today, Pumpkin Spice flavor is back at Starbucks!! This made Mommy very excited, because it's her very favorite drink there. I have a pretty good idea that we'll be making a trip to Starbucks this afternoon...

3 Months Old!

Here I am in my new exersaucer! Mommy and Dad put it all together for me a few days ago, and yesterday we tried it out. I'm still a little bit small for it, so Mommy just rolled up some towels to stuff behind my back to stabilize me. It worked great. There are so many neat things to look at and play with on my exersaucer, and Mommy thinks this will help my development in many ways. Dad had it on the lowest setting in this picture, but my legs are already too long! So he had to move it up for me. I think I'm really going to like playing in my neat exersaucer!

Some more exciting news...I am 3 months old today!! Everyone says I am so long, but we have to wait another whole month before it's time to go see the Dr. again to check my weight and height. Mommy thinks she will try to measure me herself.

It's been a good three months. I like to smile a lot these days - almost all the time. And I like to tell lots of stories, too. Mommy says they're her very favorite stories. I had some really great chatting time with a lot of different people today. It just felt like a good talking day to me.

Yesterday I got to go visit my cousin Jamey! Mommy and I went over to Aunt Karyn and cousin Jamey's house for lunch and the afternoon and had a great time. Jamey played his toy piano for me and showed me how to walk while pushing his activity walker. Norah (their sweet puppy - she is the same kind as our puppy, Bella, only she is red/white instead of black/white) really liked me and wanted to be by me all the time. I think she likes babies. The Mommies took some great pictures, but they are on Aunt Karyn's camera. So we will post some pictures when we get some from her. Thank you for having us over! Next time we'll have you over for lunch!

One more exciting piece of news - we went over and visited baby Hudson last night. He is such a tiny baby! Mommy said she forgot I was that small 3 months ago. I look like such a big boy next to Hudson! He is a very sweet baby, and I can't wait until he gets a little bigger so we can play together!

Naps in my carseat...

Mommy just had to take a picture of me when we got home from my babysitter's house this afternoon. I was sleeping really good! When my carseat sits really upright, and I am really relaxed, my head flops over like this. Mommy and Dad think it looks quite uncomfortable and like I might get a sore neck, but I just can't hold it up when I am so tired!

Childcare update: I am doing so great for all my babysitters! Ms. Brandy told my Mom today that I am an angel. And the sweet ladies at church say I am such a good boy! I take my bottle without any problems, and I smile so big for them! Today I got to play with Ms. Brandy's baby, Blythe. She is 2 years old. I think we're going to be friends. She is sweet, and she loved playing with me!

My Thumb

Here I am with my newfound interest - my thumb! For awhile now I've been smacking on my hand. Then, this past week, I found out there is a neat thing attached to my hand that I can actually suck really good on. It's much more fulfilling than just smacking on my hand. This is me during naptime yesterday - quite content!

Another Week

Well, we can't believe another week has gone by between postings. Mommy says we're sorry that we're sort of slacking a little bit on posting. We hope that you've all had a great week!

This week was exciting for me...I got to go to childcare at Mommy and Dad's work on Wednesday! It was so much fun. Ms. Carolyn held me most of the time; I swung in 2 different swings for a little bit, and I took 2 bottles just great! I drank lots of milk and took good naps. They loved me there - well, they love babies, and I'm the youngest baby there. They were so excited for me to arrive! I sure think I'll like it there.

We had some more exciting news this week...my best friend, baby Hudson, was born on Monday!! And the coolest thing of it all is that he was the exact same size as me when I was born. We were both 7 lbs. 10 oz. and 21 " long. What are the chances! Mommy says just another reason we are destined to be best friends :) Hudson sure is cute - I can't wait until we can play together!

Today I got to go to my very first birthday party! My cousin Alyssa is turning 8 years old tomorrow, and she had a party today. I got to go, but Mommy didn't let me eat any cake. She said I'll get some through her...whatever that means. I just know I smelled chocolate and didn't get any. I wonder if I'll get to eat cake at my cousin Jamey's birthday party in 2 months?? By then I'll be 5 months old. Something tells me I won't get any then either...

Well, tomorrow Dad is up in church, so I get to go hear him sing again. It's one of my favorite things. Mommy says I will probably get to go to the nursery one of these days, but tomorrow I will sit with her in church. We hope you have a nice rest of your weekend!

This Week...

Here I am having some tummy time and chatting with Mr. Bear.
I can stand up so big and tall! I like to use my legs a lot to push off things...Mommy and Dad think they are very strong.
Napping in my pack 'n' play...if you click on the picture to make it big, you'll notice my little toes sticking through the blanket...Mommy and Daddy thought that was pretty funny and cute.
Big cheese!! Mommy was making big smiles at me, and I was making big smiles back! I like cheesing it up for her and Dad, and they love it!
And this is my first time to wear shoes! Mommy and Daddy think that I look like such a big boy in this picture. Dad was up in church for the Saturday night services this weekend, so Mommy and I went to church last night. This is me right before we went. I'm smiling because I was very excited to go listen to Daddy sing! (actually, I'm just smiling because Mommy was smiling at me, but she knows that if I knew I was going to go listen to Dad sing, then I would have been excited about it :) ) This week was also special because M'Laine and Papa got to come spend the night with me on Tuesday and watch me on Wednesday while Mommy and Daddy were at work! We had so much fun together playing and smiling and rocking. M'Laine gets to watch me again tomorrow, and I'm sure we're going to have lots of fun again!

More from this week...

Here I am trying to roll over. I'm getting good at rolling onto my side, but no rolling all the way over yet. I do, however, continue to "scoot" myself around quite a bit. Mommy says about 90% of the time she comes in to get me after my nap or in the morning, I am not in the same place she put me!Uncle James, Aunt Karyn, and my cousin Jamey came over for a little play time yesterday. (yes, I know my bib says "Tuesday", and this was Saturday, but Mommy just grabbed a clean bib. She also says "at least it is yellow and matches!) Anyways, Mommy and Aunt Karyn measured Jamey and me next to each other, and I've only got 2-3 inches to go before I catch up with him! I think I'm kind of a long kid...for now at least. Jamey kind of tried sharing his cool golf club with me, and I thought it was pretty neat. It will be so fun when I can play with toys like that too!

Our Big Day

Well, we made it! We all had a great day yesterday. This is Mommy and me yesterday morning right before we left. I have my Monday bib on cause it was Monday! Mommy was very brave when we said goodbye. Then Daddy took me to Aunt Sherri's house and went to work.

I had a great time with Aunt Sherri! She said I am a very good baby. The only little thing was that I didn't really want to take my bottle the first time. I got a little mad about it and told her that I didn't want it. But she knew better, and finally I gave in and decided I was hungry enough to figure it out. The next few times I remembered how it all worked and ate just fine. I also took naps like a good boy. All in all it was a good day.

For those of you who are wondering, Mommy had a great day too! She really enjoyed being back at work with all the neat people she works with, and everyone was so welcoming. She said of course she missed me, but she thinks this is going to be a great schedule with working just on Mondays and Wednesdays. That way we still get 5 whole days at home together, and Mommy can be with adults doing something she enjoys doing the other 2 days. This is going to be great! Thanks for praying for us on our big day!

Preparing for a big day

We had a nice day today. We slept in a little bit (I wanted my breakfast early today - 5:00, but then I slept again until 8:40). Mommy and Dad got some things done around the house today, and I got lots of play time with them! I'm doing a really good job of falling alseep on my own when it's naptime and Mommy or Daddy lays me down for my nap. All in all, I'd say we had a nice, smooth day.

And it's a good thing, because we have to get nice and rested up because tomorrow is a big day! It's Mommy's first day back to work! We can't believe the summer has flown by so quickly. I get to go play with my Aunt Sherri and cousins Holland and Payton, and I think it will be a lot of fun. Then on Wednesday my Papa and M'Laine are going to come stay with me! I'm very excited about that. We're going to have so much fun, and I'm going to show them how I can smile so big and all the things I like to play with.

Well, I must go get rested up for our big day. Talk to you later!

The Bottle

Mommy is going back to work for 2 days a week starting Monday. I can't go to the childcare at Mommy and Daddy's work (our church) until I am 12 weeks old, so for the first 3 times Mommy goes to work, I get to go play with my Aunt Sherri and my cousins Holland and Payton! While I am away from Mommy, I get to drink her milk out of a bottle, and I've been practicing over the last few months. Since we went to Colorado for a few weeks, it's been awhile since I've used a bottle. Mommy and Dad thought we should try it again just to make sure I remember how to do it.

This is how we started out this morning...Daddy is smiling so big because I kept smiling at him with that bottle in my mouth!
I wasn't so interested in the milk at first...just smiling at Dad.
Then Dad picked me up and we got serious. I remembered how to latch onto the bottle and I got to suckin'. I ate a whole bunch! Update on Sleeping: I have not decided if I'd like to sleep through the night every night. I like to go back and forth. I sleep all the way through for a few nights, and then I have a few nights of waking up at 2:30 and again at 5:30. Those aren't Mommy's favorite nights. Last night was great - I slept from 9:15 until 8:00 this morning! Mommy said my tummy was growling for food when she got me out of my crib. I wasn't even crying or anything though...I'm such a happy baby when I get up in the mornings. Mommy hopes that I'll decide to start sleeping through the night for every night...or at least most nights.

More Turning

I'm becoming quite the mover. I've always been a big wiggler, but now I'm turning myslef around in different directions quite often. Mommy put me down for a nap in my pack 'n' play yesterday.......and when she came to check on me, this is what she found! Really, I just wanted to see my toys and play with them. I didn't need a silly nap!

My Bouncer

I love my bouncer. These days I am very content to sit in my vibrating bouncer with the music playing, and I smile at the toys and bat at them with my hands. Right now I am favoring the blue elephant and my left hand. Will I be a lefty like my Grandpa Jere? Only time will tell. My cousin Payton is also a lefty, so there are 2 lefties in my family. I wonder what I will be??