My Week at Kids Kamp

This week was a special week at our church. It was Kids Kamp week! Instead of going on my regular 2 school days, I got to go for 5 hours every single day this week!! My two favorite teachers were with me all week, and we even had some Jr. helpers (young teenagers) playing with us in my class. The theme of the week for the Jr. Kids Kamp (I was a Jr. kamper, since I'm just 2 years old) was God's power, and we learned a special different lesson each day about different ways God shows his power. And we had cool and sometimes crazy snacks each day, and got to play on the playground every day (one of my favorites). It was a great week!

Another fun part of the week was that each day was a special dress-up day. Here are pictures to show what I wore each day.

Monday was sports day. What a perfect day for me to wear my jersey outfit from Uncle Tim-Tim, Auntie Sarah and Alex!

Tuesday was cowboy day. We sure are glad Aunt Sherri got me this "Wanted: Cowboy" t-shirt a year ago before I could even really wear it... I've had lots of cowboy occasions lately to wear it!
Wednesday was wacky day, so I had wacky hair for the day!
Thursday was Olympic day (red, white, and blue), so it was a perfect day for me to wear my flag shirt and red/white/blue shorts.
And these are my wonderful teachers, Grammie (Mrs. Carolyn, but she likes it when the kids call her "Grammie") and Mrs. Lee! They love me SO much, and oh, how I love them! We have had such a special year together.
Friday was PJ day! We got to all be comfy in our pj's.
Then Friday night we had a performance. The Jr. Kampers (that's me) got to sing one song at the beginning, and then the older Kampers did the rest of the program. We all got fun t-shirts to wear (mine was a bit big, but we made it work), and we got to perform a song about "God's power" that we had practiced all week. Mom tried to get me to smile in this picture, but all I wanted to do was say "cheese!" and then run to Mommy to see the picture on the camera.
Here we are getting all set-up on the stage for the performance. There was lots going on!

While I was supposed to be singing, I thought I saw Mommy and was pointing and saying "Mommy" to Grammie.
I did really good doing some of my "power" motions!
I had to think about it a few times - with all the people and lights, I wasn't so sure what I wanted to do.
But every now and then I'd throw in my power motions :)
This was one of the Jr. helpers that played with me all week in my class - Josh. There was also another boy, Andrew that I loved too. They loved playing with me and taught me all kinds of fun little games. I talked about them all week long! This sure was a special week! I just might get bored next week having to only go to school 2 days and play with Mommy the other days... Mommy better figure out some fun things for us to play!

Playing Catch-up

Mommy loaded lots of pictures from the camera onto the computer this morning, and she realized just how behind we are in sharing our life with you! So here we go...

Some sweet snuggle-time with Mommy on the couch.
My friend Alex turned 1 a few weeks ago! He's my friend that just moved away from where we live. But since they just moved, and it was a big occasion, Uncle Tim-Tim, Auntie Sarah, and Alex decided to come back up here to celebrate with their friends and family. They got to stay with us for the whole weekend, so we had lots and lots of fun together! After I woke up the second morning, Alex came in to say hi and play on my bed :)It was really fun playing on my big-boy bed together!
Alex had his party at a cool place - we got to play in a big gym with lots of basketball hoops (my favorite), and there was a big bouncy house that lots of kids jumped around in. I didn't really want to go in there - I was only interested in the basketball! Alex's party was a "cowboy" themed party, so some of the favors included these hobby horses. I had fun riding mine around.And here's Alex digging into his cake! He did a great job - loved his cake and made a big mess like all 1-year-olds should. Except me of course :)Then later that night we got to take our first bath together! It sure was fun splashing around together.

Here's Mommy using her tummy as a "shelf" for her plate. Mommy knows she looks "huge" in this picture, and it's just a little bit deceiving since she's leaning back into the pillows of the couch, but my brother Sullivan sure is getting big these days!
Mommy and Daddy have been thinking about letting my hair grow out. Well, the day came that they decided it needed to be cut off. So, Mommy and I got all geared up, went outside so I could watch Daddy mow, and Mommy gave me a cut. I look like even more of a big boy now!
"Okay, Mom, can I get down now and go have 'mowing time' with Daddy??"
"Mowing time!!!"

Mommy bought some yummy cherries from the produce section of our grocery store the other day, and once I decided to actually try the cherry, I LOVED it! Cherries really are quite yummy! Here I am at lunch one day last week with my cherry face.
Last Friday night, Uncle Scott and Aunt Sherri went out with some friends, so my cousins Holland and Payton got to come over to play with us! We sure had a fun time. I L-O-V-E my cousins!

And here I am playing in my ball bin. "Cheese!"

4th of July Weekend

For the 4th of July weekend, we joined most of the rest of our Primm family (we missed you Aunt Shannon and Uncle Tony!) at Papa and M'laine's house. What great fun we had! It was very hot and humid, but that never stops me from wanting to be outside 24/7. I was in heaven with all the attention and people to play with and tractors to ride on and hoops to shoot... it was a great weekend.

All these pictures are in no particular order, so we'll just comment where need be.

Here's Dad and me playing - Dad would throw me way up in the air and then catch me - lots of fun :)
I pretty much stayed really sweaty the whole weekend cause I was outside most of the time. And did I mention that it was hot and humid??
Sweaty boy.
Mommy and Daddy celebrated their 6th wedding anniversary while we were down there. Here's a picture of them after church on their anniversary.
Papa has a bowflex that he works out on, and I really like to work out too when I go there. This time M'laine put the stoppers on the lightest weights so I could do a little lifting.
Another neat thing about this particular trip was that M'laine pulled out lots of Daddy's and his brother and sisters old toys for me to play with. Dad had lots of fun reminiscing from when he was a kid, and I just had fun playing with the toys!
Lots of fun riding on Papa's tractor!!

One afternoon Papa, Daddy and I decided to swing some golf clubs in the backyard. I'm always up for a game of golf!
We did some fireworks at the house on Friday evening, and I got to hold my very own sparkler!
Here's the crew from the weekend (minus Papa, who is taking the picture)
Papa and M'laine and the grandkids. Thank you everyone for such a fun weekend! It was special to have a lot of the family together down at Papa and M'laine's house again.

Here's some video of my cousin Lauren and me riding Papa's tractor.

Update on Mommy and My Brother

As you can see, my baby brother is growing! He and Mommy are both healthy, so we are very thankful for that. Mommy is trying to survive this summer heat and humidity... she thinks it's going great until I want to play outside for any length of time :) The air-conditioned house is just so nice! Today marks 32 weeks... 8 weeks until my baby brother is supposed to come play with me. We'll see when he actually decides to join us! Oh, and for those of you who have been wondering, my brother's name is Sullivan Cole.

Please pray for Mommy to mentally survive these last 8 weeks!