Happy Father's Day!

Today is a special day devoted to all the Dads in the world, and this year is especially special, because my Dad is one of those who gets to celebrate!

Daddy was "up" in church today (that's how we say that he was the Worship Leader in church on a given day), and Mommy and I got to do something really special...we got to go to church! Up until now, Mommy and I have pretty much been hanging out at the house, but all that is about to change. Since I will be 4 weeks old on Tuesday, we get to go out more! I'm not sure, but I think that means that I will get to meet lots more people. Mommy and Daddy will take me to work sometime soon, and I will get to meet all kinds of people who have prayed for me and have been anxiously awaiting my arrival. Anyways, back to this morning. Daddy thought that since today was Father's Day, and he was up in church, he would use it as an opportunity to flash a picture of him and me on the really big screen! I think everyone liked seeing me and learning that Daddy is finally a new Dad. Mommy and I had a really great time at church. We sat up on the 2nd floor and listened/watched from the balcony. Mommy says she's lucky that she works at the church, because most Mommies don't get to sit up there. But we know the special code to the door that leads upstairs! Mommy says I'm a "grunter", and she's not sure she can ever take me into the church service. I may need to work on being a little more quiet if I ever want to get in there! In a little while I'll get to go to my own special class and have a great time with some other babies. Until then, Mommy and I will probably continue to sit upstairs. I really enjoyed Daddy's music...it put me right to sleep, just like when I was in Mommy's belly! Then I woke up for a little while during Mr. Gary's sermon...again, just like in Mommy's belly. Then after it was all over, I got to meet a few more people who were so excited to meet me. We had a great time at church today, and Daddy did such a great job! Mommy said it was great to be back.

Since today is a special day for all the Dads, I want to wish Papa, Grandpa, Uncle James, Uncle Dave, and Uncle Scott all a Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day, Daddy. I love you!
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  1. Robin Says:

    It was so much fun coming to see you yesterday. Thanks for being so good while we were there. I hope you and your Daddy had a special Father's Day! Be sure he shares some of those frosted brownies with your Mommy!
    See you soon,
    Robin and Bryan
    P.S. Don't worry, we have already forgotten about you spitting up down your mommy's shirt as we were leaving! :-)