My first week of life, continued...

My First Week of Life

I (Oliver Franklin Primm) finally made my entrance into the world! I was born last Tuesday, May 23 at 1:31 in the afternoon. I weighed 7 lbs. 10 oz. and was 21 inches long. Everyone says Mommy did a really good job having me. Once I finally made up my mind that I was indeed going to come into the world, I didn't think it needed to be a slow process. 6 hours of labor and I was outta there, screaming for all the world to hear!

I haven't done too much screaming since. I kind of like being like Dad in that way - I'm a pretty laid back guy. I've had lots of visitors in my first week of life; Papa and M'laine, Uncle Scott and Aunt Sherri, Uncle Dave and Aunt Stacey, Aunt Shannon, and my cousins Lauren, Alyssa, Holland, and Payton all visited me (that's a mouth-full...Daddy has a big family!), and my Grandma and Grandpa are here staying with me and Mommy and Daddy for a few weeks. Uncle James and Aunt Karyn and my cousin Jamey also live here, and I've gotten to see lots of them too. Jamey is 7 months old, and Mommy said when I get a little bigger, we'll be able to play lots together. I'll try to grow up fast, Jamey! Lots of friends who love my Mommy and Daddy and me have come to visit too; boy are there so many people who already love me so much!

Here are some pictures of me from my first week at home. Blogger will only let me post 5 pictures at a time, so I might just do a few blogs to let you see more pictures.

It's finally here!

Well, the day has finally arrived (almost). Unless Oliver decides he wants to get with the program tonight, we are going to the hospital early tomorrow morning to be induced! We will have a baby tomorrow...we will be parents tomorrow...holy cow. How do you grasp something like that? I have to admit, I'm having a hard time feeling the reality of it all. I guess tomorrow it will "feel" more real! We'll be posting pictures as soon as we can...hopefully in the next several days. Thank you so much to everyone for all your love and support...we feel your love and encouragement and appreciate you all so much! Please pray for a good night sleep and a smooth day tomorrow!

We're Ready!

We may be ready, but Oliver is taking his sweet time deciding when he is ready to come make his presence known in this world! As you can see, I'm very ready for him to come. We think this weekend would be a perfect time to have a baby. Oliver's Grandma Lou is getting in tomorrow, and Papa & M'Laine will be here this weekend...also Aunt Shannon will be here this weekend, and Uncle James is leaving for a trip on Monday...all GREAT reasons for him to go ahead and decide it's time to move on out!'s all up to him. We'll keep you posted!

Oliver's Completed Room (well, mostly)

Here is Oliver's completed room. All we have left to do is hang one more picture to the right of the window by the chair. And have Oliver in there, of course. Then it will really be complete! We are so happy with how it turned out, and we love just being in there. Now we're just waiting for the little guy to decide it's time to come join us. I wonder when he'll decide he's ready...???...