Another Package!!

Another package came in the mail for Sullivan and me last week - it was a package from a long-time family friend, Ms. Ami! You see, Ms. Ami is a really good knitter, and when I was a baby, she knit me a special sweater and a blanket. Now that we have another baby in the family, Ms. Ami did the same for him. Only this time, she sent a few goodies in there for me, too. It's fun being the big brother! From our special box, I first pulled out a polar bear! He's so soft, and I love him.Next came matching sweaters for Sullivan and me!! We don't have a picture of Sullivan's sweater, but here I am with mine - and Sullivan's is exactly like it, just in his size. Don't worry, there will be pictures to come this season of us in our matching sweaters!Then came Sullivan's blanket, and it is the softest ever. As you can see in the picture below, Sullivan really likes it :) Ms. Ami is a special ed teacher, and you can tell she's a teacher by the card she made for Sullivan - stickers, pictures of him, cute drawings... all tied to the blanket in a wonderful satin ribon. I think Mommy liked all those details just as much as the actual gifts themselves! And last came a special book, just for me. It's called "Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?" I already have another book in the series - "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?", and I love it, so the Polar Bear book was an instant success. Thank you, Ms. Ami, so much for our wonderful gifts!! What a special treat, and we sure appreciate your thoughtfulness and all the time and energy you put into our special gifts. Side note: Yes, I am wearing big boy underwear!!! I think we've forgotten to mention the big news... no more diapers for me! When I went to Papa and M'laine's house last month, M'laine kick-started me into potty training. I was doing pretty well by the time I got home and we've continued ever since. I'm very good at telling Dad and Mom when I need to go potty, and I'm also getting good with my "aim." (Mommy says this is important.) I do love to wear my big boy underwear!

Another side note: Yes, that is a Christmas tree in the background of that first picture... we decorated for Christmas early this year! We always wait until after Thanksgiving like most other people, but this year since Thanksgiving is at the very end of November, and we'll be heading to Grandma Lou and Grandpa Jere's house for Christmas, we'd have only gotten to enjoy our decorations for a few weeks. Mommy was just too in the Christmas spirit this year to only get to enjoy them for a few weeks. So we threw all the rules in the trash and decided to do what we wanted! It's a Merry season in the Primm household :)

A special package

Sullivan having some sweet snuggle/smile time with Dad this week.
We got a special package in the mail on Friday... from M'laine! It contained lots of fun goodies - mostly clothes and shoes (and some snow boots!) - and a few glorious things, like an Elmo Christmas dvd and a 3-pack of christmas cds that I love! Anything with the song "Jingle Bells" on it is a favorite of mine :)
Here I am showing you all my fun stuff from M'laine.
And here's Sullivan with his stuff! He was really excited too... or maybe it was Mom that was so excited - I think Sullivan looks at least a little bit excited. Thank you, M'laine, for the special box-o-goodies!! I wore my new khaki pants and shoes to church today, and Sullivan wore the navy blue cozy outfit you sent. Thank you!!

Here I am reading a book on the big chair before church this morning.
Mommy says having 2 boys is gonna get crazy one of these days. For now, it's mainly just me that's the crazy one. Here I am giving Sullivan a kiss...
...and laughing about something obviously hilarious...
...then making Sullivan laugh by sticking my finger in his ear...
...and then taking a pretend bite out of his head :) If Mommy already thought her hands were full, she's got another thing comin'!

Happy 3 Months!!

Sullivan is officially 3 months old today! It's hard to believe I've been a big brother for 3 whole months. Mommy says Sullivan will just keep getting more and more fun as the months go by. He already is pretty fun! I continue to love to pat his head and give him kisses and talk and sing to him. Sullivan is a happy little guy - he's very smiley and likes to talk a lot. Mom says it's called "cooing." Whatever it's called, it's pretty cute. He's sleeping pretty well these days too - if Mommy feeds him for the last time at 8:30 and then puts him to sleep, he gets up to eat again at 5:30 in the morning and then goes back to sleep for another 3 hours. Mom says she's good with this schedule for now. Hopefully he'll keep stretching it out and soon be sleeping all night long! He's continuing to do well at school, and Mommy and I are enjoying school/work too. Mommy says she misses feeding Sullivan when she's at work, but it makes their together-time so much sweeter. We have a new verse this month at school/church, and I already have mine memorized! It's "Give thanks to the Lord." Every night before bed I pray "Dear Jesus, thank you for this day, thank you for Mommy, Daddy, Oliver, and Sullivan, Amen." What are you thankful for?

Our sweet Sullivan today...
I got a little chocolate bar for a snack today!
Sullivan loves his mobile.
Playing in my SuperFort!

Sullivan's First Day of School

Today was a very exciting day in our household - it was Sullivan's first day of school! Which also means it was Mommy's first day back to work after 3 months of maternity leave. Mommy cherishes her time at work, because it's only 11 short hours a week, and it's her time to get to be with other adults (adults she happens to really like!) and do some "administrative" things she really enjoys doing. I've always loved going to school, ever since I was Sullivan's age. It's one of my favorite things to do. I sure hope Sullivan likes it as much as I do!

This morning was a little hectic getting everyone ready, and Mommy realized after Dad had already left that we forgot to get a "Sullivan's first day of school" picture. Mommy remembered that we took an "Oliver's first day of school picture", and she knew Sullivan needed one too. So she improvised and did the best she could! (Mommy took this picture before she got her work clothes on... she had just fed Sullivan and got him ready - and Sullivan likes to spit-up...a lot... she thought it best to wait til he was safely in his carseat before she changed into her work clothes.) It turns out Sullivan does like school! So far anyway. His teachers reported a great day - ate and slept and played and was a great boy. We're all looking forward to going back in a few days!

We thought it would be fun to post my "first day of school" picture along with Sullivan's. We are exactly the same age in these pictures. You can see how different we look! I was a big boy too, but I think Sullivan's got some cheeks on me :)

More fun from my week at Papa and M'laine's...

At the end of my super fun week down at Papa and M'laine's house, I got to do something super-duper fun and special - we went to Fall Retreat at Victory Bible Camp! My Daddy grew up going to this camp every year of his whole entire life, and this was my first time! Mommy, Daddy, and Sullivan couldn't make it, but Papa and M'laine had lots of fun introducing me to all the fun traditions of Fall Retreat. Here are a bunch of pictures from the weekend at camp...

My cousin Payton and me...we're big-time buddies!

Uncle Tim-Tim helping me on the teeter-totter. (Did I mention that Uncle Tim, Auntie Sarah, and Alex were there?!?!? It was OH so fun seeing them!)
This is Mr. Roger, whose house I went to to ride horses and 4-wheelers at during my week! Mr. Roger is super-cool.
Alex's Grammy, Mrs. Vicki, turned 50 around camp-time, so we had a celebration for her at camp. I got up to the microphone and sang her "Happy Birthday"... too bad the sound system was off! Oh well, at least M'laine heard my song :)
Eating popcorn, drinking hot chocolate, and staying up L-A-T-E!!
Playing with my cousins Holland and Payton up on the top bunk before bed.
Alex and me in a tree.
Playing frisbee.
All ready to head to the meeting! Hair slicked, bible-in-hand, shirt tucked into my warm-up pants - yep, I'm M'laine's boy!
Playing a fun game of baseball.
Auntie Shannon got to come for the camp weekend too!
Me and the girls :)


Since we went to Street Fest at our church on Wednesday night, we decided to stay home last night and just hand out candy to the trick-or-treaters that came by. It was my special job to hand out the candy, and I thought it was so much fun! I started with the candy in the bowl, and then a little later, I transferred it to my Elmo bucket to hand out from there. Sometimes after the kids left our house, I would walk out on the porch, yelling "kids, kids" - looking for more kids to give candy to. It was quite a fun night!Papa called, so I talked to him for a few minutes. He asked if he could have some candy, so I went and got one and held it up to the phone for him! Here you go, Papa :)
Some sweet looks from Sullivan today...