5 Weeks Old

Today I am 5 weeks old! While I'm taking my sweet time in the smiling arena, I am much more alert and focusing on things more. I am also SO strong! Of course my parents think I'm advanced; I like to use my legs a lot to jump around, and I can hold my head up very well. I am a pretty active baby, moving my arms and legs a lot. Mommy says she could've told you that by the way I acted in her tummy.

Here's the thing: I am only 5 weeks old, but all the clothes I have on in these pictures are 3-6 month clothes! Mommy thought she'd try them on me, "just to see." And, well, they mostly fit. Granted, these footed jammies are Gerber, and that brand tends to run small. Let me also say that my feet really do stretch to the feet of the jammies...I am a long boy! Mommy is dying to know how much I weigh and how long I am, and we're not scheduled to go to the Dr. for 3 more weeks...how will we stand the wait???

Today was a very exciting day, because Mommy and Dad and I went to the mall. Dad is officiating his first wedding in a few weeks, so he had to get a suit. This was my first big outing where we got the stroller out and everything. It went great! I pretty much slept the whole time, and the store workers thought I was very cute. When feeding time rolled around, I got fussy...but Mommy took me out to the car and fed me just in the knick of time. Then all in the world was right and good. :) Then Mommy went to get a massage (anniversary present from Dad) while Dad and I hung out at the house together. I sure like hanging out with my Dad...he's a fun guy! He keeps trying so hard to get me to smile, but I just say "no thanks, not yet." I wonder when I should show them that I know how to smile...??? I'm sure they'll let you know when I do!

Bath time

Mommy and Daddy finally got a picture of me in the bath! Mommy was tired of fooling with the baby bath-tub we had, so she decided to just get one of these little mats for me to lay on in the big bath-tub. It worked great! Mommy said it was easy to soap me up and get me clean. Finally we found a good method! Here I am enjoying my bath, and then after my bath when I was nice and warm and clean and ready for bed!


We had such a fun day on Friday! My cousin Jamey came over, and we got to take lots of pictures with some matching outfits that we have. Grandma Lou and Grandpa Jere brought us back t-shirts from Mazatlan, Mexico when they went in March. Isn't it sweet how Jamey is holding my hand? He did that all by himself. Yeah, we like each other.

Then our mommies took some pictures of us in these neat outfits that Aunt Karyn bought for us in California while I still lived in Mommy's tummy. They've been waiting and waiting for the time when we could wear them together, and the time finally came!

By the last outfit (our cute safari outfit), Jamey was getting a little restless and decided it was time to crawl around. Frankly, I was wishing I was crawling around with Jamey. But no, I had to just sit there and watch. Jamey, when are you going to teach me how to crawl??

What a fun time it was, taking pictures. I have a feeling there is lots more of that to come!

Tim and Tummy-Time

Our friend Tim came over to visit for a little while yesterday. Tim loves holding me, and, well, he's pretty comfy to lay on. So comfy, in fact, that I just fell right to sleep on him. He's such a sweet guy.

Mommy got a neat idea from something Aunt Karyn did with my cousin Jamey, so we thought we'd try it out. She put my on my tummy on my boppy so it was a little easier for me to see more in front of me. I think I liked tummy-time even more this time! Those toys were very interesting, and I really liked looking at them!

Have Patience

This is me just chillin' after I got dressed yesterday...Daddy loved my shorts and socks...he likes the "sporty" look. Then Mommy decided it was time for me to have some tummy-time. This is how I start out...with my head down just laying there...

Then shortly after Mommy puts me down I start to want to move around. So I lift my head and move it side to side. This picture is of me holding my head up so strong.
Then after awhile, I started to get a little fussy. I just wanted to move around so much more than my little body will let me right now, so I got a little frustrated. Mommy picked me up and said she understood. She told me that whenever she was learning her piano songs when she was little, she would get really frustrated because she knew how it was supposed to sound, but her fingers wouldn't do what she knew they should do until she actually put in the work to learn the song. It was a slower process than Mommy would have liked it to be. I'm so glad I have a Mommy who understands. So she held me in her arms and sang the "Have Patience" song to me. We sang for a little while, and I enjoyed it so much that I fell asleep on Mommy's shoulder. Then she put me in my crib and took the picture below.

Trying New Things

Yesterday was quite the day! We tried lots of new things, all in one day. I think Mommy and Daddy were a little excited about my being 4 weeks old, so they packed a lot into my day. The first new thing was that I got to try drinking Mommy's milk from a bottle. At first I wasn't really sure what was going on. Everything about the situation was just weird. First of all, Mommy wasn't even there. I thought Mommy had to be there for me to get food? Yeah, well, she doesn't. Second of all, Daddy was the one feeding me. It just kept getting weirder! Then he stuck this thing inside my mouth that didn't feel quite normal. I let him know that this all felt a little weird. I fussed and acted like I didn't want it. But then, something happened. Some milk got on my lips, and I tasted it and realized what was going on...I could still get my food from this new weird place. So I decided I'd give it a try. I went ahead and ate some food from that bottle. I'm not sure I loved it or anything, but I gave it a try.

The next new exciting thing I got to do was go to Mommy and Daddy's work to see some more friends! Everyone thought I was so cute, and the people who had seen me before thought I had grown so much. I didn't get to see everyone, though, so I have a feeling we'll be going back there again soon.

Then Mommy took me to her bible study last night to meet the ladies, and boy did we have a great time. I was the star of the show, and they were all amazed by me. They've been praying for me for a long, long time, and it was so special for us all to finally meet. And I was such a good boy! I was awake for awhile for the ladies, then I started getting fussy cause it was time to eat. So Mommy fed me and then I fell asleep on her shoulder and stayed that way the rest of the night. Mommy loved being back in a few of her "normal" situations, and she's learning how to make me part of it all!

These pictures are from this morning when they tried the new feeing method again. I wasn't fussy this time, although it took awhile before I decided to eat from there. Maybe one of these days I'll get used to it...I'll keep you posted. I'm kind of scrunched down in the second picture, but you can tell that my tummy is satisfied :)


Now that I am 4 weeks old, Dad is teaching me how to do some chores around the house. Today, we took out the trash together. It was quite the process! First, we went around the house and collected the trash from the different rooms in the house. Then we emptied my diaper genie, and we took all the trash out to the trash can in the garage. I think Dad is training me so that when I get a little older, I can do the chores and he won't have to do as many. That sneaky Daddy!


I finally got to meet some more of my Mommy and Daddy's special friends from their Community Group yesterday. This is Bryan and Robin. I actually met Robin in the hospital on the day I was born, but Bryan didn't get to come that day. Let me just tell you, I was a big hit with those two! They just couldn't get enough of me. I really liked them too...I was so good while they were here! That is, right up until they were about to leave, and I spit up all down Mommy's shirt :) What was she thinking not having a burp cloth on her shoulder? She always has one there! That'll teach her to not wear one...

Since it was Father's Day, and Daddy loves chocolate more than anyone else we know, Robin made him chocolate brownies with chocolate frosting! It's not really fair, but I didn't get to try them. Mommy and Daddy said they are SO good! Maybe someday I'll get to experience the goodness that Daddy can't get enough of. Thanks for bringing the treats for my Dad, Robin! And thank you both for coming to visit me...I'm excited for many more visits!

Happy Father's Day!

Today is a special day devoted to all the Dads in the world, and this year is especially special, because my Dad is one of those who gets to celebrate!

Daddy was "up" in church today (that's how we say that he was the Worship Leader in church on a given day), and Mommy and I got to do something really special...we got to go to church! Up until now, Mommy and I have pretty much been hanging out at the house, but all that is about to change. Since I will be 4 weeks old on Tuesday, we get to go out more! I'm not sure, but I think that means that I will get to meet lots more people. Mommy and Daddy will take me to work sometime soon, and I will get to meet all kinds of people who have prayed for me and have been anxiously awaiting my arrival. Anyways, back to this morning. Daddy thought that since today was Father's Day, and he was up in church, he would use it as an opportunity to flash a picture of him and me on the really big screen! I think everyone liked seeing me and learning that Daddy is finally a new Dad. Mommy and I had a really great time at church. We sat up on the 2nd floor and listened/watched from the balcony. Mommy says she's lucky that she works at the church, because most Mommies don't get to sit up there. But we know the special code to the door that leads upstairs! Mommy says I'm a "grunter", and she's not sure she can ever take me into the church service. I may need to work on being a little more quiet if I ever want to get in there! In a little while I'll get to go to my own special class and have a great time with some other babies. Until then, Mommy and I will probably continue to sit upstairs. I really enjoyed Daddy's music...it put me right to sleep, just like when I was in Mommy's belly! Then I woke up for a little while during Mr. Gary's sermon...again, just like in Mommy's belly. Then after it was all over, I got to meet a few more people who were so excited to meet me. We had a great time at church today, and Daddy did such a great job! Mommy said it was great to be back.

Since today is a special day for all the Dads, I want to wish Papa, Grandpa, Uncle James, Uncle Dave, and Uncle Scott all a Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day, Daddy. I love you!

A Good Bath

Well, we thought since we didn't blog yesterday, we should probably post a few pictures. The one of me in the baseball shirt is from tonight, right after I had my bath. This time I did great! I think Mommy was right initially when she said that she thinks I will like baths. Last time must have been a fluke...or Mommy and Daddy just didn't do something right. Whatever it was, they did it right this time! I did not even cry one single bit. I just sat there and enjoyed being washed! Mommy and Daddy were so proud of me and a little bit relieved. I guess my screaming can be stressful. Anyways, they hope this will be the start of a new, great bathtime routine. I'll keep you posted.

As you can see, I'm getting quite the double-chin. Mommy and Daddy keep saying that Mommy is "chubbing me up". I'm not really sure what that means, but I do know that I really like milk. When Mommy goes back to work part-time in August, I'm going to get to drink her milk out of a bottle a few times a week. She said that we're going to start practicing a little bit next week! I wonder how I'll like drinking out of a bottle? My cousin Jamey didn't like it at all. Mommy sure hopes I like it, cause we don't really have much choice on Mondays and Wednesdays starting in August! I'll let you know next week what I think of bottles...


Here I am with Bella having some fun tummy-time today. I think I am Bella's new favorite person. She used to follow Mommy around everywhere she went (and she still mostly does), but today when Mommy got up to go get the camera out of the other room, Bella stayed laying down right beside me and didn't move at all. She was watching out for me to make sure I was okay. What a sweet puppy! I enjoyed tummy-time today, and I even lifted my head and moved it from one side to the other. Mommy and Daddy think I have a pretty strong neck for such a little guy. What do they expect? I'm getting close to being a whole month old!

Cousin Jamey

This is my cousin Jamey. He and my Aunt Karyn came over to visit Mommy and me today, and we had a great time! Jamey is 8 months old, and he can do so many cool things. His newest trick is that he can crawl! He makes all kinds of noises and plays with all kinds of neat toys. He gets to drink water out of a sippie cup, and he even gets to eat some real food that Aunt Karyn makes him like avocados and sweet potatoes and zucchini. He's going to teach me all his cool tricks when I get big enough, and we'll have so much fun playing together!

More Friends

Some more of Mommy's friends came to visit me today! This is Carol and Kate, and they are some sweet ladies that Mommy works with at church. They were so excited to come and meet me! I was very excited to meet them too, but all my excitement made me so sleepy that I slept the whole time they were here. They didn't mind, though, because they still got to hold me, and that's all that matters!

Thank you for coming to visit us, Kate and Carol!

Have I Grown?

So what do you think? Have I grown any since I was born?? Mommy didn't know I'd grown so much, but looking at these pictures, she thinks I've grown a lot! The first picture is right before we left the hospital when I was 1 day old. The second picture is from today, and I am 3 weeks and 1 day old. Only 3 weeks later, and I'm filling out my outfit quite nicely. I guess that should put Mommy at ease that I'm getting enough milk! She always worries about that...silly Mommy. Why do Mommies always worry so much? I think that's just something that all Mommies do...they worry...about everything. Well, Mommy, stop worrying! I'm a healthy boy.

3 Weeks Old!

Today I am 3 weeks old! That means in just one more week I can start to go more places and visit more people...what fun that will be!

Mommy was really excited about this picture of Dad and me, because she caught me accidentally smiling! She and Dad love it when I do this, because it gives them an idea of what it will be like when I start smiling for real. Mommy was pretty lucky that she caught me mid-smile.

Well, tonight was a little bit of a traumatic experience. Mommy and Daddy gave me a bath (and yes, Mommy did use soap), and I didn't really like it one bit. I cried pretty hard most of the time. Except for one little interlude where I got calm and peed. Then I resumed crying. Mommy thought she had the water warm enough, but I was cold. They rushed and rushed to get finished and wrapped me all up in my towel, and then everything was all better. I don't think my parents have this bath thing down yet. I'll keep you posted on their improvement. I'm sure they'll get the hang of it one of these days...I sure hope so anyways.

Today was great, because since it is Tuesday, and Tuesdays are "planning days" for Daddy, he got to stay home with us for awhile this morning. He had to check email some and make a few calls, but it was great to have him home! We got to play together, and he changed my diapers...it was great. But tomorrow he must go back to work, and it will be just Mommy and me and Bella once again. Tomorrow is going to be exciting too, though, because some more of Mommy's friends from work are coming over to visit me! I'll let you know tomorrow how everything went. For now I must close. Good night!

Our first social outing!

Last night was an exciting night...we went over to Jeff and Kara's house to watch the basketball game. They are some of Mommy and Daddy's best friends, and they will have my best friend, Hudson, here to play with me in August! We got to see Hudson's room almost fully decorated, and boy is it a cool room. Kara is an interior designer/decorator, so Hudson was bound to have a really neat room.

I thought they might need some practice with babies, so I thought it'd be a good idea for me to come over to see them. I got to be held by both of them, and Madie (their puppy) even was really curious about me. They're both going to be great parents! Jeff likes to put on a show and act like he's not sure if he wants to hold me, and then when he does, he's such a natural! That silly Jeff.

Well, everything went pretty great for our first social outing. Mommy even fed me over there, and I spit up and went through 3 diapers in one changing (it's kind of a fun game I like to play...wait until Mom and Dad have my clean diaper on and then...SPLAT! I mess it all up :) ), and Mommy and Daddy took it all in stride and handled me great. They weren't worried one single bit.

I had such a fun time with you, Jeff and Kara! Thanks for having us over.

Just some cute pictures...

Papa is here!

This weekend is a special weekend, because my Papa came up to visit me! We are having some great hangout time. This morning we sat on the front porch swing together and enjoyed the nice weather. Papa really likes holding me, and I like to be held, so it works out perfectly!

Good Morning, Dad!

This morning after I had my milk, Mommy took me in to say "Good Morning" to Dad. We had fun just laying there together, Dad and me. I spit up just a little bit on Dad's face, and he got a little flustered for a minute, but he really didn't mind. It was just a little, and plus, I'm so cute, so how could he mind?!?

I'm all clean!

Well, today was an exciting day. When Daddy and Mommy got up to change and feed me this morning, Daddy found my cord in my clothes! It finally fell off! So Mommy was excited to give me a real bath today. She put my little bathtub in the big bathtub, filled it a little bit with some nice warm water, and put me in there. I don't think she realized how slippery I would be. It takes some serious skill to hold me with one hand and try to wash me with the other...she says she's working on it and will get better. I told her I wouldn't tell, but we didn't even use soap. Mommy figured that since we didn't use soap during our sponge-baths over the last two weeks, it wasn't totally necessary. She was excited about getting to try the soap and was planning on using it, but she got a little flustered trying to keep me upright and get me clean at the same time. I decided to let it slide this time and not say anything about not using soap. She'll get the hang of it and use soap next time, I'm sure! Anyways, I was just a little bit fussy if I got cold, but when Mommy was sponging the water on me, I really liked it. I think I'm going to like baths! And it's always nice to be clean.

This picture is of me right after my bath. Aren't I a handsome young buck? :)

(Mommy said to tell you that I normally don't wear mittens, but I was a little cold after bath-time, and they helped keep my hands warm.)

Mommy's sweet friends

This is a picture of Mommy's sweet friends from work, Kathy and Karen. They came to meet me today and visit Mommy. They even brought us lunch! They have loved me and prayed for me for a long time, so today was a special day. Soon when I get a little bit older, Mommy will take me to work/church to meet even more people...I think there are a lot of people who want to meet me! P.S. Jeff, Mommy asked me to tell you that even before your comment on our blog, she was kicking herself for not getting a picture of you and Daddy putting together my swing. She is very sorry and is trying to get better at taking pictures of everything that happens. Next time we get to hang out with you and Kara, don't let her forget to take pictures! I'll try to remind her too...maybe between the two of us we can get some good pictures taken...maybe even of you and me together! :) Love you guys!

Lots of Love

Mommy is a little tired right now, so she said we can't write much tonight. But I just wanted to give a shout-out to my grandmas and say I love you M'laine and Grandma! (and isn't the picture of me and Daddy just the cutest thing you've ever seen?) More tomorrow!

2 Weeks Old!

I am 2 weeks old today! I think we're getting the hang of things around here. Every day is a new day, and there are new surprises each day, but Mommy and Daddy seem to be handling the "surprises" pretty well. Last night I decided to pull a fast one on them and stay awake and a little bit fussy for an hour in the middle of the night. But Dad just hung out with me and everything turned out fine. Mommy even got a little more sleep last night...I think she was glad about that. Although I'm a little confused because I keep hearing her telling Daddy today how tired she is.

Now that I'm 2 weeks old, I think Bella is figuring out that I'm not going anywhere. She and I are turning out to be buddies, and she likes to snuggle with Mom and me. Sometimes when Mommy comes into my room in the night to feed me, she finds Bella asleep on the floor in front of my crib. Bella likes to protect me and make sure I'm okay. She's such a good puppy! I think she's a little confused though, because whenever people come over to the house, she thinks they are here to see her. Silly puppy. I keep trying to tell her that they are here to see me, but she won't listen! Today my Aunt Stacey and my cousins Lauren and Alyssa came over to visit me! We had a great time hanging out together. Lauren and Alyssa loved taking turns holding me, and we even got to eat pizza! Well, not me; I got milk, but everyone else enjoyed the pizza.

Thank you Lauren and Alyssa and Aunt Stacey for coming to visit me...come again soon!

A New Day

Today is our first day with just Mommy and me at home. It's been a pretty good day so far. Here are some of the happenings of the day:

-during my morning mealtime, I decided to keep Mommy on her toes by choking for a little bit...I think it worked!
-I woke up from my nap with a "soaker", as my Aunt Karyn calls it...this is where I go potty and soak all the way through all my clothes and blanket.
-I've had quite a few spit-ups and therefore quite a few clothes changes.
-Dad came home to have lunch with Mommy while I napped.
-Mommy is keeping up with laundary...good job Mommy!

I think I might have some more visitors this afternoon, so I better eat some more food and rest up!

More Visitors!

I had some more visitors yesterday, and we had so much fun! I had fun sleeping, while they had fun looking at me and holding me and taking lots of pictures. The top picture is of my Mommy and Daddy's friend Sarah, Tim's sister Leah, and Tim's mom, Vicki. Then of course there is Tim holding me with Daddy. Tim's dad Bill came to visit me too, along with Tim's Grandma. Thanks so much for coming to visit me...I'm so glad you got to come!