Street Fest

Tonight we enjoyed Fellowship's annual Street Fest! The boys' costumes turned out great, and it was fun to see Sullivan in the tiger costume that Oliver wore 2 years ago :) Oliver was 3 months older at that point than Sullivan is now, so I was afraid the costume would be way too long. But it worked out just great! It took both Seth and me holding Sullivan steady to get his face painted, but after all was said and done, the cute Dalmatian and Tiger were ready to go!

This picture cracks me up...I almost deleted it, and then I realized that they are making the same face! :) Like father, like son.
Ready to go!
It turned out to be a beautiful day today....first sunny day we've had in I don't know how long. It was sunny, crisp and cool...the perfect Street Fest weather.
Oliver enjoyed playing a few games and getting some candy. He was way more shy/cautious than I would have thought he would be, but he did partake in a few of the games. Much to Seth and my dismay....not much candy for us to steal :)

Then we went inside to see what fun was going on in there.....the best part of the whole night!
Sullivan took one look at those inflatables, and he WANTED IN. He's never been in anything like that, but with just him and Oliver in there, I wasn't worried about a thing. And boy oh boy, did he love it!

They bounced it up in there and had a grand old time. Neither one of them wanted to get out, but a line was forming, so we thought we'd better give other kids a turn. After awhile Sullivan walked up to the outside of it and started hollering at the kids in there. No one knows what he was saying, but I'm pretty sure he was telling those boys he wanted back in :)

Happy, happy boy.
Then Oliver played the cake-walk...
...and he even won one of the rounds! He chose this Halloween-colored rice krispe treat, and enjoyed every bite. Except for the little bite I gave to Sullivan, which resulted in Sullivan intensely and repeatedly giving me the "more" sign :)
Me trying my darnedest to hold both these squirmy boys...Oliver is saying "Momm-eeeeee," while Sullivan is eyeing Oliver's treat and saying "ahhhhhhhhh," which he does when he wants you to put something in his mouth :) Ha! These kids crack me up.
Lastly, we enjoyed a hay ride around our church's campus. The boys enjoyed riding, and it was a sweet moment for me....a nice, slow, calm, smooth ride, holding our boys.
Our family shot of the night....someday we'll be able to get pictures of all of us smiling at the same time, but for now, this is our sweet life :) What a fun, memory-making night!!

A little Sully time

This week Oliver is down at M'laine and Papa's house, so we're having a bit of extra Sully time.

I keep subconsciously looking for Oliver every other minute of the day, and when I ask Sullivan where his brother is, he starts doing the "more" sign :)

We've gotten to talk with Oliver via Skype a few times, and it's so fun to see his face while talking! Way better than just the phone. He is having a wonderful time, full of tractor-driving, ball-playing. Life couldn't get any better than that for this 3-year old.

Sullivan's loving his train these days, and bath time might very well be his favorite thing on earth. Today he got mad when it was time to be done. That boy can throw some serious attitude :)

Seth and I cannot get enough of him.

M'laine's Cinnamon Rolls

M'laine is here visiting for a few days!

M'laine has famous cinnamon rolls...they are incredible...delicious...and we get to eat them this morning.

Oliver got to help make them...he was so excited and proud :-)

Oliver the Photographer

Oliver loves taking pictures with our camera, and he's just recently started getting to where the subjects are actually visible :-)

Enjoy Oliver's handiwork.

Baby it's cold outside

A special friend of our family, Ami, made these sweaters for the boys last year. Such a special gift! It's nice and brisk outside, so I thought today would be the perfect day to wear them to church. Thank you so much, Ami!!

Woooo Pig Sooie

Seth's uncle called a few nights ago offering us 2 tickets to today's Razorback game. YES!!
(Thank you, Uncle Royce!)

Had a rough time finding childcare on short notice. So we decided the next best thing was for Seth to take Oliver to his very first football game.

We practiced calling the Hogs, and Oliver soon became a pro. I think he's gonna have lots of fun today :-)


After a little alone time fingerpainting at the table, Oliver announced he was finished.

When Seth and I went to look, this is what we found...

"Isn't it WONDERFUL?!?!!" says Oliver


It's been down in the low 40's at night, and Sullivan is quickly growing out of his cozy jammies. Oliver has one set that fits, but the boy is so long, 5T really works best now. I can't believe my 3-year-old has to wear 5T footie pajamas! And he's in the preschool building at church. What in the world. So I got the boys one more set of warm jammies.

And boy, aren't they cute :)