Another First

Well, last night was a new milestone in our family. Grandma and Grandpa went over to spend the night with my cousin Jamey, so it was just Mommy and Daddy and me all by ourselves all night long! And guess what? We did great. I think my parents might just be figuring this taking-care-of-me stuff out. It's a good thing, because Grandma and Grandpa are leaving tomorrow to go back home to Colorado. We're not really talking about it much yet, though, cause it's not until tomorrow, and we're a little bit sad that they're leaving. So after tomorrow, we're on our own. It's been so fun to have Grandma and Grandpa here, and in a few months I'll get to go to Colorado to see them!

Today I had some more visitors. My Mommy and Daddy's friends Tim and Sarah came over to see me, and Sarah even changed my diaper! I stayed awake the whole time they were here, just like a big boy. I sure like them a lot. Thanks for coming to visit, Tim and Sarah!
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  1. Oliver,

    It sure is sad when we have to tell grandparents good-bye, isn't it? I don't like it very much. But guess what? I live here, too, so there is double the reason for Grandma Lou and Grandpa Jere to come back SOON!!!

    I can't wait to see you again!

    Love, Jamey