Colorado or Bust

Towards the end of June, Seth attended 'Enter' Worship Conference at New Life Church in Colorado Springs, and Oliver, Sullivan, and I tagged along so we could all stay and play with my parents for the week! It was a blast - we spent Father's Day at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo (amazing - has to be one of the top prettiest locations for a zoo in this country), took a day and went to the Denver Aquarium, and Oliver had all kinds of fun playing with the sand table on Grandpa Jere and Grandma Lou's deck. We all seriously enjoyed the 75 degree, dry weather - coffee on the deck in the mornings and dinner on the deck in the evenings has to be one of my favorite things about Colorado summers. Sullivan took that week to master his crawling skills and began pulling up and walking while holding our hands. It seemed like he really blossomed during that time, which was so fun for my parents to witness! I also got to spend some time with my best friend from high school and her son, which is always so fun.

Seth and I celebrated our 7th Wedding Anniversary by going back to the Broadmoor for a walk around the lake - this was special for us because it is where Seth proposed to me. This time when we went, we walked around the lake and stopped at the same bench where Seth proposed.... we sat down, and to my surprise, Seth turned and got down on his knee (I was like, "Honey, we're already married!") - he said lots of sweet and endearing things and pulled out a necklace for me. It was super romantic! Major props for the hubs. Anyways, it was truly a perfect night, and I was wishing time would stand still for a bit as we were sitting in rocking chairs in front of the lake next to a roaring outdoor fireplace. Quite magical :)

I uploaded the hundred-something pictures we took to my picasa site, and you can view them by clicking here. I've also uploaded a few of them below for your immediate enjoyment :)

Feeding the giraffes was so fun!

Feeding the birds.
Grandpa Jere and Oliver checking out the tiger, which is located just above Oliver's left hand.
Taking a short break from all the walking up and down the hills (the zoo is on the side of a mountain).
The sand table on the deck.
At the Denver Aquarium.
A break from the stroller.
Such big boys :)

Oliver was over playing near a water thingy with some other (rambunctious) kids, and he all of a sudden came over to us, bawling. I guess some other kid had sprayed him with water, which more just shocked/surprised him and totally freaked him out. I love this picture, cause it looks like Seth is all "I'm gonna pound whichever one of you just hurt my kid." Ha! And Sullivan is giving his sweet encouraging gestures, too :)
Oliver and Grandpa Jere mowing the grass - tractors are always a winner.

Seth and I before we headed out on our anniversary date. It was truly a wonderful trip!!!

Pools and Table Food

Here's our pool we got for this summer. It has been awesome, and the boys are loving the slide! It's super easy to empty and wash out - very functional. I highly recommend it for a small pool.

We have found out that Sullivan loves water and is fearless. Oliver has always been quite cautious in life, but we're pretty sure Sullivan is going to be the type of kid that would run straight into the pool if not supervised. He loves splashing, even when he gets himself in the face :)
We thought we'd try the baby raft... started out pretty good (for a few seconds)...
Then he wanted to climb out. We'll save the raft for deeper waters :)Since Sullivan now has upper and lower teeth, we've started table foods (just a few so far... carrots, smashed kidney beans, bananas). They've been a huge hit! This boy's gonna be an eater.

Loves his water!
Notice that the bottom plate on the rack is missing? Yeeeaaaah. Sullivan finally got to it. Denby is great quality stuff, but falling on tile proved too much for even it. Poor plate.
Here's a look at all 4 of Sully's teeth!
Lovin' him some bananas.