Sullivan hanging out in his bouncer.
Yesterday it was time to say goodbye to Grandpa Jere and Grandma Lou, as they headed back to their house in Colorado. Oh what a fun time we had while they were here! Thank you so much for playing with me all week and for taking such good care of me, Sullivan, Mommy and Daddy while you were here. We'll miss you!
One of our good friends, Mrs. Brooke, painted this shirt for Sullivan, and he wore it today! This isn't the best picture in the world, as Sullivan was being very squirmy, but you can get the idea. Mommy thinks it's quite cute.
And here's my peaceful baby brother sleeping today. He continues to be a good boy! Sleeps a lot, eats good, doesn't cry much. We sure are enjoying him, and I still am loving him!

More Family!

While Mommy was working on having Sullivan, Uncle James and Aunt Karyn took me outside to play for a bit. It was the perfect place for me to run around and get some energy out!

Auntie Karyn and Sullivan just after he was born!
Uncle James and Sullivan.
Daddy and his sweet baby.
My Grandma Lou and Grandpa Jere have been here this week to help us get used to our new life with Sullivan, and boy have I had fun playing with them! Here they are with baby Sullivan.
And here I am with Grandpa Jere after some golfin' time.
Fun with Bella...
And here's what Grandpa Jere and Sullivan like to do together :)
Sweet boy!

Grandpa Jere, Mommy, and the boys.
More of what Grandpa Jere and Sullivan do best!
Yesterday we had some nice rain showers, and Daddy (being the super FUN Daddy that he is) took me out and played in the rain with me! We jumped in puddles...
...and I got my pool ring out to play too. It was so much fun!!
Mommy and our sweet baby.

Grandma Lou and Grandpa Jere and their boys!
I sure like my baby brother - but we have to be really careful with his head.
This is Grandpa Jere's hand next to Sullivan's head, to put things in perspective! Let's all keep in mind that Grandpa Jere has pretty big hands, though :) But still, baby's are tiny!
Bella was snuggling on the couch behind Mommy, and when she put Sullivan up on her shoulder, he reached out and put his hand on Bella! They're already good friends.
Our baby.


Here we are with my some of my Daddy's family having some special time with Sullivan.

And here I am seeing Sullivan at home for the first time! Even though I got to meet him in the NICU at the hospital, this was the first time at our house. Enjoy!

Pictures from Sullivan's first week

We are home and doing great! Sullivan is eating and sleeping well, so far, and I like to laugh a little bit whenever he makes any noise. I like to make sure I know where he is at all times too. He sure is a sweet brother!

Eating yummy donuts and apples at the hospital.

Getting dressed in Sullivan's going home outfit!

Ready to go home!
I love my baby brother.

Daddy and his boys.

Sullivan is here!!!

My baby brother, Sullivan Cole Primm, made his entrance into the world on Monday night, 8/11/08, at 9:42pm, weighing 7 lbs. 3 ozs. and was 19 3/4 inches long. Sullivan decided to join us 3 1/2 weeks early, so he caught all of us a little off guard! Mommy went in to the Dr. for a routine check, and the Dr. informed her and Daddy that she was 5-6 centimeters dilated! They monitored her contractions for a bit, and then decided to send her over to the hospital to get checked in.
After I had my dinner, I came up to the hospital to see Mommy and Daddy and play in the hospital room!
Sullivan came out seemingly very healthy. He got to spend some sweet time with Mommy and Daddy for about an hour after he was born. After they took him back to the nursery, he decided to let the nurses know that he was having some trouble with his lungs. So my sweet little baby brother got moved to the NICU and got to wear a neat oxygen mask! He improved daily, and I even got to go in to see him!!
I LOVED meeting my baby brother for the first time. I said "hi, Sullivan, hi!" I talked lots to him, and touched his hands and feet, and I especially liked wearing the cool gown I had to wear in the NICU!
Here's our new happy family - first family picture.
And here's my brother Sullivan yesterday morning after they took off his oxygen mask. They weaned him to just a little bitty oxygen tube, and over the course of today, they weaned him off of the oxygen all together. Mommy got to start feeding him today, and Sullivan's going to get to come home tomorrow! My new brother is super healthy now, and I'm looking forward to getting to hold him! We have LOTS more pictures, but we have lots going on and decided to just add a few at first for you to see. We'll add more as we have time. Thanks to you all who have prayed for us and my baby brother - we are so happy to be bringing him home, healthy and strong!

I'm a little fish!

We went swimming a few times at my cousins' house this weekend, and boy was it fun! Mommy and Daddy and I went last Tuesday evening for a swim, and I wasn't too excited about being out in the middle of the pool with them. But this time, M'laine took me out and I quickly adjusted and loved it! I kicked my legs and blew bubbles with my mouth. I decided that day that I love the pool!

Jumping in to Daddy!
I really like going up the stairs of the slide, but sometimes when I get to the top, I don't want to go down. Well, this time, I couldn't decide what I wanted to do - I kept changing my mind - and then finally I had eased myself far enough to the edge that I went down the slide to Mommy! It caught me by surprise a little at first, but it sure was fun!
Dad throwing me up HIGH in the air! I liked that a lot.
And here's some video of me and M'laine swimming.