My Fun Easter Day

This weekend was a fun weekend! More on the rest of the weekend later...

Here I am opening my Easter basket on Easter morning. There were all kinds of fun things in there! First I saw some Thomas the Train stickers, then some coloring books, and some special markers for little guys like me.
Then the coolest thing of all...a hot wheels Easter edition car! I don't have any hot wheels, but I love vehicles of any kind. This was no exception.
I drove that car all over the place, including up my leg, while making car sounds.
The car wanted to drive on my Easter basket too.
Mommy got my attention off the car long enough for me to look in my basket to find one more thing....a chocolate bunny!! I love chocolate, and I've been enjoying a few bites of my bunny today. "Na num!"
Here Mama, Daddy and I are at church on Easter morning. Daddy had to sing for 5 whole services, so that's why he has a funny chord/earpiece thingy coming out of his shirt. I had a fun time in my class and learned that "Jesus is alive!"
And my Papa and M'laine came to visit for the weekend, too! Boy, oh boy did we have so much fun together (again, more on that later). Here we are posing for an Easter shot. The best way to make me smile for pictures these days is to make me say "gotcha!" That's so fun :)

Mommy's Growing Belly

fun with my god-family

To see all about what a fun day I had on Wednesday, click here.

Enjoying our sunny day...

Today was almost 70 degrees, so we thought we'd get out and enjoy it! I took a little bit of an early nap today, which was perfect cause Dad took most of the afternoon off work so we could enjoy the afternoon together.

First we went to Sonic to get a late was yummy! I especially loved the "tots" and enjoyed yelling "TOTS!!"
Then we went to our outdoor mall and shopped a little and strolled and saw the fountains! Boy oh boy, do I love water. I was a little bit sad when we left the fountain to go to another store, and kept saying "wawer, wawer" and looking back at the fountain. Needless to say, while Mommy was finding pants, Daddy and I went back to the fountain. Mommy joined us and gave me some pennies to throw in the water! "Make a wish!" said Dad.
It was so nice and bright and sunny out - we loved it! When we went inside into the stores, I kept saying "all done.....outside". I just wanted to be back outside.
Dad had some fun with the camera and me while Mommy was inside a store shopping.
Then we topped the afternoon off by stopping at Walmart for a few groceries. We needed to pick up some dog treats for Bella, and decided to get her an Easter toy. We haven't gotten her a new toy in a long time, so Mommy thought it would be special, and she knew Bella would love it.
Indeed, she did love it, and played with it all night long. Mommy now remembers why we haven't gotten her any new toys in awhile - Bella destroys toys. She chews and chews and chews until they are torn to shreds. This sweet toy that Bella so loved tonight is now mostly in the trash. It started out as a rope with a head on one end and a bottom/tail on the other end, and....well....we still have the head left. That's it. Silly Bella :)

And now I must rest up because Papa and M'laine are on their way here and I get to spend the weekend playing with them!

Easter Eggs and Stickers

This past Monday at school, we had an Easter egg hunt. I had so much fun! My teacher helped me get started finding eggs and putting them in my basket, and then I caught on and kept doing it myself. I got to come home with 12 treat-filled eggs! And Daddy was in charge of getting me ready and taking me to school that day, so of course I got a mohawk :) I was the coolest kid in school.

This is me doing the "GJ" - it stands for "Grandpa Jere". Sometimes my Grandpa Jere makes this funny face where he tilts his head down and looks at you above his glasses when he's being goofy, and all of a sudden at dinner one time I started doing it. So Daddy gave it a name and started calling it the "GJ". Now of course I know what that means and can do it on command, and it's so funny when we all do it! It makes us all laugh. I even say "GJ" now!

A few days ago, I got a special Easter card in the mail from my Grandpa Jere and Grandma Lou. It's so fun to get mail!
Inside the card was a page of stickers! Oh how I love stickers these days. Here I am saying "yay."
Listening while Mommy reads me the special card...
and me pointing out the "dog" on the card! "That's Snoopy!, said Mommy."
Putting on one of my stickers. Thank you for my special card and stickers, Grandma and Grandpa! I sure love you and hope you have a Happy Easter!

Random Fun

Fun with sunglasses, Thomas the Train boots, and Mommy's shoes...
Nuts....just nuts :)
Daddy enjoying some sweet snuggles from me - I've been spontaneously hugging and kissing him a lot lately. I really love my Dad.
Playing with my water at dinner - I actually balanced it on my head a few times!
I haven't shown much appreciation for cookies in the past, but the other day, I was really excited about my cookie! Here's my excited cookie face :)

Fun With My Hoop!

We promised you pictures of me and my new hoop, so here they are!! I sure love it. My most-used words these days are "shot" and "hoop"....I just love shooting hoops!

My Dad the Handyman

What an eventful afternoon we had! The faucet in my bathtub has been slowly leaking for the past week or so, and we knew it was time to do something about it. My dad thought he'd take a look to see if it was something that could "easily" be fixed before we called a plumber. My dad's really good at music, so you might thing that he's really good at everything. At least I thought he was. Well, I think we'll be calling the plumber from now on.

Dad thought he got the water valve shut off, but he later learned that it was only the hot water that was turned off..the cold water was still going strong. As he pulled apart the faucet, cold water started shooting out of the faucet, and Dad couldn't get it to stop! It quickly started to fill up the tub...
Mommy quickly looked up the numbers to some local plumbers, and we finally got a hold of one who was just finishing a house call 20 minutes away. We said great, and Dad got to work filling a bucket with water, taking it out to the yard, and watering the grass.
After 30 minutes of Dad "watering the grass", our very nice plumber finally arrived. He quickly showed Dad where to shut off the water (to Dad's credit, it was not where everyone thought it should be). Then the nice plumber spent just a few minutes fixing the faucet and put everything back together again.

Hopefully Daddy won't quit his day job.

I'm baaaack!!

Well, we have some good news, and we have some bad news. The good news first, you ask? Well, the good news is that we're finally blogging again! The bad news? Our computer is broken. We're not sure what is wrong yet, and we're really hoping and praying regardless of what is wrong, that we will be able to save all the pictures we have on that computer. Some more good news is that Mama and Daddy have taken some cute pictures of me the past few days that are still on the camera, and Dad has his work laptop at home, so we can use it to post blogs!

I got to see my Papa and M'laine a few weeks ago (and for a quick night this past weekend), and Papa got a few cute pictures of me that we thought we'd share.
And guess what else?? I finally got my new hoop that's just my size! I LOVE it and want to shoot hoops all the time. We'll post more pictures soon...

We Tried

Well, we just spent 30 minutes trying to load pictures for a blog for you, but blogger keeps "error-ing". We're sorry, and we will get something up and running for you in the next few days. Hopefully blogger will cooperate!