Loads of Pictures!

The other day I got a really special treat for my snack... ice cream!! Boy, was it yummy.
Baby Sullivan, wide eyed. Sullivan is 7 weeks old today!
I wanted to lay next to Sullivan on Mommy and Daddy's bed, and I wanted us to share his blanket. I sure love to touch Sullivan...

I pat his leg...
...and his head.
He's checkin' me out!

I love my baby brother!
Sweet brothers.
Here I am helping Sullivan have some tummy time. I'm showing him the caterpillar to make tummy time more fun.
Our cute baby.

Holding his head up so big! These pictures were from last week, and he's even more lots better at holding his head up for a lot longer.
After Sullivan was done, I wanted to have some tummy time!
Sullivan has been pulling some fast ones on Mommy. You see, he still likes to have a few hours of awake time in the wee hours of the night, when both he and Mommy should be sleeping. So on the weekend mornings after Sullivan's 6 o'clock (ish) feeding, sometimes Mommy just lays him next to her instead of putting him back in his crib, and they sleep while Dad and I go in the living room and eat breakfast and watch Playhouse Disney. Last night was a bit of a breakthrough and Sullivan went back to sleep after both of his night feedings! Mommy was very excited and woke up this morning rather refreshed. Will it continue? We'll see!
At the park again with Dad.

One of Mommy's friends came over to our house right before I went to the park, and she had been at the Razorback football game. She had Razorback's on her cheeks, so I wanted stickers on my cheeks.
And here is another huge spider that decided to make a home on our porch. I say "another" because a few years ago, we had a nice Halloween decoration near the same spot around the same time of year. This spider has its legs curled up under him, so you can't fully appreciate his size. But Mommy saw him climb up his web in full force and said he was gigantic. Just like the other spider from a few years back. Luckily for Mommy, the spider and his web were both gone the next day. Isn't it a pretty cool web, though?!?

Picture of the Week


Well, it seems hurricane Ike didn't only go through the southern-most states. Here's what our front yard looked like when we woke up on Sunday morning!
"What happened?" - I kept asking.
Another favorite of mine throughout the day, and anytime I see the tree - "tree fell down" - in a very concerned voice. Someone will be coming this week to cut our beloved tree down and haul it away. We are a little bit sad. At least there is another one right next to it that is still in tact.
Here's another bouncer picture of our baby. He sure is sweet. Even when he cries, he's sweet. And I continue to love him. Mommy tells me she's impressed with what a good big brother I am. We'll see what happens when Sullivan starts moving and getting into my toys! But for now, I sure like him a lot :)

Fun With Dad

Yesterday Dad and I left Mommy and Sullivan at home, and we went to the park for some fun. And fun we did have! Have I mentioned how fun my Dad is?? We played on the play structure and the slides...

And then Dad took the strings off his shorts and tied them around our heads so that we could pretend we were Rambo!
And it was pretty hot outside, so water was a must.
After a little while, another boy came to the park to shoot some hoops. I became enamored with this boy and just stood still and watched him play for a long time. I can't wait until I get big and can shoot on the big hoops!
Mommy thought I made a pretty cute Rambo :)
Then Dad and I went to the grocery store for a few things, sportin' our Rambo gear and all. When we got home, I helped Dad carry in the groceries. I'm such a big helper these days!
After dinner last night, I got to have some of a lollipop! Boy was it good.
Since my new baby brother came to live with us, I like to be held a little more often than usual. Last night I wanted Dad to hold me like a little baby. It was pretty silly and fun! :)
And here's my brother Sullivan a few days ago, sucking on his pacifier in the bouncer. We can't tell if Sullivan will be a pacifier baby or not. I went through two very short phases of sort of liking a pacifier and then my thumb, but neither one of them stuck. I'm not really an attachment kind of guy. But Sullivan? We're not sure. You see, he seems to just like to suck. While Mommy is his favorite, sometimes the pacifier will do. But lately it seems like it suffices less and less. Mommy is not sure how she feels about them anyway... we'll see! Only time will tell...

Chunky Monkey

Here's my chunky monkey brother! He's got quite the chubby cheeks and double chin. You wouldn't know he was getting so much food by the amount he spits up, but his growth is showing otherwise! Bath time!Daddy and Sullivan snoring away.Little bit of tummy time.Lately I've been really into making bridges with my legos (Mommy or Daddy helps). We think we're coming close to perfecting the construction of the bridge. Then I love to drive my trains back and forth under it. Legos are the best!

Holding Sullivan

I really like holding Sullivan - I sure am enjoying being a big brother!

These are the canvases that Mrs. Brooke painted for Sullivan's room. We finally got them hung yesterday, and I was a big help! I especially liked playing with the tape measure and helping hold the canvas against the wall. Mommy loves these canvases!

Our sweet baby sleeping.
Sullivan having some tummy time today.
Sullivan got a little bored with tummy time after a bit, so I laid down to chat with him. We sure are having fun with our new baby!

It was just 5 short weeks ago...

Photos taken by Philip Thomas of Novo Studio (http://www.novo-studio.com).