A Few Highlights From My Week

I got to play with my friend Blythe 2 days in a row this week! I get to go to her house every Monday afternoon to play while Mommy is at work, and then she came to my house to play this past Tuesday morning. We had a fun time.

I pushed her around on my train...
And we watched some of my Baby Einstein dvd - it's called "Discovering Water," and I really love it! I can sit through the whole thing and just watch and laugh. Blythe and I were very into it at this moment...
This is my new friend, baby McKenzie. We took over some dinner and met her for the first time on Thursday. She is a very pretty baby, and Mr. Bryan and Mrs. Robin looked great! They're doing a good job figuring out all this "new baby" stuff. Mommy said she and Dad went through the same thing a year ago when I was born. I guess it can be hard being a new parent.
Beautiful baby.
I was "very gentle" touching baby McKenzie's hair; I did a good job!
And here is baby Alex! We went over to play with Uncle Tim and Auntie Sarah and Alex on Friday night (along with Uncle Tim's parents and sister) and had so much fun. Up until this night I had only been saying my favorite word "esth" constantly. Well, Mommy was showing me pictures of Alex and saying "Alex" to me, making sure to enunciate. Then Mrs. Vicki (Alex's Grammy) brought Alex down, and I looked up and pointed at him and said "Alex." Everyone was shocked and excited. So now, I say "esth" and "alex" (kind-of, minus the "l").
Auntie Sarah and Uncle Tim are figuring out this "new parent" thing nicely as well. They seem to be doing great! It was so fun to see them again and play.

Peanut Butter

Well, I guess this is what happens to me when I eat peanut butter... (click on the picture to enlarge) I didn't really even swallow much, if any. You see, these days I dislike the texture of bread, so I refuse to eat it. Mommy thinks that I would really like what's on the bread if I would just give it a try, but I don't want to give it a try. Today, Mommy put a little bite of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in my mouth, despite my protesting, and I ended up spitting it out. A few minutes later, I began rubbing my eyes. Mommy knew I was tired, as I was at church all morning and decided not to take my nap there, so she thought I was rubbing them out of tiredness. But she very soon realized that my eyes were puffy, and then realized there were bumps all around them, as well as above my lip, and more were appearing. Then she looked at my arms and saw little red bumps appearing on them as well - she checked the rest of my body out, and everything else was fine - just my face and my arms.
My Doctor goes to our church, so Dad called his cell phone to see what we should do. He said it was most likely the peanut butter, and that it was a common reaction for those with a sensitivity. He told Dad what to do and said I should be fine. So, after a teaspoon of Benadryl, I was feeling much better and not as itchy. I took my nap, and now I look much better.
"Whew," Mommy and Dad said. "That wasn't very much fun." I guess it's stressful for parents when out-of-the-norm things happen to their kids. All I know is I'm glad my eyes don't itch anymore.

The Beach, Part 5

Here is our final post on our beach trip - what a great trip it was! This past week we have missed being at the beach and are thankful for our great memories.

My 4 cousins and me - Alyssa, Payton, Lauren, and Holland.
This is a picture of our cottage we stayed in for the week. The room on the left-side of the very top floor was our room. It was a great cottage with plenty of room for all of our big family.
And this picture is standing on the balcony right outside of our bedroom - you can see how close the pool was! If you turn right down that road in front of our cottage and walk down the road just a little tiny bit, you'll run right onto the boardwalk and onto the beach! It was a great place.
I sure liked M'laine's necklace that night - it had shells on it and was fun to play with!
Papa and me - probably looking at birds :)
My little feet in the sand.

M'laine got some neat bubble-wands, so we got to blow bubbles in the pool. You might be shocked at this, but it was my first time ever blowing bubbles! I thought it was really cool - M'laine sent the bubble-wands home with me, so we'll be doing more bubble-blowing soon!

More playing in the sand...
Mommy and me at the beach.
Our sweet family. As stated in previous posts, I wasn't a super happy-camper on this night, and we didn't really get a great picture of this pose on our camera. Mommy thinks we might have gotten a decent one from someone else's, but this is the best we could do with ours. When parents have plans, it's always fun to shake it up a little :) What a great trip this was! Thank you to Papa and M'laine for organizing such a fun trip and to the whole family for the fun time there! We will always remember my first trip to the beach.

The Beach, Part 4

It's so bright out!
Mommy and me watching the waves.
My footprint inside Dad's footprint.
Mommy and Dad (by the way, "Dad" is my official first word! I "say" a lot of things, but now I say "Dad" and mean it! Mommy's trying really hard to get me to say "ma-ma"...I know who she is, but I don't really feel like saying it quite yet)
Walking in the sand...
I didn't really like the sand for the first 4 or so days we were there. But I finally warmed up to it and decided it was okay to play in. It's a little hard to walk on, though!
Jammin' with my cousin Payton.
I loved the birds at the beach! I pointed at them all the time, and when they weren't around, I'd just point up to the sky where I knew they should be. I point and say "esth" (my main word for everything) over and over again.
Here I am with the girls again - this time in the back of Papa's truck right before we left Gulf Shores.
Here I am in my pack 'n' play, where I slept all week long. Mommy caught me at the end of my nap and was taking a picture of how long I looked in my bed, and when I heard the picture click, I whipped my head up to see who was there. Mommy caught my "just woke up" look :)
And here I am with Dad out in the ocean in my raft. I love that raft - it was perfect for our trip!

The Beach, Part 3

Mommy says that we need to start posting more pictures on each post, or we'll be here forever!

These first three pictures are from the car trip down. I was a pretty good boy in the car - only some fussiness, but mostly snacks kept me happy :) I sure enjoyed playing my drum on the way down to El Dorado!
Do you like my "cool guy" sunglasses? I'm not just a huge fan of wearing them just any old time, but when M'laine put them on me at the beach, I realized they really helped make the sunshine not so bright, so I left them on!
This is what it looked like outside the entire way down to Gulf Shores. The drivers weren't the happiest campers in the whole world, but we all kept good attitudes, despite the rain. It rained the first 2 days we were there, but after that, it was a sunny week!
Mommy and Dad went riding in go-karts and had lots of fun. I couldn't go because I was too little, so I got to watch from my stroller. The loud noise of the karts was a little bit alarming right at first, but I got used to it. Then I watched the karts go round and round that track. Looked like fun!
We went to a yummy seafood place called Mikee's on our second night there, and Mommy thought it was "oh-so-good." Fresh steamed shrimp is one of her very favorites. I didn't want to eat any of that stuff, so I stuck with my usual.
The only bad part about the ocean was that there were jellyfish there. Here is a dead one that Daddy and M'laine found washed up on the shore. It's probably hard to tell the scale of this - it was about the size of Dad's fist. Lucky for me, there weren't any major mishaps with the jellyfish.
Here Mommy and I are lounging out in the ocean on a raft. For the most part, I really liked being out there in the water.
Here are all the grandkids with Papa and M'laine. I wasn't very cooperative when it came to "picture night"...I was pretty tired, plus I hadn't warmed up to the sand at this point yet, so I wasn't really a happy kid during the photo session. Mommy was trying her hardest to get me to smile - between the 4 cameras we had there, we think someone got good pictures of all the poses, but this was the best one Mommy could find on our camera of this particular pose. My "half-whiney/half-smiley" face will have to do.
Mommy and me at the beach.

The Beach, Part 2

We have decided to post a few pictures each night, along with stories of our trip, so as not to be too overwhelming all at once. You see, we took 426 pictures on our trip - yep, you read that correctly. Mommy says bit-by-bit will be best. So, here we go with Part 2.

Here I am on the beach with Papa and M'laine on day 2 of our trip. Everyone is smiling nicely, except me - I'm busy eating my strawberries. I love strawberries. They very well may be one of my favorite foods of all time.
Strawberries are serious business. :)
In the cottage we stayed in, there was a big flight of stairs. My Uncle Scott and Aunt Sherri have stairs at their house, and I've been very curious and adventurous on those. You can imagine my excitement when we opened the door to our cottage and I saw this! Needless to say, I was up and down those stairs the whole week. Good thing I have so many people in my family who like to help me so I don't fall! Um, did I mention how much I loved those stairs??
Papa was so patient with me and watched me crawl all the way up, and helped me down, over and over and over again.
Papa and me watching the waves. The first day I didn't really like those waves - they were a little scary. And because the waves were right by the sand, I didn't really like the sand either. Mom tried to set me down standing up in the sand, and when she held me down there, I lifted my legs up in a sitting position, suspended in the air, so I wouldn't have to touch the sand. They laughed at me - that sand was yucky.

After the first day, I warmed up to the ocean, but not the sand yet. Stay tuned to more pictures of me in the ocean!

I'm baaack!

We're back from the beach! For those of you that didn't know, we were at the beach in Gulf Shores, Alabama for a whole week. We went with my Dad's whole family, and boy did we have so much fun. We're very tired from our trip, and we have a full day tomorrow, so Mommy says we can't blog about our whole trip tonight. But we thought you might enjoy seeing just a few pictures from the trip - just to whet your appetite! Don't worry, there will be more to come...

Alex is here!!

Today my friend Alex was born! Alexander Lloyd Evans, to be exact. Auntie Sarah went in this morning to be induced, although she had contractions all throughout the night last night. We got updates all day long, and after only 20 minutes of pushing, Alex joined the world. 8 lbs and 21.5 inches long, and he's a healthy boy! Auntie Sarah is doing great as well. We brought our camera to take pictures, but the way everything worked, the camera never made it into the room with Mommy. But other people had camera's so once they post some pictures, Mommy will steal them, and we'll post some on here. Alex was very alert while we were there, and Mommy and Daddy both got to hold him. He has lots of hair and fair skin, and he looks like his parents! Also, one of my other friends, McKenzie, was born right after Alex was born! She was at a different hospital, so we weren't able to see her today, but I think we may get to see her tomorrow. It's so fun that Alex and McKenzie have their birthday on the same day! We're so thankful that both babies were born healthy - we've been praying for them for a long time, and we did lots of extra praying today! We love you, Alex and McKenzie!

This is me eating some salmon for dinner before we went to the hospital. Yummmm, I liked that salmon!
Since Mommy and Dad knew we were going to be at the hospital past my bedtime, they gave me my bath and got me ready for bed before we went. This is me on the way home...I couldn't hold out any longer...
And....I'm out. Night-night!

My Fun Sunday

This past Sunday turned out to be a really fun day! My friend Quinn and her parents invited us to go out on their boat with them on Sunday afternoon, and we had such a great time. I loved being on that boat - it was so relaxing.
Here are Mommy and I in our life jackets getting ready to get in the lake. I wasn't sure what I thought about that life jacket - I didn't fuss to much; just made weird faces. I sure liked playing in my raft in the lake, though! I am loving water more and more every time I get in.
Chillin' in the sun with Dad.
Quinn's Aunt and Uncle came on the boat with us too, and they brought their dog, Miles with them. He's a French Bulldog, and I really liked him. He had his own special life jacket made just for dogs, and he even swam!
Mommy and I watching Dad knee-board. He's really good! He was even doing 360's and everything. I wonder how long I'll have to wait until I can do that?
This is Quinn and me. She's very cute - I like looking at her. :)

It got to be past my normal naptime, and I was getting sleepy. Let me tell you, a boat is the perfect place to nap! It was so calm and relaxing.
That night we decided to go over to Uncle Tim and Auntie Sarah's house for dinner, since we hadn't seen them in a week. We had a great time hanging out with them, but the best part was Auntie Sarah's really big ball!! They had everything packed and ready to take to the hospital for whenever Alex decided to join the world, and boy oh boy, did I ever love that big ball. I pushed it all over the house with the biggest smile on my face. Mommy should've gotten a picture of that! Instead, she got a dark picture of me first discovering the ball. (she was still trying to figure out our new camera, and the flash was off). Oh, and my shorts had gotten wet, so they were in the dryer.
And here I am playing with Auntie Sarah and her mommy, Amy. We were talking on the phone to each other.
Here I am trying to go sit on Auntie Sarah's lap - but she really didn't have room this time! At first Mommy was trying to figure out what I was doing, and then she realized that I was trying to sit on her lap, with some difficulty. Of course Auntie Sarah made it work as best as she could. She's such a good god-mommy.
And here I am with Mrs. Amy reading "Pat the Bunny." Mrs. Amy loves that book, just like me! I showed her how I could do all the "tricks" on each of the pages. We had lots of fun reading together. All in all, it was a great Sunday! Thanks to all our friends who made it so special.