Napping and Playing

A couple days ago during one of my naps, Mommy peeked in on me as usual and found me sleeping on my giraffe, just like a pillow. She thought it was too cute to pass up, so here's the picture...
Laundry baskets are so much fun to play in!! Yesterday I didn't want to get out; I just wanted to keep playing in that laundry basket all night long! They are truly fascinating.

Our Fun Day

In light of my friend Alex's pending birth, Mommy, Auntie Sarah, and her mommy Amy decided to go get pedicures and manicures. Mommy hadn't gotten a pedicure since last summer in Colorado when Dad was in Indonesia, so she was excited for her "girls morning out." By the looks of her picture, I think she enjoyed it! After the girls were done, Uncle Tim, Daddy, and I met up with them at Fish City Grill for some lunch. We parked and unloaded, and in the process realized that Dad and Uncle Tim forgot my diaper bag that included all my lunch. So, the girls and I got settled in at the restaurant, and I chowed down on some saltine crackers and Mommy's water until the boys returned with my bag. We had a yummy lunch and a fun time.

Since it was Dad's job to get me ready this morning, he thought he'd take advantage of the situation and fix my hair like he's always wanted to... I got lots of compliments in the restaurant - lots of people loved my mohawk and thought I was a pretty cool guy.

After lunch we went outside to look at the fountains and practice my walking. I'm getting very good as of late. Just this week I've gotten noticeably better with my walking - I choose walking more than crawling now and am a lot more sturdy. Walking is fun!I even almost started running once...One of my favorite things to do is to ride around on Dad's shoulders. He bounces up and down, and it makes me laugh so hard! What a fun Dad I have. Tonight I had my bath, and now I have no more mohawk. Maybe Dad will fix my hair again soon...

Baby Kayla

Today Mommy and I went over to visit Mrs. Shara and my new friend, baby Kayla. She's very tiny - Mommy said it reminded her of when I was first born, and that it's hard to believe I was that small! Kayla is very sweet and pretty. I had lots of fun playing at her house! I have 2 more friends who are about to be born; Alex and McKenzie. I'll keep you posted on when they arrive - probably in the next week or so! How exciting...

"stick it"

Mommy and Dad have been doing "pat-a-cake" with me forever, and I'm starting to copy some of the motions. I've been clapping for awhile now for the "pat-a-cake" part (sounds more like "patty cake," if you ask me, but whatever). Then yesterday, I followed Dad when he did the "stick it" part (you know..."roll it, stick it, mark it with an O"...). This picture is of me doing "stick it", and it got me lots and lots of praise. I was quite proud of myself! Oh, and yes, I do like to open my mouth like this when I concentrate :)

Eating, Grandparents, and the Pool!

The other day while I was having my snack, I thought it would be comfy to prop my leg up on my tray...I was right. Mommy thought I was cute and took it as a photo opportunity. We've also been working very hard on me putting my cup in its "spot" when I'm finished with my drink. Normally I just like to throw it down on the floor when I'm done. Mommy says that's not polite, so I'm learning to put it where it goes. I am getting much better.This is me smiling and very proud of myself because I put my cup where it goes. Good job, Oliver! I love blueberries. Mommy introduced them to me a few weeks ago, and they're one of my favorites. They're not quite as high up as strawberries, but they're right below that. Mommy thinks babies in general (me in particular) are cute when they chew, hence the picture below. Mmmmmm, blueberries! Papa and M'laine are here for a quick visit this weekend. They're not staying with us this time cause it's sweet of us to share them with the rest of our family who lives up here. They'll be staying with us in a few weeks when Dad is out of town. When they got into town on Friday night, they came to play with me for awhile before bedtime. It had just rained lots, so M'laine and I walked in some puddles. It felt good on my feet!And we walked around in the grass...I'm becoming quite the good walker. I still like to crawl too, but I'm choosing to walk a lot more these days. Yesterday my cousin Payton had a pool party at her house, and I got to swim! It was my first time to swim, and I liked it. I love bathtime, so Mommy knew I would like the pool. It was even pretty cold, but I didn't really mind. I just liked to splash, splash......Papa was very sweet to hold me in that pool and endure all my splashing! We're very excited for our trip to Gulf Shores coming up here soon! Then I'll be able to get in the pool every single day...and play in the sand...and put my feet in the ocean...what fun it will be! P.S. Mommy said that when you blow up these swimming pictures, my skin looks a little red - she wants you to rest assured that it's just the picture - I didn't get red one tiny bit. Although, by the looks of me next to Papa, I could stand to get a little color... :)

Updates on our week

On Friday night we went to the hospital to visit one of my new friends, Kayla, who was just born that morning! She is very cute and sweet. Then we went out to dinner at the Catfish Hole. Here's a picture of the crew. While we were eating, Mommy gave me some bites of the lemon that was in her water. I didn't make any sour faces, but I did give a good shiver. Everyone laughed pretty hard. Whatever; I liked that lemon! What I also really liked was a pickle! I actually loved that pickle. I took my first bite and wanted more. I had fun trying new things at the Catfish Hole. This week I was really into playing with my truck. I don't think I've really noticed it before, but it was one of my favorites this week. I "zoomed" it around all over my room.
On Thursday morning, my friends Hudson and Blythe came over to play. Mommy forgot to get the camera out until after Blythe left, so we don't have any pictures of her. Mommy will try to remember better next time. But here are Hudson and me watching Mrs. Brandy and Blythe go bye-bye. We sure had a fun time playing! Next I thought it would be fun to sit on my elmo chair, but something wasn't quite right... I'm starting to climb a little bit more.
Mommy and Dad cleaned out some of my old things that I used when I was a baby to just get a little more organized. This swing was one of those things. When I saw it, I walked right over to it and started playing with the cow on the front. Mommy asked if I would like to sit in my swing, and I smiled at her (which she took as a "yes"). So Mommy put me in my swing just like when I was a baby, and I had so much fun! A little while later, when I was back out of the swing and on the floor, Mommy had her back to me and was talking with Dad right outside the bedroom door. She turned around to see that I had completely climbed up into the swing all by myself! I was facing the back and was swinging high. If you ask me, she kind of freaked out a little bit and grabbed me out of the swing...I think she was a little surprised that I had climbed up in there! I'm turning into a little bit of a climber...
This is my bouncer that I used all the time when I was younger. I climbed up into my bouncer all by myself and turned around and sat down, just like this. In this picture, I am clapping cause Mommy is saying "good job, buddy!" Well, that's all the updates for now. Have a great week!

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to my special Dad! I love my Dad because he doesn't only show me how to play his guitars......but he lets me play them!
I'm so lucky to have you as my Dad! Happy Father's Day also to all the other special men in my life - Papa, Grandpa, Uncle James, Uncle Dave, Uncle Scott, and Uncle Tim (close enough...Alex is almost here! plus being my godfather counts...) I love you all and hope you had a special day!


Well, you see, Auntie Sarah is about to give birth to my best friend Alex. Since Uncle Tim is out of town for a few days, his sister, Leah, is staying with Auntie Sarah to keep her company. Miss Leah and Auntie Sarah were sweet friends and let Mommy and Dad have a "date night" while they stayed and played with me. We had a great time! I grabbed my phone and scooted up on Auntie Sarah's lap. She doesn't have much room on there these days for me, but she loves me so much that she made it work.
Miss Leah and me!
Then I got Miss Leah's phone, and the real fun began.
I love holding the phone (or anything that resembles a phone, like say, a remote control) up to my ear to pretend like I'm talking on the phone...just like Mommy and Dad do.
Auntie Sarah pushed me around on my bike. We also did some killer drum solos together.
Big cheese! If anyone ever doubted that my mouth is like my Daddy's...doubt no more.
Smilin' sweet for the camera. Thanks for taking such good care of me, Auntie Sarah and Miss Leah! I had such a fun time with you. Maybe you could come over again tomorrow? My Mommy and Daddy say that's a great idea :)

One of my new favorite things to do...

That's right; I LOVE opening and closing doors! Any kind of doors - cupboards are great, too. The only problem is, when I close a bedroom door really tight, I can't get it back open. So I try to only close it a little, and then I can pry it open again....and close it again....and open it again....and close it again....

A Package Just For Me!!

This afternoon was very exciting. Dad and I stepped out onto the porch, and there was a box there that said "Oliver Primm." How exciting! Since Aunt Julia was the only auntie on my Mommy's side that couldn't be there for my birthday, she sent me a present in the mail.
I couldn't get it open quick enough....hmmm...I wonder what it could be??
We finally got the box open, and it was a wonderful sight - a whole kit of different musical instruments!
Here it is up close...
First there's the "shaker" (maraca is the official name, but it's known as a shaker in my house). I'm used to my little mini-shaker - this one is much bigger! It's the real deal.
Then there's a triangle. When I hit it with the metal wand, it makes a pretty sound. I sure like the triangle.
Then there are the wooden sticks. "Feel the rhythm..."
And you can't forget the tambourine! There is also a clapper and some cymbals - I'm a one-man-band with all these instruments!! I'm already becoming a pro at some of them. It's a good thing my parents are music-people, cause they don't mind all the noise. They actually like it and play it all with me!
Thank you so much, Aunt Julia! I LOVE my band-in-a-box! If you come visit me, I'll let you be in my band, okay? Love you!

playing this morning

This morning I've been playing hard. I decided to ride my bike for a bit...
...then it was time to get off my bike - all by myself!
I spotted my elmo chair across the room, and this is what I look like when I try to sit on it all by myself. (still need a little help on this one)
My elmo chair is the perfect spot to restring my guitar. What a great morning of playing it's been so far!