3 Weeks Old!

Today I am 3 weeks old! That means in just one more week I can start to go more places and visit more people...what fun that will be!

Mommy was really excited about this picture of Dad and me, because she caught me accidentally smiling! She and Dad love it when I do this, because it gives them an idea of what it will be like when I start smiling for real. Mommy was pretty lucky that she caught me mid-smile.

Well, tonight was a little bit of a traumatic experience. Mommy and Daddy gave me a bath (and yes, Mommy did use soap), and I didn't really like it one bit. I cried pretty hard most of the time. Except for one little interlude where I got calm and peed. Then I resumed crying. Mommy thought she had the water warm enough, but I was cold. They rushed and rushed to get finished and wrapped me all up in my towel, and then everything was all better. I don't think my parents have this bath thing down yet. I'll keep you posted on their improvement. I'm sure they'll get the hang of it one of these days...I sure hope so anyways.

Today was great, because since it is Tuesday, and Tuesdays are "planning days" for Daddy, he got to stay home with us for awhile this morning. He had to check email some and make a few calls, but it was great to have him home! We got to play together, and he changed my diapers...it was great. But tomorrow he must go back to work, and it will be just Mommy and me and Bella once again. Tomorrow is going to be exciting too, though, because some more of Mommy's friends from work are coming over to visit me! I'll let you know tomorrow how everything went. For now I must close. Good night!
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  1. He looks like his momma when he smiles!!!

    Love you guys