Sweet Smiles

Studying Daddy's face very intently......then Sullivan lights up with a smile!
Quesadillas, peach yogurt, grapes, and water for lunch...does it get any better?!?

Street Fest '08

Last night at our church was Street Fest '08, so Sullivan and I got dressed up, bummed a ride from Mom and Dad, and headed toward the fun. When deciding what I would be this year, we landed on continuing with this years' Elmo theme (I had an Elmo party for my 2nd birthday). When I saw the Elmo costume and bucket in the store, I knew that's what I wanted!

All dressed up and ready to go!
On our way... can you tell how excited I am?!?
Sullivan wasn't as excited, but he's just a little baby, so I told him it was okay. He slept through the whole thing. He was a snuggly little Teddy Bear for his costume. A pretty sweet one, too.
(We know Sullivan is a big baby, but keep in mind when looking at this picture that he's slumped over and wearing a really thick and big and fuzzy sleeper! he's really not that big :))
Don't you just want to cuddle him?!?
Here I am doing some of the games...
...and getting a little help from Sarah Palin herself! (or at least a look-a-like)
Kicking the soccer ball - I made it in the goal on the first try!
And throwing the bean bags through the holes.
I got to put candy in my Elmo bucket and had a great time!
An hour and a half later, Sullivan was ready to eat, and I was ready for bed. It sure was a fun night!

Our Bedrooms

Here's a cute picture of Sullivan that Mommy just snapped earlier this afternoon...
And now onto our bedrooms. This week while I've been gone, Mommy and Dad touched up the paint in my room, hung a shelf, and moved all the furniture around! I'm very excited to see it when I get home tomorrow.

Here is my photo board that Mommy just re-did a few weeks ago. She's very proud of all the pictures she chose to put up there, and I love looking at them and remembering all the fun times represented!

And now onto Sullivan's room. It's about 98% done. There will still be a bookshelf added, but other than that - it's good to go!

When Mommy took the below picture, she hadn't gotten the pictures for the white circle frame. The picture above shows the frame filled. Mommy's proud of that one too :) And there you have it! The playing/resting places of Oliver and Sullivan.

Primm Reunion

Last weekend we had a Primm reunion! My Papa's 2 brothers and their kids/grandkids all met us at the country club for an evening of looking at old pictures, watching old videos, eating yummy dinner, and telling fun stories. It was neat to be all together! We did miss a few members of the family.

Here is our part of the Primm family, minus my Uncle Tony who is in the army. Hopefully we will get to see him at Thanksgiving!
The 4 "daughters": Aunt Stacey, Aunt Shannon, (and the daughters-in-law) Aunt Sherri, and Mommy.
Dad won this canister of candy corn in a raffle, and that's mainly what I had for dinner :)
Sweet Shannon snuggling Sullivan. (say that 5 times fast!)
And here's our little family - all 4 of us! Mommy and her boys :)

Sweet Sullivan

While I've been away, Mommy, Daddy, and Sullivan have been playing at home. Here are some shots of Sullivan from this week.

We didn't have a mobile that matched Sullivan's stuff, so Mommy finally just put up my old mobile for Sullivan to look at/listen to. He seems to really enjoy it!
Last weekend - Papa and Sullivan.

Over the river and through the woods...

...to Papa and M'laine's house I go!

This whole past week I have been at Papa and M'laine's house, and I have had the best time! Here are just a few pictures to capture my week. I'm not home yet, but when I get there, we'll post more pics of my fun week.
so big, riding horses at Mr. Roger's house!
workin' in the yard.
water break!
my cool new bike! this bike will be special for when i come to M'laine's house. it makes all kinds of great sounds!
golfing with Papa... golfing is my favorite!
brushing Mickey's teeth.

Sullivan's 2-Month Update

Have you ever seen such a roly-poly baby?!!? He sure is a cute "little" guy. Sullivan had his 2-month check-up with our Dr. this morning, while I went and played at Hudson's house. I love going to Hudson's house, cause he has a really cool Handy Manny tool set! And fish, and a Nemo book...but I digress. This post is supposed to be about my brother. Anyways, it turns out our chunky monkey baby really is a chunky monkey! Not that we needed the Dr. to tell us that :) He officially weighs 14.3 lbs. and is 24 inches long. His weight is around the 90th percentile, and his height is around the 75th percentile. Mommy can't remember exactly what his head circumference is, but she remembers it is "average." I was 13.10 lbs. and 24 inches at this stage, so Sullivan is almost the same as me! Although Mommy says we look very different. Everything else checked out a-ok for Sullivan - the Dr. says he's super healthy! Mom asked him about the spitting up, knowing in the back of her mind that there's probably nothing we can do for it, and the Dr. confirmed that - "it's a social problem," he said with a smile :) Sullivan was a very good baby for the Dr. and just cooed and kicked through the whole appointment. What a sweet baby we have! After the Dr. was done checking him out, it was time for Sullivan's shots. Just like I did, Sullivan cried pretty hard for those - he had to get 3 shots. But after the nice nurse was done, Mommy picked him up and held him close and he calmed down. He's been pretty sleepy since that whole ordeal. Poor guy. Mommy says she knows it hurts, but it's for our own good. I sure hope she's right. Sullivan and I are really excited, cause Papa and M'laine are coming to visit tonight and staying with us for the weekend! And there's a rumor that I might get to go home with them for a whole week again...I can't wait to play with M'laine's train!


Here I am painting with my new watercolors......and here's the final product!More play dough...this time Mommy spelled out my name, and here I am spelling it. O-l-i-v-e-r...Oliver!
Sullivan was chillin' on the boppy after a snack the other day, and I thought he was in the perfect position for me to go give him a kiss. Little did I know, he had some spit-up brewing! Mommy was taking a picture of me being sweet to Sullivan, and ended up capturing the spit-up on film. I was quite disgusted with that spit-up on my hand - I got very quiet and looked at my hand with an awful look on my face until Mommy cleaned it off. Spit-up is gross. Checkin' things out.Half smile!Bella is very protective of the babies in our family. Mommy says she did that when I was a baby too. She likes to stick pretty close to Sullivan to make sure he's okay. Mommy and I were playing in my room while Sullivan was napping in his bouncer, and Mommy came out to see Bella laying with Sullivan. Sweet!Last night while we were waiting for Daddy to get home from the wedding he was singing at, we thought it would be a good time to have some play time all together. I got out my little-kids bible story book and read to Sullivan for awhile. Then I played Lego's while Sullivan had some good tummy-time, and Bella supervised. Of course anytime Sullivan has tummy-time, I want to have some too!Bright eyes!