Yesterday Daddy, Mommy and I loaded up and went to our outdoor mall to eat some dinner and look at the fountains. Have I told you how much I love fountains? I think it's all part of my love for water. Anyways, we went and got our dinner (I had pizza and Mommy and Daddy shared chinese) and ate in the nice, cool food court. Then we walked around outside and made a stop at the fountains. When we got there, a little baby was splashing her little feet in the water, so Mom and Dad knew that they were going to have to let me do it too :) Dad and I took off our shoes, and stuck our feet right in!

Dad had to remind me a few times to just do "little splashes" since there were some other people around.
I was a little bit sad to leave the fountains, but we had a great time while we were there! And there's a lot of summertime left, so I think we'll be going to the fountains again...

Playin' in my Pool

On Tuesday afternoon after my nap, Mommy and I went outside to swim in my pool and lay in the sun. It's always a favorite! When Dad got home from work he came out to swim with me, and he taught me how to blow bubbles in the water!
Look, I'm doing it!
Good job, Oliver :)
My Daddy sure is fun!

Flip-Flops and the Pool

This first picture is mainly for M'laine - she bought me these flip-flops a few months ago, but I haven't really particularly enjoyed the feeling of the shoe between my toes. So, I haven't been wearing them. But the other day I let Mommy know that I'd like to try them on again, and I did great! So I think I'm over the flip-flop hump.
Today after my nap we loaded up and went over to Uncle Scott and Aunt Sherri's house to play in their pool. We had lots of fun in the sun! I had fun splashing and jumping to Daddy from the edge.

I also had fun watching the big girls, Payton, Holland, and Holland's friend Emily, swimming and splashing big in the deep end.
I was sitting nicely on the edge right in front of Daddy so he could snap my picture, and just as he took it, I decided to scoot myself off the edge into the pool! Yep, I went under and came up a little stunned. Everyone cheered for me and said good job, so it was all good. Have I mentioned that I love the water?!?
Thanks for letting us come play in your pool, Holland and Payton!! And Uncle Scott said maybe we can ride his "tractor" (riding lawn mower) next time I come over... oh what fun that will be! Swimming and tractors all in one day... could life get any better?

More Seattle Pictures!

To view more great Seattle pictures, please click here!!

We got the cd with all Grandma Lou's pictures in the mail yesterday, so we've uploaded them into another album and posted the link above. There are lots of neat pictures of some beautiful Seattle scenery at Kerry Park, our family, more fun at Pike Place Market, the Ballard Locks, Auntie Julia's Ivy Cutting Ceremony, Graduation, and more of our awesome house at Whidbey Island. What a GREAT trip!!

Lawn Mowers, Hydrangeas, and Daddy's socks

Here's my bubble lawn mower that Mommy and Daddy got me for my birthday, and I LOVE it! I ask to play with it all the time, and like making and chasing the bubbles and pusing my mower all across the yard. Another of my favorites is to watch Dad mow our lawn with his big mower.

And here are a few pictures of Mommy's pretty hydrangeas. We planted them about 3 or 4 years ago, and they had lots and lots of beautiful blue blooms on them. Well, the next 2 years they did not bloom at all. Then this year, they are getting some pretty and big pink blooms on them! Hydrangeas are one of Mommy's favorites, so she's really enjoying them.

I think I mentioned it a few weeks ago, but I really like trying on Mommy and Daddy's clothes these days. Shirts, jackets, socks - you name it. Here I am in Dad's socks, havin' fun!

Our Trip to Seattle

To see our mass amounts of pictures from our Seattle/Whidbey Island trip, click here.

The past week and a half we have been in Seattle with all of my Mommy's family for a fun vacation. My Auntie Julia graduated from college, so we went to see that as well as just have a fun time together with family. We saw lots of sights in Seattle for 4 days, and then went to Whidbey Island, just off the coast of Seattle, to stay in a great house on the beach where we did lots of relaxing and playing on the beach for 4 more days. Daddy was in picture-taking heaven, so most of our pictures are of the scenery at Whidbey. We had incredible views, and the sunsets were beautiful, and Daddy went out every evening to take pictures. Grandma Lou has lots and lots of good family pictures from Seattle on her camera that we will want to share with you, so as soon as we get those, we'll post them as well. We'll also be adding some captions to the pictures so you know what you're looking at. Happy picture-viewing!

Memorial Day Weekend

After my Elmo party I took my nap and then we headed over to Uncle Scott and Aunt Sherri's house for some more family fun. Then we went back again all day long on Sunday, and I got to have a sleepover with Papa and M'laine over there! Mommy and Daddy came back on Monday again for one more day of fun at the pool and with family.

Here are some pictures of my fun times in the pool. I even went down the slide all by myself! (At a different time than the picture below; and Mommy was there in the water at the bottom to catch me.)

After I was done swimming one of the days, I thought my cousin Holland's cover-up looked like fun to put on. So I proceeded to try to put it on but needed a little help. Then I found some goggles and a ring to add to my outfit....and this was the outcome!Fun at the pool with Holland and Payton. I sure had fun playing dress-up :)