Updated Ice Storm Pics

As expected, the ice has grown thicker and thicker today. Here are some "before and after" pics. Note that the "before" pics here are still after the first round of pictures that I blogged earlier, so these are all new pictures.

Check out the growth on these icicles!
This is turning out to be a very sad storm, as it's killing all of our trees. You may remember earlier this past year a storm killed one of our beautiful Bradford Pear trees in our front yard and we had to have it removed. Well, looks like the other one is toast as well :(
And here's a before and after of a tree in our backyard.
The bulk of the tree is now on our lawn. It's a weird and helpless feeling just sitting here waiting and watching the elements destroy our trees and not being able to do a thing about it. I'm not liking it.
In the mean time, we are still with power, so that is a big something to be thankful for!

Ice Storm of 2009

The ice storm has hit! I braved the roads last night at 5:00 (just to go down the street) to get some groceries, and it was already getting pretty slippery. This morning this is what we woke up to! Layers and layers of ice. Bella tried and tried for awhile last night to find a spot to pee, but she just paced over the concrete square slab back and forth, then would barely step onto the icey grass, then hop back off - she didn't like that ice at all :) She ended up opting out of emptying her bladder in favor of getting back in the warm (and soft) house. This morning I guess she was desperate, cause she finally went on the concrete walkway out front. Poor girl. Lots of people are without power, and thankfully we still have ours. We'll see what the rest of the day holds in that arena, cause it's supposed to continue to get worse and start snowing on top of all the ice later today. So far, we're all cozy in the house and having fun having Seth home with us!

Icicles (is that how you spell that?) are hanging everywhere, and everything (including the neighbors' cars - oh how I love my garage) has a thick layer of ice on it.
The grass doesn't budge when Bella tries to step on it!
Our poor little japanese maple out front, sitting in a frozen sea of mulch. It's all so pretty!

As I'm writing this, a HUGE branch off one of our trees in the backyard just broke and fell to the ground, shattering all the ice on it!

Pray that we stay warm and safe!

Pictures Galore...

Seth went on a little getaway for a few days this week, and Oliver enjoyed talking to him on the phone. Oliver is so fun these days, cause you really can carry on a conversation with him on the phone - he used to just sit there, but now he's awesome and chatty. Here he is chattin' with Daddy...
Cute Sully Cole, having some fun on his play mat.
Mainly cause he can spend his time sticking the keys in his mouth! Anything he can get his hands on these days goes straight in...
I love this kid's profile - always have, ever since I got that ultrasound picture of his perfect little profile. Too cute for words.
Yeah, don't really know what Oliver's doing here, but he's even cute with a mouth full of food! Best little grin.
My boys (and Bella). Oliver brought a bunch of stuff into Sullivan's room today, so we were all chillin' in there. Seth decided to stick Sullivan in the Elmo chair, and he sat up pretty well in there!
Love that I have smiley boys.
Ugh, that face just does me in!
Some great friends from college gave Sullivan this shirt (Thanks Will and Abi!), and today was the first time we put it on. Such a little stud.
Sitting with the 2 softest animals on the planet (thanks Grandma Lou and Auntie Julia!)
If nothing else is around for him to grab, his hand is in his mouth.
Oliver and Sullivan got a box in the mail today from Papa and M'laine!! You guys are so sweet to send goodies for them. Oliver was all about it and is in love with the Baby Einstein Oceans book! More on that in a minute... Sullivan is enjoying chewing on his 2 little toys that were in the box, and Oliver wore his new slippers the rest of the day, we read his new bedtime book before his nap, put together the sea creatures puzzle this evening, and the kid couldn't get enough of the Oceans book.
Here's Oliver saying "Thank you M'laine and Papa!"
I had no idea, when I pulled out the Baby Einstein Oceans book, that it would do such cool things! It completely unfolds, has pictures/information on both sides...
...and then you can stand it up on it's side and connect the ends to enclose yourself in your own little sea of wonders! Needless to say, Oliver is in ocean-heaven with this thing :)
And here's our baby enjoying his passy and toys in the bumbo. And yes, he keeps grabbing it with his own hand and pulling it out - then tries to put it back in, unsuccessfully :)

Fun with the boys

We took advantage of a few after-Christmas sales when we were in Colorado, and got a few fun bath toys at Pottery Barn Kids. Oliver loves them - he's really into all of his sea creature bath toys these days and has named them all. It's quite hilarious. We have "Gulp the Whale, Ollie the Octopus, Ty the Sea Turtle, Squirt the Crab, Daryl the Dolphin, and Quincy the Seahorse." Oliver named a few of them all on his own, and we helped with a few of them. But boy, once he got his mind set on a name, there was no changin' it! Believe me, I tried on a few of them :)

Here is is showing off Quincy the Seahorse!
Cute kid.
Baby angel Sullivan. I thought he was so cute all bundled up for his nap. He looks so cozy :)
Daddy helping Sullivan show off his muscles :) And yes, he does love his Mommy!
Loving all the smiles he gives us - such a happy boy! He looks like he might be doing his high-pitched squeal here, too.
Our garage door was broken this past week (we finally got someone out to fix it on Friday morning - not the cheapest fix in the world - gotta love home-ownership!), and Oliver enjoyed playing in the wide open space of the garage a few different times. I caught him mid-run, crashing his lawn mower into his bike. Crazy kid :)
Lovin' riding his bike around - he's really good at it these days! This boy just loves to be outside. And yes, the garage counted.
Sullivan giving Daddy some sweet smiles - love the connection.
Okay, we just had to include this picture. This was Sullivan's diaper after getting home from church today. I have to preface this with the fact that we LOVE the Early Childhood Staff and volunteers at our church - they do an absolutely amazing job of taking care of all the kiddos and keeping a clean and safe environment - we are blessed beyond measure to have all of these people pour out love on our kids. We love them. That said, maybe they should have a diaper-changing class :) At least he was "Changed with Care" :)

Let it Snow

We woke up today to a little bit of snow! We knew it was going to be a high of 19 today, but we didn't think there was going to be any precipication, much to our dismay. So it was fun to wake up and see that it had snowed! Being from Colorado, I'm not sure if today's snow is supposed to even count as "snow", as it was only a dusting. But with the little amount of snow we get here, anything counts these days!

Since it's so cold out, the little boys and I are staying in. We've had a nice morning playing! Here's our baby with his very appropriate bib on..."cute but messy!" :) It's a good thing he is so cute, because all that spit-up is just killer!
Having some fun play time in Sullivan's room, with Bella always standing on guard :)
Sweet Bella.
Here's our dusting of snow. Normally I don't really count snow that doesn't cover the grass, but since it completely covered the cars, street, rooftops, and driveway, I'm counting it.
After play-doh and fun times in Sullivan's room, it was time for Sullivan to take a nap. So Oliver and I moved the party into his room and worked on a puzzle he got for Christmas. He did pretty well and had a good time!
And he was very proud of the final product.
I just love the Willow Tree figurines and have collected a handful of them over the last 3 years - I absolutely love the tenderness they portray, and I just think they are so meaningful. This year for Christmas, the boys got me the Mommy and 2 boys one below, and for my birthday Seth's parents got me the Dad and baby. Just so sweet. I love, love, love them!
After I took our Christmas decorations down this year, I decided to change up and simplify the space above our fireplace. The painting, which I absolutely love, was painted by my mom a few years ago. She never painted when I was growing up (that I remember, anyways), then randomly decided to take a class from her friend a few years ago, and she's got all this natural talent! I love having an original from my mom - so special...and beautiful! I get compliments on it all the time. Thanks, Mom! Also, Seth got me the husband/wife figurine for Christmas - it's called "Promise" I think. So tender, and I love it. Okay, off to feed Sullivan and then Oliver....then naps!!!


Sullivan likes to kick his legs when he's laying on his tummy, and Bella thinks that he's trying to play with her. So she takes the opportunity to get her toy (an old sock...I know, I know, but the dog tears apart any real toy she can get her teeth on) and play with Sullivan's feet. It's pretty cute :)
Sitting in the bumbo checkin' out his toys. And check out the cute socks from M'laine! We have them in almost every color of the rainbow. Too cute.
Oliver is a big fan of play-doh and sea creatures and likes to combine the two. Today he asked for a starfish, a sea-turtle, and lots of sharks. I tried my best. And for some reason he likes to take the arms and legs off the sea turtle once it's made. We also used the rolling pin and rolled the play-doh out and cut circles (coins) out and made a heart and a bunny. Here he is saying "these are the coins."
Cute baby, exersaucin'!