The Boys

Oliver came up to me with a "baby in his tummy" the other day :) Cracked me up!
So, Oliver is incredibly particular about what he wears, and he wants to change his clothes about 56 times a day. Which would be fine and dandy if he could do it himself and put them back nicely in his drawers. His outfits give us the giggles every time. It is a chore for me to get him to wear pants of any kind, and me picking out his outfits is not his idea of a good time.

Sullivan was enjoying a snack of a few crackers, when Oliver needed my help in another room. I left Sullivan to eat his crackers (the package on the table, out of reach, or so I thought), and when I came back, this is what I found. He was chowing down on those things and got mad when I took the package away :)

This is one of Sullivan's favorite things to do these days. He gets in the cabinet with the colanders, puts it on his head, and walks around all excited. SO cute and hilarious.

The Primm family band.
So the boys were in the bath the other night. Sully was finished, so I took him out and to his room to get his jammies on while Oliver enjoyed the bath to himself. When I left him, there were but just a few bubbles in the bath. When I came back, the entire room smelled heavily of blueberries. I asked Oliver if he added more bubbles, and he said the bubbles were gone so he poured the rest of them in. Sure enough, the bottle was completely empty...and I'm pretty sure it was half full before that :) So I added more water to get the bubbles really going, and this is what we ended up with. The boy loves his bubbles.
Cute Sully Cole.
One of our favorite treats these days is to go to Chick-fil-a to eat yummy food and play in the play area...and the coolest part is that you can trade your toy from the kids meal in for an ice cream cone!
We have been LOVING the cooler weather around here...absolutely loving it. The other day the boys had to wear pants and long sleeve shirts, and I just couldn't get enough of Sullivan in his sweet cool weather clothes. What a little snuggle bug.
Oliver's been talking about a costume for Halloween for weeks now, and I saw that the costumes at Old Navy were on sale, so we decided to check them out. Oliver decided on a dalmatian doggy this year, and we think this costume is pretty stinkin' cute :)
Bella was hilarious...when he got down on all fours, she started immediately playing with him and being all rowdy! She had a friend :)
I obviously need to pay more attention to where I leave the food when I leave Sullivan for a minute...I thought it was far enough away, but I was sorely mistaken. When I came back, Sullivan had partaken of his oatmeal and frozen blueberries all by himself. Yummy!
A few mornings this week, Sullivan has gotten up much too early for our liking (okay it was only 6:30, but it's amazing what a difference 6:30 vs. 7:00 makes). While I was trying to wake up, I turned on our Praise Baby dvd, and Sullivan watched for about 10 minutes. He loves it when the bunny rabbits come on...laughs out loud. It's contagious :)
And here's Oliver's outfit choice for this morning. Head-to-toe picked out by him. And here he's posing for me, all on his own :) What a stud. It's definitely never dull in the Primm household!!

A look back in time... circa March of 1982

Seth mentioned today that he wondered if I had started "thinning out" yet by this stage in my baby life, referring to Sullivan's current age. I said I didn't think so quite in point below. Still have rubber bands around my wrists and a good amount of knee fat. And the cheeks....oh yes, Sullivan comes by it all quite naturally :)

I was 14 months old in this picture, and Sullivan is currently between 13 and 14 months old. Fun to compare this one to the picture of Sullivan eating his rice cake in the post right below this one.

And how cute is Jenna?! I mean, seriously.

Snacks and Haircuts

Sullivan loves rice cakes :)
Gave Oliver a haircut today. For the first time, we used the "shaver" all over.

I should've taken a picture of the mound of hair on the floor after
we were done.

This boy definitely has his Daddy's hair!

Handsome :)

a few more from the lake...

My sister-in-law Sherri posted a few pics from their camera, so here are a few more from our fun weekend at the lake!

Sully being Sully...telling us about something :) He's so funny! He grunts and screams and screeches and hollers a lot these days...he's super chatty, but no understandable words yet.
Goldfish are so yummy...
Sullivan loved looking over the boat into the water...this boy loves water!!
Our sweet bald boy :)
Sully checkin Dad out.

Oliver loved pretending to drive the boat! He's such a boy...sound effects and everything :)
So brave.
Fishing with Papa!
Sweet Seth. Love this guy.

Labor Day Weekend

We had a fantastic weekend at the lake with the Primm clan this past weekend!

All the pictures are on Papa and Scott's cameras, so I'm waiting for pics. In the meantime, here's one to get us started... Our first ride on a jet ski...such a blast!! Oliver kept saying,
"not too fast, Mommy." :)

More to come!


We have been living clutter-free for over a week straight now, and boy does it feel good.

Seth and I both LOVE living in a clean, clutter-free home, but somehow both of us end up cluttering things up and then feel stuck.

I think we've turned a new leaf. Did I mention how good this feels?

It's been a happy week :)


Love these boys.

Sully's working harder and harder at walking.

Doing a great job :)
Found this outfit for $3 today at Walmart, and Oliver was ecstatic :)

He would spend 24/7 in sports outfits if he could.

Here he is showing us a "kick!"


Here are some pictures from the past month - mostly pics from the past 2 weeks, but I threw in a few from late July at the end.

Oliver made mouse ears at mother's day out ("school"), and he got some whiskers drawn on his cheeks - he was all about being a mouse! I thought his snuggling with Shelby during his nap was sweet :)
Sullivan is a great eater! He pretty much eats anything I give him, which has been so nice. This was his first ravioli experience...I think he's a fan :)
And this boy loves blueberries! Too bad they turn everything purple...
He's really been enjoying playing on the riding toys outside.
A few weeks ago we went to cousin Jack's 2nd birthday party, and Sully was ALL.ABOUT.THE.WATER. This kid is a splashing machine :) (It may look like he's crying in this picture, but he's actually squealing with delight while grimmacing at all the water he is getting into his own face! He loves it!)

I got the boys matching jammies, which have a monkey on the front playing the electric guitar, and it says "Future Rock Star." They both look so cute in them!
We did a bunny sandwich the other day for Oliver's lunch...whatever we can do to make eating exciting for him...this boy couldn't care less about eating. He is his father's son, that's for sure (although not yet the sweets-addict that his daddy is). Sullivan definitely got Mommy's love for food :)

Seth was playing through a few songs for me the other night, and Oliver did not want to be left out of that kind of fun. He ran into his room to get his guitar we got for him from Cozumel, asked Dad for his pic, and they started playing away. It was quite cute :) Daddy is definitely Oliver's hero - he wants to do/wear everything Daddy does.
Sweet boy. Still just lights up our life!
Seth's sister Shannon was staying with us during Sullivan's birthday weekend, so Oliver slept on a pallate on our bedroom floor. When Seth and I went in to go to bed, this is what we found. Oliver had a big day playing with Dad...he was worn out :)
We decided to meet up with an old college friend at the local Grape Festival, and had a fun time.
Oliver and I even rode the bee ride! I didn't know if Oliver would like the rides or not, but he was all about it!

Got a little boo-boo on his forehead, but was quite happy to get a band-aid. It's amazing how a band-aid makes everything instantly better :) The weather here has been absolutely amazing - very Fall-like. It's crazy how it alters my mood...I've been just loving it. Fall in Arkansas is probably my favorite time of year, with a close second being Spring. But with Fall you have the anticipation of the upcoming holidays, which I love. The crispness in the air is so wonderful. So Happy Fall to you all!