November Picture Update #3: The Goertzens Visit!

Seth's good friend/roommate from college, Will, and his family came to town a few weekends ago, and we were so excited to see them! We couldn't believe it had been before children since we had all seen each other. I think we decided it had been between 4-5 years, which is crazy. It was so fun to finally, officially meet each others' kids (we keep up on each others' blogs, so it already felt like we knew the others' kids!)

We just played at our house for a few hours and then went to Chick-fil-a for lunch before they had to get back on the road to head home.

Here's Will and Sullivan...Sully loved climbing all over Will :)
Our family, the Stripeys. Oliver obviously didn't get the memo.
Abi and I and the kids. Will and Abi's daughter's name is Hannah - such a cute and sweet girl!
Seth and WillIt was such a blessing to see them again and catch up! Hopefully we will not let 5 more years pass before we get together again!! Love you guys!

November Picture Update #2

Sullivan loves this monkey :) A monkey sound is one of the animal sounds he does best!
Proud of his stack-of-cars.
Still a master stacker.
We made a tent for the boys in the kitchen and spread pillows all over the floor...the boys loved their movie in a tent!

November Picture Update #1

I've gotten behind in my November picture posting. Have taken lots and lots of pics of the boys, so there will be a few updates.

Sullivan has started climbing in small and difficult-to-get-in spaces. He must love the challenge or something :) He's a busy boy...loves to explore!
Did I mention that Sullivan likes to get into everything?
LOVED this. They totally did it on their own. You mama's know what it does to your heart to witness your kids playing sweetly together. Looking forward to more of this in the future!
This is one of the jersey's that Uncle Tim-Tim & Auntie Sarah got Oliver for his birthday a few years ago. He's practically worn holes in his personalized Razorback jersey and shorts, and I think next year it'll officially be too small for him. Good think we have this other jersey that'll be great for the next few years! It's already his favorite thing to wear.
This cracked me up. Oliver got Hullabaloo out to play with, and before I knew it, Sullivan had climbed in. He spent most of the day in and out of this thing. Just the right size!

Painting with Daddy.
Seth showed him how to paint goldfish!
My boys. Oliver looks not-happy in this picture, but he was just zoning for a moment in between smiles. I just happened to get the zoned look instead of the smile. Lovin' the Sully-smile!
More climbing...
Oh, did I mention that he's climbing up on things too? Yeeeeaaaahh. That was fun to walk into the room and see this. Oh, the joys of each new phase :)
He sure was proud of himself! :)I've caught him doing it a few other times, and usually he prefers to stand on top of the table before I whisk him down and the fit-throwing ensues. Awesome.
Check back soon for more updates and pictures...

Water for Christmas

God has been rocking my world this past year with a whole new set of eyes. Eyes that have been opened a little bit to see what's really going on in the world around us.

I know there are so many needs, big needs, that need attention.

Some of the ones that have deeply burdened me are the following:
**the 140 million orphans around the world
**the thousands of people who die each day from diseases caused by unclean water

We seem to hear stats all the time, but when I really let these sink in, it hit me like a ton of bricks.

There are people today who have no access to clean's so hard to fathom this.

My world has been rocked, because in light of these realizations, I have yet to figure out how to go back to living my normal, daily life.

In fact, I will not go back to living life as I knew it before. By God's grace, may my eyes remain open, may my heart be forever changed, and may I be moved to action.

I happened upon a blog of the sister of one of my best friends from high school a few years ago. I can't stop reading it. She has 4 biological boys of her own, and around 2 years ago adopted boy/girl twins from Africa. She is passionate about clean water in Africa and is doing something about it. I am always completely inspired every time I read her blog. She also recently took a trip to Liberia...I encourage you to check it out.

Please look at the information below, and see how you can completely change the lives of those who need it. You can also click here for the Water for Christmas website for more explanation and to donate.
(click on the box to enlarge and read more clearly) I noticed this on another blog that I follow as well. I thought she put it very beautifully. Check it out here.

Better late than never...

So I realized I never posted the rest of the pics from our awesome Primm Family Labor Day here you go; better late than never!
Sullivan and his sweet Aunt Shannon
Oliver and "the girls"
They are so good to him...let him play with them all the time and are so patient with all his questions. Sweet them (L to R: Payton, Alyssa, Lauren, Holland)

Seth's a big cliff-jumping's probably hard to tell how high this one was, but it was a little high for my comfort :)

Riding with Uncle Tony! We love our Uncle Tony. He's currently in Iraq for the second time, but should be home in the few months after the first of the year, this time for good. It was SO wonderful to see him again!

Wearing Papa's hat

Oliver loves his M'laine
The crew was shooting guns, so Sully was sportin' some ear plugs :)

Back flip
After probably 20 minutes of convincing, Oliver finally jumped in!
Playing on the boat
Seth and Holland jumping off together Seriously...absolutely wonderful weekend!!