2 Weeks Old!

I am 2 weeks old today! I think we're getting the hang of things around here. Every day is a new day, and there are new surprises each day, but Mommy and Daddy seem to be handling the "surprises" pretty well. Last night I decided to pull a fast one on them and stay awake and a little bit fussy for an hour in the middle of the night. But Dad just hung out with me and everything turned out fine. Mommy even got a little more sleep last night...I think she was glad about that. Although I'm a little confused because I keep hearing her telling Daddy today how tired she is.

Now that I'm 2 weeks old, I think Bella is figuring out that I'm not going anywhere. She and I are turning out to be buddies, and she likes to snuggle with Mom and me. Sometimes when Mommy comes into my room in the night to feed me, she finds Bella asleep on the floor in front of my crib. Bella likes to protect me and make sure I'm okay. She's such a good puppy! I think she's a little confused though, because whenever people come over to the house, she thinks they are here to see her. Silly puppy. I keep trying to tell her that they are here to see me, but she won't listen! Today my Aunt Stacey and my cousins Lauren and Alyssa came over to visit me! We had a great time hanging out together. Lauren and Alyssa loved taking turns holding me, and we even got to eat pizza! Well, not me; I got milk, but everyone else enjoyed the pizza.

Thank you Lauren and Alyssa and Aunt Stacey for coming to visit me...come again soon!

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Glad to see all is well. You are so cute holding him in the pictures. Also glad to know Bella has fallen in love with Oliver as well. Hope to see you soon!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Joy Primm and Mr. Oliver,

    Since you are ashamed to mention that Jeff and Kara Reeves (the best friends that anyone could ever ask, pray, or hope for) came over and spent an evening with you and was kind enough to put a swing together while eating your OREO pie. I will post it here.

    Love you bunches!


  3. Anonymous Says:

    He is precious! A real cutie! and so are you - what a fun little mommy you are! i can't wait to meet Oliver in person...i'll be bringing you guys some dinner pretty soon. (let me know if there's food that you can't do or if you've had the same meal 4 times already! :)
    congratulations on your big 'little' blessing!

  4. Helen Thomas Says:

    Now you know why it is impossible to explain motherhood. It is a 24/7 state of being. It is Joy.