Our little family Christmas

Last night we had a little celebration of Christmas with just our family. It was really fun a special! Seth got a cool shirt and sweater from J.Crew, and I got a beautiful ring! Seth did really good :) I thought you'd be able to see it in this picture, but it is a little hard to tell what it looks like. It's white gold; has three rows with space inbetween (so you can see my finger inbetween the rows) and 7 little diamonds--2 on the top row, 3 on the middle row, and 2 on the bottom row--spaced apart and all in "windows" (to use a cheerleading term :) ) . It's really beautiful! Then Seth got a sweet little sleeper for our baby, which is adorable. Our first clothing item for him! It's crazy to look at that little thing and think that we're going to produce a child who will fit in that! Such a miracle. Then the last picture is of our sweet Bella in her sweater. At first when we got it (at the beginning of December) she acted like her cousin Norah did with hers--thought she couldn't move in it and acted like she had a body cast on :) She would look down at her arm and back up at me like, "Mom, I can't move." It was seriously hilarious. Now she's all used to it and she acts no different than normal. I think it keeps her warm, and it sure looks cute! She is very excited to come to Grandma and Grandpa's house and to get to play with cousin Norah again! But before she can do that, she has to survive the Branson Pet Resort, where she will be staying while we have Primm Christmas (since pets aren't allowed in the condo.) She'll get all rested up and ready to play in Colorado!! We are so lucky to get to celebrate Christmas 3 times this year! Once together as a family, once with the Primm family, and once with the Elliott family. Christmas is our favorite time of the year, and we can't believe it's finally here! Can't wait to see all of our family!!

18 1/2 weeks pregnant

Here I am at a little over 4 1/2 months pregnant...almost halfway! Feeling pretty good these days...totally over the nausea, which is wonderful. It's hard to enjoy pregnancy when you feel like throwing up all the time! Now it is getting to the fun part. We had our ultrasound on Thursday and found out that we're having a boy!! (and at this very moment he is making movements that I can feel in my tummy...so fun!) We were a little surprised that it's a boy, because for some reason, I had it in my mind that I thought it was a girl. So we're getting a new mindset now and preparing for a boy. It's wonderful to know for sure what he is, because it makes it so much more real and personal. I love thinking of him as not an "it" or "the baby" but as "him"!! We are very excited :)