My First Music Program

Last Monday at school, I had my first music program! My class sang 2 songs with motions, and it was a whole new experience for me. Now I know what Dad feels like all the time on stage with all those people out there and the lights on you! My teachers had told Mommy that I knew lots of the motions and did them all the time in our rehearsals. But when it came to the performance? Well, I got a little bit of stage fright. Basically, I just wanted to sit there and look at everyone.
I did get just a few of the motions in though...
The class just one step older than me got to use shakers for their songs, so maybe next time I'll get to use instruments! It was a fun time, and Mommy and Daddy were very proud of me.
After our part of the program was over, it was time for me to go play on the playground with my class, and it was time for Mommy and Daddy to go back to their meeting at work. They have to pass the playground on their walk back to their offices, and they saw me sliding down the slide and having so much fun!
I spotted them...
And ran over to say hi.
I needed a little "Dad time" before I had to go back to playing again. We sure are so thankful for where we get to work and go to school - what fun we have every time we get to go!

Oliver the Fireman

On Tuesday Mommy and I went to meet Daddy for lunch at this really really yummy sub place. They give away fireman hats like this to the kids that come in, and I sure had fun playing with it during lunch! What do you think...should I be a fireman when I grow up?

I'm officially a "big boy"

Welp, it's official. I've been sleeping in my big boy bed ever since Friday when Dad put the rail on, and I L-O-V-E it!! After the rail got put on, Mommy asked me if I wanted to take my nap in my big boy bed, and I gave her an enthusiastic "yeah!!" (with a big smile of course.) So we gave it a try. I got up just a few times right at the beginning - this not being stuck in a crib thing was fun! Mommy and Daddy just put me back on my bed and said I had to stay on my bed and take my nap. So, after the third time of getting up (in the first few minutes of when they laid me down) I stayed put and decided to sleep. It's just too comfy a bed not to sleep in. I took my normal hour and a half (or a little longer) nap and woke up with a smile!

Mommy snuck in during my nap to snap this picture for you.
And this is after I woke up - it is SO fun to sleep in my "boy bed" (as I call it).
Mommy didn't want to rush me into sleeping in my bed if I wasn't ready, so that night, she took me into my old room that has my crib in it and stood me next to it and asked if I wanted to sleep in my crib for bedtime? I said "no! boy bed!" So off we went to do our bedtime routine in my big boy bed. And how happy I was. I didn't get out of my bed at all this time and slept all night long! From there on out, there was no question in my mind - I was sleeping in my "boy bed!" It's been almost a week now, and I'm going strong. And when I wake up from my nap or in the morning, I won't get out of my bed (Mommy and Daddy haven't mentioned anything to me about this's just what I do). I just sit there and play with my animals or books and talk until someone comes and gets me. I am so happy to be waking up in my big boy bed.
Mommy can't believe what an easy transition this was, and is glad to finally have me completely transitioned into my big boy room. Now we can start preparing my old room (the baby room) for my new baby brother!

Happenings from my week...

Mommy bought me some color crayons several months back, and we can't find them now. So on Wednesday, I got some more, which meant more coloring in my Elmo coloring book when we got home! I love my crayons - especially dumping them out of the box :) And I love to be picky and choosy about which colors I want to use. I'm very opinionated already.
Another thing I've been into this week is playing the piano! Mommy was out in the living room with Dad, and she heard "help, help" coming from her bedroom. She went in to find me sitting up on the piano bench all ready to play, but the sound was not on. So Mommy turned it on for me, and I got to playing!
Mommy and Daddy are both pretty impressed with how I can play - I'm mostly very gentle and use my fingers to play the keys. It's so fun!

On Friday, something very exciting happened. I'll give you more details later, but what I will tell you now is that Daddy (with a little of Mommy's help) put together the rail for my big boy bed and got it all attached to my bed! Here's a little snap shot of Norah (my cousins Jamey and Jack's doggy - we've been doggy-sitting this week) snoozing on Dad's legs while he worked. She sure looks comfy! For more details on if I've been sleeping in my big boy bed, stay tuned!
I've been playing with my animals and table/chair set a lot this week, too. What I like to do is pull the chairs out and sit my favorite animals on the chairs, and then sit down with them and "share" the seat!
Mommy helped me build a nice big lego tower!
And here I am before church today. Can you guess who dressed me? Yep, that's right! Dad had the weekend off this weekend, so he got to actually get ready with us and drive to church with us and sit with Mommy (instead of being on stage the whole morning like usual). While Mommy was getting ready in her bathroom, she heard Dad getting me dressed. Since they hadn't talked about what I would wear, she was curious to see the outcome. Mommy was overly-delighted to see my outfit. She wasn't surprised, because my Daddy has style.
They spiked my hair a little, and here I am showing Mommy "my hair". This month in church our bible verse is John 3:16 - "Jesus loves me." (adapted for children) They do the sign-language motions with the words, and guess what? I can do it great! Mommy wishes we could post a video on here of me doing it - I am pretty much a pro at it now. Saying all three words and doing my motions. I get really excited when I do it, too!

I'm going to be a big brother to a...

Little BROTHER!!! My little brother looks really healthy and cute! Don't you think?
No doubt about it...he's a boy! They even quadruple-checked, actually probably more than that, and he sure is a boy!
My baby brother already got his first present! Uncle Tim Tim and Auntie Sarah came prepared today. Look at his cute shirt and shoes? The kid is already stylin'. He'll be even more stylin' when I give him all my clothes!

Tomorrow's the Big Day!

Well, the day has finally come. Tomorrow we will hopefully find out if I'm going to have a little brother or a little sister! Mommy says we're praying for an immodest baby, whatever that means. I get to play with Auntie Sarah, Uncle Tim, and Alex while Mommy and Daddy are at this exciting appointment, which is what I'm excited about! I always like it when I get to play with them. Don't worry, we'll keep you posted on tomorrow's happenings...

Here are some pics from this past week.

Mommy and I enjoying the beautiful outdoors.

Me and Doggy riding my train.
I love being mostly naked and crazy!!
Yesterday I decided to run into the kitchen, carrying my basketball. Well, I tripped and caught myself on the tile with my face. It wasn't so much fun. That is until I found out that I got to take "medicine" (tylenol), which I love. Life was all good and happy after that. Mommy and Daddy say I'm quite the trooper.
Playing in my room - Dad letting me stand on my window sill, which I'm not usually supposed to do. Hmmmm...
Like father, like son.

Finally...the rest of my fun Easter weekend!

After church on Easter Sunday, and after saying goodbye to Papa and M'laine, we got ready and went over to my cousins Jamey and Jack's house. We had a yummy lunch and took good naps. Then before we came home, Uncle James let me borrow this neat motorized bike (that I affectionately call "purple") to ride at my house! It's not Jamey's favorite bike right now, so we get to borrow it for a little while. Let me tell you I love this bike! Dad showed me how to do it once, and I got the hang of it right away. I just load myself on, put my feet up on the feet-holders, and push the black button on the handlebar to make myself go! It is SO much fun!!

This is what happened when we had to be done playing with "purple" and come inside for dinner. I was not a happy camper.
Here I am trying out my new markers and coloring book that I got in my Easter basket. It was a lot of fun! I colored a picture of Elmo and a balloon.
I even got to put some stickers on it!
This is me doing my sign and saying "more, more" when I wanted to add more stickers. I love stickers!
This is just me being silly. This is a super-cool jacket that Uncle Tim and Auntie Sarah got me last year, and Mommy wanted to try it on me to see if it by chance would still fit this year. Well, obviously my arms have grown :) But I wanted to keep it on anyway, and I really really wanted to wear my cowboy boots. Mommy said I was quite the looker in this getup.
Last Tuesday Dad had a special team lunch at Mr. Mickey's house. Well, Mr. Mickey is a really good cook, and made a roast with lots of other yummy things for lunch, as well as a homemade peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream! Mommy was pretty excited when Dad called right before lunch time and invited Mommy and me over to join them for the yummy meal. We went right over, but guess what? I didn't really feel like eating that stuff for lunch. I let Mommy and the others enjoy it while I munched on some pretzels and explored the house. So when we got home, Mommy made me some lunch and went in to check her email. (Keep in mind, this was not much past my nap time at all, and I've never done this before in my life.) After just a few minutes, Mommy noticed things in the kitchen got really quiet. She came in to make sure I was still alive, and this is what she found: I had completely fallen asleep in my high chair! And I was OUT. She tried to nudge me a little and get me to take another sip of water, but I was not to be woken. So she washed my hands and face, got me out of my high chair (me sleeping all the while) and put me in my bed for a good nap. Mommy was a little tickled I think!