My cousins Jamey and Jack (and Uncle James and Auntie Karyn) came over to play today, and we had lots of fun! First we took good naps, then played for a bit. And as long as Jamey and I have 2 similar toys to play with, we're all good! It's when we have to share one thing that it becomes a little messy (or whiney, I should say). Jamey and I both thought it should be our turn for the Elmo chair in this picture...don't worry, it got resolved quickly and everyone was happy once again :) We actually do a pretty good job of sharing with each other most of the time. After playing at the house, we got to go to the Promenade and throw pennies in the fountain! I got quite excited about throwing my pennies. Uncle James had to make sure I didn't run and jump right into that fountain!
I got to lay down and get real close to the water to throw one of my pennies in.Jamey and I sure loved that fountain! What a great afternoon we had. Thanks for coming to play with us, guys!

Owies, Reclining, and Naps

This morning Dad, Bella, and I were playing outside on the front porch while Mommy was getting ready for the day. After a little while, Mommy heard the door open, and in came Dad and me with a big owie on my knee. It was a big scrape with blood and everything. I was really big though, and didn't cry at all. I fussed a little bit when Mom messed with it to put medicine and a band-aid on, and then I needed a little cuddle time. After that, I was good to go. Every now and then I like to pick at my band-aid a little bit, but for the most part, I've just gone on with my day.I like to recline in my Elmo chair these days - it's very comfy! Today when Mom came in to check on me during my afternoon nap, she found me in the corner laying on my giraffe pillow. She's not sure it looks comfortable, but then again, I fell asleep like that, so it must not be too bad :) And P.S. - I'm still loving reading! I sit through quite a few books these days and always bring books to Mom or Dad to read to me. I'm looking forward to having M'laine read to me next weekend!


This week I started doing something kinda fun - whenever I stick the plastic coins in my piggy bank's slot...I raise my arms really high and smile real big and wait for everyone to say, "Yaaaaayy!!"It's very fun :)Here is Mommy with Aunt Julia before they left for the airport to take Aunt Julia home. Sweet sisters :)While Mommy was taking Aunt Julia to the airport, Dad and I had some good hangout time. Mommy came home to find these pictures on the camera. While I was on the couch with Dad and Bella eating my snack, I got real comfy and used Bella as my foot rest. She didn't mind.She also didn't mind when I got her in a headlock with my legs.Nor did she mind when I forgot to be "gentle" with her ears. She's such a good dog; Bella is very patient and gracious with me when I don't remember to be gentle with her - but I'm working on trying to remember.

Here I am with Dad, playing in the yard on a nice, sunny evening.
Mommy says "I have a hard time telling, since they are my boys, but I'm pretty sure they look alike!"And last night we went over to Alex's house to watch some Hog football. The Hogs didn't win, but we sure had a fun time playing!!

Happy Birthday Grandpa Jere!

Tonight when Mommy talked to Grandpa Jere to tell him "happy birthday," he notified Mommy (lovingly, of course) that we need to "get on the ball" with another post. He said he misses his little buddy (that's me). So, this one's for you, Grandpa!!

Here I am yesterday, just playing with my bike, drinking water, and looking cute (says Mommy).Mommy said to post this picture because you can see my molars that have been coming in. I have all 4 molars now, and we think the teeth between my molars and my current teeth might be coming in, too. Chewing is becoming easier and easier every day!Auntie Sarah, Uncle Tim, and Alex came over today to hang out with us, and we had a fun time playing! Here I am waving at Alex, while Bella's sneaking in a "hello" lick. And tomorrow is my last day to play with my Auntie Julia, as she is flying back to her home tomorrow evening. I need to rest up good tonight so we can have a big day of playing tomorrow!

Reading with Auntie Julia

My Auntie Julia (Mommy's "baby" sister) is here visiting us, and I am having so much fun with her! I like to read with her as much as possible, which has surprised Mommy since I'm not usually a huge fan of sitting still and reading. I've turned over a new leaf with Auntie Julia here, and I now love reading - but only if it's a book that I want to read :) I like to pick my favorites, take them over to her and sit myself in her lap to read.

Here we are reading yesterday morning after breakfast. I love "Noisy Baby." And here we are reading "Pat the Bunny" - another favorite.Yesterday afternoon looking at pictures of Mom and Dad's wedding...Last night reading my Bible story before bed...And this morning, reading my sing-along-songs book. Auntie Julia taught me how to do the "Itsy Bitsy Spider!"
And this one is just a side note that Mommy wanted me to show you. It's another tower (surprise...yes, I still love stacking, and yes, I did this one completely by myself - legit with no help). Mommy just thought this one was too funny cause the little block second from the bottom is halfway off the bottom block. So with each block I put on top of it, Mommy expected it to tumble over, but it never did! I just kept stacking, and it would teeter and then stay strong - block after block after block. Once I got to this stage, Mommy came over and whisked me back from the tower so she could grab her camera and take a picture. Building towers is so much fun!

Bruises and Bikes

This past Sunday evening I got the biggest owie I've ever had in my whole life. I was sitting down in my Elmo chair, which happened to be on the tile that is right in front of our fireplace, and I lot my balance and fell down and banged my head on the tile. I had a humongous "goose-egg" on my forehead which turned into this really cool bruise. It's still there, but I think it might not be quite as dark as it was. I was really brave and didn't really even cry - just whined for a sec...then onto more playing!This morning I decided it was a good morning to play some golf. I got my golf ball and putter out and did a little putting practice. Then it was off to play with my bike. These days I like flipping the bike onto it's back and sitting on the back while steering. It's great fun!Then I flip it back upright, push it for a bit...Then onto it's back again for more fun!

Play--in' in the Rain...I'm play--in' in the Rain...

Last night it rained really hard at our house, and we went out on the porch to watch. Before long, I wanted to run out in the rain and get wet! It was great fun - I really like the rain.

A Model Life...

Yesterday I went for a photo shoot at Auntie Sarah's house. Her sister is a photographer and is in town for a few days, so she did photo shoots for me and some of my friends. I haven't had one since I was just 6 months old, so I was due! Here are some of our favorites...

Labor Day Weekend

This past weekend, Papa, M'laine, and Aunt Shannon came up to visit all of us for the long weekend. We mostly congregated at Uncle Scott and Aunt Sherri's house all weekend, and we had a great time! Lots more swimming and playing, and I even got to have a sleepover 2 nights in a row with Papa and M'laine at Uncle Scott and Aunt Sherri's house! Dad and Mommy had 2 mornings of leisurely getting up without me...they said it was nice, but they were happy to see me each morning when they came back over to Scott and Sherri's!

This picture below is what happens when you have all girl cousins, and your dad isn't there to supervise what happens to you... On Saturday we had a fun picnic for lunch at the Tontitown Park. I was happy to see M'laine and Papa and the rest of my Primm family again! Hanging out with Papa at the pool.Playing with my cousins at the park.My cousin Payton caught a caterpillar in her back yard, and she named it Kate. That is Kate in Papa's hand - I enjoyed looking at her! Eating my first oreo...didn't know what to think about it at first, but then I decided I liked it :)"Wilson" from "Home Improvement."Boy do I love that pool stick.