Last Week

Since we didn't post all week long, here are some different pictures from throughout the week.

Mommy rearranged my room to make it more functional for play time. I sure like the new set-up. Here I am playing with all my stuff! Mommy had the bookshelves all nice and all my toys in the bins...that was before I got a hold of it all. Within a minute or two, this is what I had the place looking like!
Having some fun in the beautiful outdoors...
I started eating bunny crackers this week! My cousin Jamey knows what bunny crackers are - they are one of his favorites. They're kind of like goldfish, only they're bunnies, and organic. They sure are yummy! Mommy was mostly excited because I seem to have a sensitivity to milk, and she was worried that the cheese crackers might bother me too. But they didn't! I try to put lots of crackers in my mouth at the same time, but Mommy only likes me to have one in there at a time. They're pretty big crackers. Lately I've been a champ with table foods! My favorite is avacado. I also really like black beans. Last night at Acambaro, Mommy made me try refried beans and rice. I ate a little bit of it, but the refried beans weren't my favorite. But really, with me, nothing's ever my favorite the first time I try it. So Mommy's pretty sure that if we just keep trying, I'll eventually warm up to them. I've also been doing great with my pieces of green beans, carrots, and pasta. Yesterday at the grocery store, Mommy bought some zuchini and sweet potatoes. Maybe I'll get to eat those tonight! I'll let you know...

And last night, we went to the park for a few minutes. I sure like the swings! It was a little chilly, so we didn't stay long. It's supposed to be really nice this afternoon - maybe we'll get to go back and swing on those swings again!

The Tractor Show

Papa is here visiting this weekend! Yesterday we had quite a fun day, which included going to a Tractor Show. Papa and I both wore our John Deere shirts and hats (he thought we should have matching John Deere gear...good thinking, Papa!), and we scoped out all kinds of old and new tractors. I wonder if my cousin Jamey got to go to the Tractor Show? He loves tractors. Anyways, Uncle Scott, Uncle Dave, Mommy and Dad came with us to see the tractors. Click on the pictures to make them bigger and see what fun we had!
This is looking at me through the front windshield of a 1921 truck. That's really old!
Papa and me in front of a really BIG tractor.
I even got to sit on the big tire! It was really cool!
One of the big tractors had my name on it..."Oliver"...I wonder if they knew I was coming and had it sitting out just for me?
Me and the matching wagon.

And the most fun part of all was getting to sit on and play with the big BIG John Deere tractor. There was a great big steering wheel and a really long shifter - much bigger than the shifter on my train.

Let's see, how do you work this thing?

I really liked that big tractor.

Mommy, can we get this tractor??

After all that playing on the tractors, I was a sleepy boy. Time for a nap on the way home!

Watching Dad

Yesterday evening, my Dad thought it was time to mow the grass again. Mommy was in the office and could hear me playing with the door stop by the front door (one of my favorite things to do). All of a sudden everything got really quiet, and Mommy wondered if I had crawled away into another room and was "getting into something"...(I don't know why she would think that I would ever do such things). So she came out to check on me, and this is what she found. I was watching Dad mow! I had my mouth pressed up against the door and was intently watching him in the front yard. Mommy came and told me all about how when I get bigger, Dad will teach me how to mow the grass. Sounds like fun!


Well, I finally had a good night's sleep last night for the first time in 4 days. Thursday night, Friday night and Saturday night I decided to get up 3 times in the middle of the night...each night. Mommy felt sorry for me since I have bronchiolitis, so she came to my crib to hold me for a few mintues each time. But she was worried that I was going to make a habit of it. Well, last night I slept all night long. Yay, Oliver! Today my nose is much more runny, and I'm coughing up more "junk," so Mommy wonders if this sickness is finally running it's course. She thinks there might be a little glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. I'm still doing good with my inhaler and drinking as much as I'm supposed to. So, Mommy says no huge major concerns. Just have to wait it out. I've also taken really good naps this morning...much better than the ones I've taken for the last 4 days since I've been sick. This is me during my early morning nap this morning, in one of my favorite positions.

I love my train

Well, since I have bronchiolitis, and Mommy and I had to stay home from church this morning, I decided to play with my train. Since it has wheels, it's really fun to push while I'm walking.
If you'll notice Bella in the corner; she's hurrying past my train very carefully so as not to get run over. Bella doesn't really like any moving objects near her; she's a little bit of a "scaredy-girl". But it's okay, cause we love her. And I love my train! P.S. I'm doing much better with my inhaler. Last night I decided it wasn't so bad, so now I just sit there and breathe into my cool mask with no problems. Mommy says "Great job!"

Not feelin' the greatest...

I've added another food to my repertoire - kidney beans! They are quite yummy. I made my usual "icky" face for the first bite, then gobbled the rest of them up. I think I like kidney beans.

On a sadder note, I'm sick. I've had a nasty cough since Monday, and when I got a fever on Wed. night, Mommy decided it was time to take me to the Dr. on Thursday. So off we went. I like my Dr. He let's me play with his popsicle sticks and his stethescope. He's very nice. Except for when he says things like I have bronchiolitis. What's bronchiolitis, you ask? Well, we're not completely sure, except that it's basically a chest cold. I'm very wheezy and have a super-duper nasty cough. I have to use an inhaler a few times a day, which consists of breathing into a mask that I don't really like. I'm getting better with it, but it's still not my favorite. I hope this cough gets better soon so I can stop the inhaler. If you think about it, you can pray for me. I don't have my fever anymore, which is good. Now we just need to get rid of this coughing and wheezing. Mommy gets a little sad when we have to start missing church and community group because of sickness. Oh well, it's all part of life. Hope you have a good weekend!

Happy Easter Everybody!

Me stylin' in my sweet Easter duds.
I had some special time with Grandpa Jere during my lunch-time bottle.
Here is Mommy and me before church today.
Grandpa Jere sure loves his boy!
And Grandma Lou sure loves her boys, too!
What a fun and special weekend with my Grandma Lou and Grandpa Jere! And the best part is that they are coming back for my 1st birthday next month! I won't have to miss them for too long this time. Thank you so much for playing with me, Grandma Lou and Grandpa Jere, and for coming to visit - I sure love you and can't wait to see you again next month!

More Easter Pictures

This morning when I woke up, Mommy couldn't keep from laughing at me. She said I had "Alfalfa" hair. Usually my hair is very tame. Actually, it is always tame, because I don't really have much hair to deal with anyway. But today, one of my "thick spots" of hair was sticking straight up, right in the middle of the back of my head. It had a mind of its own!
Here I am in my Easter outfit. It is one of the very cute outfits that M'laine got me when she was here a few weeks ago. Mommy says that it's one of her favorite outfits ever. She's very passionate about this outfit...what can I say? I'm just a cute guy.
M'laine also got me a sweet bunny puppet, along with a fun ducky that makes "quack-quack" sounds and a book that has fur on the animals in the book. Here I am playing with Grandma Lou and my bunny puppet from M'laine - I sure like that puppet! It makes me smile every time. Thank you M'laine!
And I had one more surprise when I got home from church today. The Easter bunny (a.k.a. Uncle Tim and Auntie Sarah) had left me an easter basket on our doorstep! It was the coolest easter basket I have ever seen. It was a basketball basket! It had some fun basketball bath toys in it along with some sports-ball easter eggs. If you look at this picture really closely, you can see that I tried to taste the "grass" that the toys were didn't taste as good as it looked. But the balls are great! Thank you so much, Uncle Tim and Auntie Sarah, for my cool easter basket!

My Fun Weekend

This weekend was extra special because my Grandma Lou and Grandpa Jere came to visit me and my cousin Jamey! They missed their boys and decided last week that they would drive out to see us for Easter. What fun we had! I have been practicing my walking a lot these days, so Grandma Lou and Grandpa Jere helped me practice. I'm getting closer and closer!
Usually when I get close, I just lean forward and expect someone to catch's a good thing they do!
While I took my nap on Saturday and Daddy and Grandpa Jere watched golf, Mommy and Grandma Lou went shopping. Grandma Lou came back with some special "Easter presents" just for me! She got me some fun summer clothes - I took a look and gave my stamp of approval.
Really, I think I like the bag almost as much as the clothes! Thank you Grandma Lou for my special presents!

Oliver the Easter Bunny

Happy Easter! M'laine got me this easter bunny outfit to take a picture in, so Mommy dressed me up, got the camera out, and the picture-taking began. It all started out just fine...this was fun!
The bunny suit even had a tail in the back :)
Then things went downhill from there. I was tired of taking pictures, and I told Mommy, "I think it's time to stop." Mommy didn't listen...
She brought me into Daddy to show him how cute I was, but by then I was in a bad mood cause she just kept taking pictures. Not even my crying stopped her. Sheesh, what's a guy gotta do to get a little peace around here? One of my Dad's favorite movies at Christmas time is "A Christmas Story." He says this picture reminds him of that movie, whatever that means. Mommy said it's funny how the bunny ears are pointed down while I'm crying; they knew we were supposed to be sad at that moment. Happy, tired, sad, whatever, these pictures will make great memories!

An Easter Package!!

Today after my nap, Mommy had a wonderful surprise waiting for Easter package from Aunt Jenna! I couldn't wait to open it. This afternoon I've been a little bit grumpy, so this came at the perfect time...what a way to cheer a guy up!

First came a sweet stuffed bunny...he is very soft, and I thought right away that I should see how his ear tastes.
Next were a whole bunch of animal flash cards! They are so cool - on one side there is the name and picture of an animal, and on the other side are a bunch of neat facts about that animal. Mommy is very excited about these.
And next was a big book about Peggy and Peter. Mommy said they are paper dolls that have lots of clothes in the book that you cut out and play dress-up on the dolls. She was very excited because she said she loved playing with those when she was a little girl. She said she will show me all about it (Mommy was so excited, I think she might steal them from me and play with them while I'm napping). I was just fascinated with the big yellow book!
Mommy would show me another of my toys, and I kept wanting to hold that big book. Peggy and Peter look like lots of fun!
Thank you, Aunt Jenna, for my great Easter package! I sure love you and can't wait to see you soon!!

A Night Out With Friends

Last night, as you probably know, were the Final Four games. We thought it would be fun to meet up with our best friends, the Reeves and the Evans, and go to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch and eat. This restaurant is very cool - there are lots of TV's - some small ones and some really really big ones - all throughout the restaurant. So we ordered our wings and watched some college basketball. While all the adults were hanging out together, Hudson and I hung out with each other. I had fun trying to pull out his pacifier, and we both had a great time slapping on the table and screeching really loud. Our parents let us be a little louder than normal cause it was already really loud in the restaurant, so we weren't disturbing anyone. It was great fun! And we were pretty excited because both of "our" teams (the teams we chose on our brackets) won and are headed to the championship!
Chillin' with Dad...Mommy loves her boys.
Here I am waving at Hudson - I'm getting better at my wave!
And here is Mommy, Dad, and me. We thought we'd take advantage of all the people around and get a family pic - we don't have very many of these.
And Mommy had to throw this one in - I was taking my nap after church today, and Mommy came in to check on me - she always seems to find funny things when she checks on me - well today, she found my leg sticking out through the slats in my crib. After taking this picture, she carefully, so as not to wake me up, put my leg back in my crib so I wouldn't be upset if I tried to move around in my sleep. That was very thoughtful, Mommy, thank you.