...has it really been 2 weeks since I last posted? Sorry all you faithful friends (especially grandparents) out there. Hopefully this will make up for it.

We've had a full few weeks here in the Primm household...

:: Sullivan had another weight-check at 8 months, and we were happy to hear that he's doing great! At his 7 month weight-check, he was 17 lbs. and had only gained 10 ounces since his 6 month check-up. At his 8 month weight-check, he was 18 lbs. 15 ounces, so he basically gained almost 2 lbs. during that month! That was the month I completely weaned off nursing, and I think my suspicions of him not getting quite enough from me were confirmed. I don't know how that happens, and there's probably those out there that disagree that it can even happen, but I'm not really worried about it either way. He was happy then, he's happy now... we're all good :)
:: Oliver had some sort of illness last week for several days - bad wheezy cough and a low grade fever (the fever lasted only one afternoon). We have his inhaler on hand for when he gets such coughs, and it came in handy last week. He's doing much better now.
:: Sullivan is officially a great sitter! It's so nice to be able to sit him down on the floor to play, and he really enjoys it.
:: Oliver and Sullivan are interacting more, which is super fun. Neither Seth nor I are oldest children, so it's interesting parenting an oldest child. Oliver is already bossing everyone around, which quite cracks me up. I have to not laugh half the time when I'm really tempted to. Tonight as we were finishing dinner, Sullivan was READY to get out of his high chair (he'd been in there for awhile as I made dinner and we ate) so he was fussing a bit... Oliver proceeds to get very stern with Sullivan and say "No, no Sully Cole, stop being a stinker!" (very emphatically). It was quite hilarious. I had to talk him through how Sullivan only knows how to communicate through fussing/crying, etc. and when he gets to be a big boy like Oliver he'll be able to use his big boy words and let Mama know that he's ready to be all done. He seemed to understand and took it very well :)
:: Sullivan's spitting-up is getting much better. He still does it, but not nearly like it was before. We have moved down to 4 bottle feedings a day (instead of 5) and upped the solid food feedings to 3, and that mixed with the amount of time he spends sitting up is proving to be a good thing for his spitting. I do believe we're seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. YAY!!

So here are a few pics of the boys from the past few weeks...

Oliver's class at school played outside quite a bit on a sunny day, and we hadn't thought to put sunscreen on... his first-ever sunburn. He was a trooper and it didn't phase him. I felt bad though :(
Our little bird.
I think he was singing a song here, but I don't remember which one... I just can't get over that face.
Papa came up to visit a few weekends ago, and we loved seeing him! M'laine was sick and couldn't come at the last minute, and we really missed her. Oliver talked the whole weekend about poor M'laine being sick - he talked about it for like a week, actually. He's happy she's all better :) Anyways, Papa got to feed Sullivan (I think for the first time!)
Oliver entertaining Sullivan :)
Sitting up like a pro! And believe it or not, that is drool all over his shirt, not spit-up. He's a drooling fool these days. Hopefully we'll have some more teeth to show for it - still just the one little tooth popping through!
Trying a biter-biscuit... he liked it, but I forgot that there is milk in those things, and my suspicions of a milk allergy were confirmed after this incident. He has had milk-based formula once and his face exploded, so I was fairly positive about the milk allergy (Oliver had it as well and grew out of it by 18 months...hopefully this little guy will follow suit and grow out of it). So we've used soy formula ever since. The reaction to the biter biscuit wasn't awful, but he got red spots and bumps all around his mouth, poor baby. No more milk-anything for him.
This is what I get to live with every day. Oh how I love him.
Oliver and Sullivan playing Legos together :) Oliver almost got a little distraught at Sullivan "spitting up" on his Legos, but I quickly calmed him down and we bypassed the fit. Nice.
Today in their "fishing hats." :) What fun and sweet boys I have!!

Easter Fun

We had such a great time with my parents (a.k.a. Grandma Lou and Grandpa Jere) and sister Julia in town! We packed some serious fun into 30 hours :)

They came over around lunchtime, so we enjoyed a nice lunch before the boys headed down for naps. My mom and I did a little shopping during nap time, and we got back just before Oliver woke up. He decided pants were a no-go after his nap, and I didn't see any reason to fight it - hence the pants-less pictures to follow :)

First on the list: coloring eggs! This was Oliver's first year to color eggs, and he and Grandma Lou had a great time. Oliver really enjoyed the process and the outcome... he was very proud of his eggs!
Checking on how they are coming along...
So pretty!
Sullivan *majorly* checking out Grandpa Jere. He didn't crack a smile for awhile. He's a little more of a ladies man :) (The next morning he had some sweet smiley/chatty time with Grandpa Jere in bed.)
Awww, there we go :)
Pretty boy.
Um, can anyone say "cheeks?"
After the egg coloring came Easter baskets. The boys got to open their special baskets from Grandma Lou and Grandpa Jere. (Sullivan still enamored with Grandpa Jere...love it)

Sullivan enjoying his sucker via the wrapper :) Some day, buddy, some day.
Oliver's awesome basketball undies! He loves them and wants to wear them all the time.
Sullivan and his loot. You'll notice in an earlier picture Oliver got the same shirt - they both wore them to school yesterday and were quite cute, if I do say so myself.

Next it was time for the Easter egg hunt! Grandma and Grandpa hid the eggs, and then Oliver went-a-searching. He had a lot of fun :) We used his colored eggs for the hunt, so, needless to say, most of them ended up quite cracked by the time it was all over! Good thing I needed to make deviled eggs the next morning...
"Go Fish" was also in Oliver's Easter basket, so he and Grandma Lou enjoyed quite a game after the egg hunt.
After a yummy dinner of spaghetti pie and salad, we bathed the boys and got them ready for bed. Oliver read the Grandparents his rousing rendition of "Jonah and the big fish" from his Bible (I really need to get this on video...we have read this particular story so much that he has it completely memorized...word for word...and it is the cutest thing to watch/listen to him "read" the story. It's not short either...kid's are so smart and memorize so easily!) Grandma and Grandpa read Oliver a few more stories, and off to bed we went.
After church on Sunday, we all loaded up and headed over to James and Karyn's house for Easter lunch. It was super yummy, and we had a great time.
Daddy and Sullivan playing.
Me and my incredible sister, Julia!
Here the boys are having dinner from our leftovers. I love that Oliver and Sullivan are getting to grow up near all their cousins - they love them and always have so much fun together! Such a blessing.
Grandma Lou and Sullivan.Such a treat for you to come visit, Mom, Dad, and Julia!! Seriously, what a treat. We love you and cherish the time we get to spend together. Thank you for coming to celebrate Easter with us!


We were so blessed to have my parents and my little sister, Julia, come for this Easter weekend! What a fun (though quick) visit it was, complete with many pictures.

Since it's currently 10:05, and I need my rest (it's been a full weekend and we have a full day tomorrow, starting early), I will post pictures from our awesome visit at a later time. Hang in there...they'll come...

Happy Easter! He is Risen!!

Happy Easter! What a great week/weekend of reflecting on our Savior and the price He paid for us...for our salvation...what incredible news that HE IS RISEN. Thank you Jesus.

I said it at Thanksgiving, and it hasn't gotten much better...trying to get a family picture with an almost 3 year-old and an 8 month-old never has a satisfying outcome :) Here are a few of our "tries." (These family shots are post-church, post-naps, post-Sullivan-spit-up...you get the idea...that's what happens when your husband is a worship leader - no family pics before church when everyone is fresh! Oh, but I wouldn't trade him for the world...)

Here are a few pics of the boys before church this morning - we were rushing out the door, so I didn't have time to get "perfect" pictures - hopefully you get the idea... such handsome boys :)

Puffs and Sullivan's first tooth!

Cute Baby Legs (my sister Jenna gave them to Oliver when he was a baby, and it was so fun to put them on Sullivan!)

It's funny how older siblings like to revert back to babyhood when they have a baby in the house. Oliver sometimes likes to do tummy time and crawling practice with Sullivan :)
We introduced Sullivan to puffs last week, and he loves them! He does great - very minimal gagging - when you put it in his mouth, he flips it over to the side of his mouth with his tongue and gums it for a few seconds while it dissolves and then swallows. He was a pro really quickly! Here he is working on picking one up (you can't see the one he's working with cause his hand is in the way.)
Got it!
"Let's see if I can get this thing in here..."
Love the tongue-out-concentration :)
Another bit of exciting news....we have our first tooth!! You can barely see it in the picture, but you can see it if you look closely. It's his bottom left front tooth (click on the picture to enlarge it - it's the right side, if you're looking at the picture.) That little thing is sharp! I just finished weaning completely to bottles, and it seems it was just in the nick of time...

Sully Cole

Oh how I love this kid...

Getting excited and doing "the swim"
Playing after a good dinner of peaches/rice cereal
Sullivan continues to be a delight...and an avid spitter-upper. Wow, is all I have to say. We decided to go ahead and try the medicine that our doctor suggested; he's been on it for 2 weeks, and it has not even made a dent in the spitting. I saw the doc at church yesterday and mentioned it to him...he said if it hasn't helped by now, then it probably won't. "He's just a spitter - he'll grow out of it - it's just going to be a social problem!" Ugh, easy for him to say. Social problem and laundry problem. Makes my heart hurt sometimes when I think about how people often want to "keep their distance" from him in an effort to not be spit upon - and how can I blame them? It's pretty gross. I mean come on - I'm his mom, and even I think it's quite disgusting. But he's such a sweet and fun baby - seriously so much fun - and I feel bad for all the fun that people are missing out on. I'm really hoping the spitting stops soon. We're getting weary of it! But just when we're getting weary, he lights up our world with his full-face smile and a giggle, and all the clouds go away. Sweet, sweet baby. My heart is overflowing when I think about him.