The last few days...

Well, since it's been a few days since we've last blogged, we thought we'd just post some pictures from the past few days.

Here I am having some more tummy-time. You can see how well I'm doing holding my head up! Bella likes to hang out with me during tummy-time too.

After tummy-time was over, Bella thought that the blanket was for her. Mommy thought it was so cute, she left the blanket on the floor for a few days for Bella to lie on. Anytime one of my blankets is on the floor, Bella lays on it. She likes anything that has to do with me! *(Mommy would like me to note here that she doesn't remember from grammar class when to use "lay" vs. "lie", etc. so please pardon us if we used poor grammar here.)*
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