It's finally working!

Well, blogger is finally letting us put some pictures on our blog! Mommy thinks we kept trying at busy blogger times and that's why it wasn't working. So much has gone on in the last week...I'm going to have to post lots and lots of pictures to update you.

This is me playing on my neat hippo mat that Grandma got me for when I come to her and Grandpa's house. This was early in the week, and since then I have figured out all kinds of fun ways to play on the hippo...more of that to come! And here I am having some tummy time. I'm still not grabbing toys on purpose, but Mommy thinks I might be getting close. I'm starting to become more intentional in my playing!
Last Friday, Mommy and I went with Grandma to her prayer group lunch. These are special ladies that Grandma has prayed with since Mommy was a little girl. They have prayed lots and lots for me, even before I was born! They loved meeting me and holding me and talking to me. It was a special time!
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