The Tree is Gone!

Remember the pictures we showed you of our tree that blew over from hurricane Ike? Well, we had to get the whole thing cut down. The split was going into the main tree trunk as well, so none of it could be saved. It was a little sad to have to cut it down. But we're really glad we still have a healthy big one right next to it! So now our yard looks pretty different and bigger! Dad thinks it'll be fun to have the space to play in. Dad and I have gone over and played in the dirt where the tree was a few times.
Here's our sweet baby!
I wanted to get in on the picture action too.
Sullivan in his crib.

Sullivan done with the photo shoot.
I love chocolate!!!
Patting Sullivan's head is my favorite.
Bath time for our chunky monkey!
Mommy caught Bella and I snuggling on the couch together. She was laying in my lap, and I was petting her head. We're buddies.
6 Responses
  1. Zona Wilson Says:

    I think that from the nose down, that child looks like Grandma Lou!

  2. Sullivan is such a chunky monkey...I LOVE IT! Fat babies are the best! :)

  3. Weems World Says:

    Thanks for editing;)

  4. Sarah. Says:

    I think it's about time for you to get that baby out of the house and let him explore the world. And I think Dallas would be a good place to start. Did you know that taking road trips make a baby smarter? And cuter. And it makes them sleep better, too. Just thought I'd mention it...

  5. Hannah Says:

    Joy (and Seth!)- Your boys are both so adorable and precious! I just LOVE how chubby little Sullivan is! So stinkin' cute!! He seems so sweet and cuddly! Hope we can see him in person one of these days! Give both of your little guys hugs for us! Take care and hope you're getting some sleep! :)
    The Goertzens

  6. Day Family Says:

    Jack pats Charlie's head like that too! Having two boys is great!!