Our Bedrooms

Here's a cute picture of Sullivan that Mommy just snapped earlier this afternoon...
And now onto our bedrooms. This week while I've been gone, Mommy and Dad touched up the paint in my room, hung a shelf, and moved all the furniture around! I'm very excited to see it when I get home tomorrow.

Here is my photo board that Mommy just re-did a few weeks ago. She's very proud of all the pictures she chose to put up there, and I love looking at them and remembering all the fun times represented!

And now onto Sullivan's room. It's about 98% done. There will still be a bookshelf added, but other than that - it's good to go!

When Mommy took the below picture, she hadn't gotten the pictures for the white circle frame. The picture above shows the frame filled. Mommy's proud of that one too :) And there you have it! The playing/resting places of Oliver and Sullivan.
4 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Sullivan has such a precious smile! Thanks for all the wonderful pictures Joy. Love, Mom

  2. Mandy Says:

    you totally deserve your own post Joy....their bedrooms look great!!

  3. Sarah. Says:

    Love the boys' rooms, Joy. So cute. And very impressive that you've gotten all of that done. A's room is still a white box with a bed in it, so hopefully your efforts will get me motivated!

    p.s. O was a blast this weekend. Will blog about it soon...

  4. He is SO chubby and adorable! The rooms look great too!