Updates From My Week

Sometime this week (we've lost track - sorry it's been so long since we've posted...Mommy says the baby is making her tummy not feel so good these days)...anyways, sometime this week while Mommy was folding towels on the couch, I took one of my washcloths (I did this all on my own with no prompting, mind you) and went over to the kitchen floor and started wiping up the dust. I'm such a good helper :)
I like gadgets. What guy doesn't? Well, since Mommy and Daddy's old camera broke, they let me have it to play with. I like to walk around with the camera up to my face and say "cheeeeese!" Taking pictures is so much fun! Maybe I'll be a photographer someday...
The other day Dad's hat was sitting on the table, so I thought I should grab it and put it on. Aren't I cute in Dad's hat?
And while Mommy was fiddling with something in the living room, she looked up at me to see me on the couch reading my book. I sure like reading. Mommy's so glad that I like reading - it's the only time I will sit still! (literally). Mommy says she cherishes our reading time these days...something about me wearing her out. Who needs to sit around when there's so much to do?!
I still love stacking towers. Mom and I were playing in the living room, and I brought out an assortment of stacking objects. Mommy was putting away the DVDs I had gotten out, and before she knew it, I was talking wildly and loudly to her trying to get her attention to look at my COOL tower!! I even put the golf ball on top! Towers are so much fun.
And here are a few pictures of my big-boy room! It started out as my playroom awhile back, but now it is my big-boy room. I don't sleep in there yet, but all my toys are in there, and we get dressed in there and change diapers in there. Pretty much I only sleep in my baby room. I really like my big-boy room...I think it will be a lot of fun when it becomes my all-the-time-room! We're not sure when I'll start sleeping in there...probably not until we need to switch my bedroom into our new baby's room, a few months before our new baby comes to play. Did I mention that I really like to play in my big-boy room?

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  1. Sarah Says:

    Oliver!! Do you only clean your own house? You never seem interested in cleaning the filthy corners of my pigsty. I'll forgive you, though, since you're so cute. Especially in your toboggan...