This week has been full of building towers. Building towers is definitely my favorite right now. My eyes see everything through the lens of tower-building. For those of you who don't know, I've been quite a fan of stacking blocks since a long, long time ago. I've made some pretty impressive towers in my day, and it seems my love for stacking has come back with a vengence.
Although I really do love reading (certain books, but quite a large repertoire), this week my books were put to much better use through stacking. "Let's try this one..." "See my big tower of books, Mom?" Peek-a-boo :)Cheese!
Then my blocks (books) fall down with a crash!!!

And I get all excited and crazy.

Okay, next day. I go into my big-boy room and bring out different sized and shaped blocks, one-by-one. This is looking good, but lets try a few more... Yep, still going strong! Let's try another... Is it going to hang on...??..... Sure! Let's keep it going!... One more...will it stay??.... Yaayy!! Let's try one more...CRASH!!!! Ah, maaan!
Then life got even more fun. Dad got home from the grocery store with some kleenex boxes. When I saw those kleenex boxes, I didn't see mere tissue. I saw stacking potential. Here I go!So proud of my cool tower :)Mom helped me start this one with the big block on the bottom. Then I took it from there. I'm concentrating very hard, can you tell?
Then tonight's tower was a doozy! Mommy started me with my first block on the big block, and then I took over. Block-by-block, my tower got higher and higher and higher! Fourteen blocks (not counting the big blue one) - this might be my biggest tower ever!!Then Dad came in to check my tower out, and he lifted me up so I could reach to add the big green block to the top. Dad promises to Mommy that he didn't help me place this big green block - just held me up so I could reach. I'm a pretty good balancer! Whew!! All this stacking is just so much fun! Mommy and Daddy are always amused by the towers I can get to stay strong and by my creativity in what I stack together. Towers are the best!

5 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    This kid is amazing! What a cute outfit he has on too! I know another little boy who likes wearing moose as well!

  2. Sarah Says:

    Whoa. Mad props O. That's some serious stacking. I love where you're peeking around your book towers. That's very resourceful, using books as blocks. And I'm so glad you're using your "Oliver" blocks, too. Those things were around before we even knew how much you were gonna like to stack them!

    btw Joy, our mutual fans are giving me a hard time because you have blogged twice since I have. Lay off, would ya!??

  3. Quinn Says:

    His smile is so contagious! And his stacking abilities....we really need to get that kid entered in some block stacking contests.

  4. He certainly has amazing stacking skills. Freakishly amazing. I'm glad you're getting lots of pictures, otherwise, on down the line, we'd question ourseslves wondering if we'd remembered correctly.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Looking at these adorable pictures is all the entertainment Grandpa and I need Oliver - we think you are pretty amazing!!
    Love you, Gma Lou