Christmas, Part 4

On Christmas day, after the rest of our family left to go back home, Papa, M'laine, Dad, Mommy, and I went outside to shoot some hoops. It was lots of fun! Dad held me up so I could dunk a few.
Like father, like son...
Playing catch with Papa and M'laine.
Riding my cool John Deere tractor.
Dad and I started playing a really fun game; this is how it went: Dad would throw the soccer ball up on the roof where I couldn't see it anymore...then it would roll down, and I'd go CRAZY!!! It was so much fun :)
Here I am waiting in joyful anticipation for the ball to roll back down...
...Here it comes!!! This mostly wraps up our wonderful trip to M'laine and Papa's house for Christmas!
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  1. Sarah Says:

    I LOVE O's face in the pics where he's waiting for the ball. That's about as happy as a kid can get, I think.