Christmas, Part 1

Since we have so many pictures to post and so many things to tell you, we're going to post them in "parts." Here is Part 1.

We arrived at Papa and M'laine's house on Friday. Saturday morning when I woke up, my cousins Lauren and Alyssa were there too! Lauren fed me my oatmeal for breakfast, and I always love to point at Mickey and Minnie on the high chair at Papa and M'laine's house.
Next in order was playing the piano. My cousin Lauren takes lessons and is really good! (And so is Alyssa!) Lauren was very nice to let me play along with her. I was very careful and gentle with the piano keys and love playing!
Papa and M'laine have mistletoe growing in some of their trees in the back yard, so Papa and Uncle Dave cut some down. Dad and I had to test it out.
On Saturday Papa and M'laine decided it would be best for me to open one of my presents so I could play with it for the weekend - it was a super-cool John Deere riding tractor!! I can honk the horn and the seat opens up and there are some little farm animals in there that make sounds. It's a very fun tractor!
Later that night we decided that everyone should open one present. Since our family is so big, all the mommies and daddies draw names, and the cousins draw names. So we opened our exchange gifts. I got a really neat leggo-in-a-wagon set from my cousin Holland!
I liked it right away...
...and mostly I like to get in the wagon and ride around!
Us kids got to open one more present - the one from Uncle Tony and Aunt Shannon. Aunt Shannon wrapped mine in cool camo paper! I had fun tearing it apart. They got me some really cool magnatized dinosaurs that go on the fridge! I've had lots of fun playing with them since we've been home.
Papa and M'laine have an exercise glider in their room, and anytime I could get away to get back there, I was trying it out. M'laine was sweet to help me.
And here cousin Lauren and I are looking at all our stockings! Boy, do we have a big family!

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  1. Sarah Says:

    Hey O, congrats on having such a big, fun family! I can't wait to see all the fun stuff you got!