Christmas, Part 3

We woke up Christmas morning to find lots of presents and my very own stocking, stuffed just for me! It was all very exciting. I have such sweet cousins who love to give me hugs and kisses!Here is Mommy helping me open up my letter/train set.And here I am putting the letters together. It spells O-L-I-V-E-R and has an engine and caboose. What a fun train!I also got a Baby Elmo doll who giggles and cries and sucks on his bottle and says lots of cute things. I love my baby Elmo, and I can say "Elmo" really well, too! I've had a bit of a cough and runny nose for the past few weeks (it's clearing up finally), so each night before bed, M'laine got me all fixed up with Mentholatum on my chest and feet. Then she would warm up a towel and put it on my tummy. It felt soo good; I loved it!

M'laine got a special train from Papa for Christmas, so Dad and Papa got it set up that afternoon. It sounds just like a real train, and it even has smoke coming out of it! I loved watching that train go round and round on it's track.
On Wednesday night, we had a fun get-together at Papa and M'laine's house for all Dad and Mom's friends and their babies. It was really fun, cause these were all friends that Dad grew up with, and now they all have babies of their own! We had not met a few of these kids, so it was a really special time. Here I am with my good friend, Ethan. His daddy is Jacob, who is one of Dad's best friends from growing up. Christmas weekend was the first time Ethan and I ever met, and we hit it off right away. We met at church on Sunday night, and Mommy really wishes she had her camera with her when we met. We were on the ground, eye-to-eye, when we were introduced, and I leaned forward and hugged Ethan with both arms and gave him a big kiss! Ethan thought it was fun and got all excited. We hugged and kissed again, and all the parents thought it was so cute! Here we are looking at M'laine's Christmas train.While the parents were chatting, Ethan thought it would be fun to pull me around in my leggo wagon. It was fun!

Here are all the kiddos (minus the Weems' kids who came a little later). L to R: Will Franklin Legg, Alex Evans, me, Jack Day, Rebekah Cooley, Sadie Cheshier, Ethan Cheshier. What a group!And here's the whole group together! Alex's mommy and daddy: Uncle Tim & Auntie Sarah, Mom, Dad & me, Rebekah's mommy and daddy: Scott & Amanda, Jack's mommy and daddy: Mark & Laura (and baby #2 on the way), Sadie and Ethan's mommy and daddy: Jacob & Kelly (and baby #3 on the way), and Will Franklin's mommy and daddy: Joey & Jennifer. Whew, that's a big group! Later, Abbey and Steven came with Luke, Emma Grace, and Lauren.Here Luke and I are looking at M'laine's special Nutcracker that plays music and dances around. We were all mesmerized by it! I could watch it over and over and over again.Here are Dad's 4 special friends from his growing-up years. Uncle Tim, Jacob, Scott, and Mark. It was fun to have them all together again, especially with all their babies!And here's Dad's special singing group from his childhood, Rock Solid. Dad was 12 years old when Rock Solid starting singing together, and they sang up until Dad graduated high school. They traveled around the country to different churches and events to sing, and they were a hit. They even recorded a few albums. This was the first time in about 5 or 6 years that Rock Solid sang together again, and it was so special! They sounded great, and everyone loved hearing them sing together again.

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  1. Quinn Says:

    I love babies in the morning....I'm mean big boys, sorry O. Still love those slippers!! Look at Mr. Handsome with his red dress shirt and his cuffs folded over. What a fun group!! I can't believe all the babies and babies to be! Derrick thinks he's ready to jump on that band wagon. He's such a follower.....I'm sure if everyone was jumping off cliffs, he would too! :)