Christmas, Part 2

We're very sorry that our Christmas adventures are coming to you in such slow increments.

On Monday we all loaded up and went to Grandmommie's house (M'laine's mommy). 2 of M'laine's sisters were there with their families, and it was fun to see everyone. Grandmommie has a lake in her backyard, and I loved looking at the ducks! Here's a picture of all of Grandmommie's grandkids and great-grandkids (missing a few who couldn't make it).(The above picture is out of order, but I couldn't move it or else you wouldn't be able to blow it up. So, we're sorry - we're skipping back to Saturday and then will move forward to Grandmommie's house again.)

On Saturday night, Mommy and Dad went to a bunko party at Uncle Tim's mommy's house. It was happening past my bedtime, so I got to stay at Papa and M'laine's house with them. Mom and Dad had a really fun time, and here's a picture of the group that was there. Lots of good friends of Dad's from his growing up years and all the spouses - they all have so much fun when they get together, which is not often enough. Fun friends!
Here I am with my cousins, playing while everyone else is getting everything ready to go to Grandmommie's!
We even got to throw those little popper firecrackers (you know, the ones you just throw on the ground and they "pop!") - it was really fun! I popped a few all by myself.

Here we are looking at the ducks at the lake - I can say "duck" and "quack" really well!

Here we are on the way back home that night. Payton entertained me in the car, and I loved gently stroking her hair. She's a sweet cousin.
And here was one of my favorite things to do at M'laine and Papa's house: get the mops out! The broom is also my favorite. Out of all the toys I had to play with there, I favored the mop and broom :) And don't you like the fun candy-cane personalized sweatshirt M'laine got me?!
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  1. Sarah Says:

    Hey Oliver, your shirt is "sweet"! Get it? Candy canes? Sweet? Anyway, feel free to come to Auntie Sarah and Uncle Tim's anytime so we can show you how much fun our mop and broom are!