Preparing for a big day

We had a nice day today. We slept in a little bit (I wanted my breakfast early today - 5:00, but then I slept again until 8:40). Mommy and Dad got some things done around the house today, and I got lots of play time with them! I'm doing a really good job of falling alseep on my own when it's naptime and Mommy or Daddy lays me down for my nap. All in all, I'd say we had a nice, smooth day.

And it's a good thing, because we have to get nice and rested up because tomorrow is a big day! It's Mommy's first day back to work! We can't believe the summer has flown by so quickly. I get to go play with my Aunt Sherri and cousins Holland and Payton, and I think it will be a lot of fun. Then on Wednesday my Papa and M'Laine are going to come stay with me! I'm very excited about that. We're going to have so much fun, and I'm going to show them how I can smile so big and all the things I like to play with.

Well, I must go get rested up for our big day. Talk to you later!
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  1. So...Oliver,

    How did your big day go? My mom is wondering.

    Love, Jamey