Naps in my carseat...

Mommy just had to take a picture of me when we got home from my babysitter's house this afternoon. I was sleeping really good! When my carseat sits really upright, and I am really relaxed, my head flops over like this. Mommy and Dad think it looks quite uncomfortable and like I might get a sore neck, but I just can't hold it up when I am so tired!

Childcare update: I am doing so great for all my babysitters! Ms. Brandy told my Mom today that I am an angel. And the sweet ladies at church say I am such a good boy! I take my bottle without any problems, and I smile so big for them! Today I got to play with Ms. Brandy's baby, Blythe. She is 2 years old. I think we're going to be friends. She is sweet, and she loved playing with me!
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Oliver, Joy & Seth:

    Oliver is really growing fast and he is just too cute. Love that Razorback suit. Maybe one of these days we will get to see you in person.

    Great Aunt Cynthia & Uncle Ronnie