3 Months Old!

Here I am in my new exersaucer! Mommy and Dad put it all together for me a few days ago, and yesterday we tried it out. I'm still a little bit small for it, so Mommy just rolled up some towels to stuff behind my back to stabilize me. It worked great. There are so many neat things to look at and play with on my exersaucer, and Mommy thinks this will help my development in many ways. Dad had it on the lowest setting in this picture, but my legs are already too long! So he had to move it up for me. I think I'm really going to like playing in my neat exersaucer!

Some more exciting news...I am 3 months old today!! Everyone says I am so long, but we have to wait another whole month before it's time to go see the Dr. again to check my weight and height. Mommy thinks she will try to measure me herself.

It's been a good three months. I like to smile a lot these days - almost all the time. And I like to tell lots of stories, too. Mommy says they're her very favorite stories. I had some really great chatting time with a lot of different people today. It just felt like a good talking day to me.

Yesterday I got to go visit my cousin Jamey! Mommy and I went over to Aunt Karyn and cousin Jamey's house for lunch and the afternoon and had a great time. Jamey played his toy piano for me and showed me how to walk while pushing his activity walker. Norah (their sweet puppy - she is the same kind as our puppy, Bella, only she is red/white instead of black/white) really liked me and wanted to be by me all the time. I think she likes babies. The Mommies took some great pictures, but they are on Aunt Karyn's camera. So we will post some pictures when we get some from her. Thank you for having us over! Next time we'll have you over for lunch!

One more exciting piece of news - we went over and visited baby Hudson last night. He is such a tiny baby! Mommy said she forgot I was that small 3 months ago. I look like such a big boy next to Hudson! He is a very sweet baby, and I can't wait until he gets a little bigger so we can play together!
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  1. Happy Birthday, little cousin! I can't believe you're getting so old!

    Love, Jamey