Snow, Stacking, and Sitting (in refrigerators)

The most exciting thing happened on Saturday.... it snowed!! It didn't snow much, which was nice, because we had things we needed to get out and do this weekend. But it snowed just enough (and BIG flakes!) to make it fun and a little bit pretty. We went outside for just a minute for a picture.Bella hurrying to find a potty-spot so she could get back in the warm house!

On Sunday Dad and I were playing with my shape sorter. I was doing pretty good with getting the right shapes into the right holes in the sorter. But after awhile, I got a little bit tired of sorting my shapes and just wanted to stack them.
Anytime Mom or Dad open the fridge, I try to get past them to sit on the bottom ledge. It's so fun :) It never lasts quite long enough, though...
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