Primms and Black Eyes

Oliver felt really bad that I had a black eye, so yesterday he decided to give himself one so I wouldn't be alone.....

Okay, so that's not exactly how it went. The real story went something like this: I was changing Sullivan's diaper in his room, and Oliver was playing in my room on the floor with his trains. As I'm changing Sullivan, I hear a bang and some major crying coming from the other end of the house. As I grab Sullivan and haul booty to the other side of the house, I hear silence (I can count on one hand the number of times Oliver has cried that hard in his lifetime). Poor baby. When I get to him I assess his face and immediately see this: Between cries the story I got was something like he was playing with his trains and he bent down and cracked his face on the wooden frame to Seth and my platform bed. OUCH. I think I would cry if I did that too. It took him awhile to calm down, and I was freaking out inside a little trying to assess the situation and figure out how hurt he was and what kind of care this wound needed. I got him to calm down, got some ice, got him on the couch, and somehow got him to let me ice it. It did help some with the swelling. I also gave him Tylenol. Poor baby. These pictures are from last night, a few hours after the accident.

So swollen.

This morning: the beginnings of a black eye.
This afternoon: darker black eye. Who knows what tomorrow will bring. I have asked him numerous times how his eye feels, and he says "Good!" :) I think it looks much worse than it feels. Still, just freak me right out. What's up with the Primms and black eyes all of a sudden??? Enough already!

Could this child be any happier?
And could he spit up any more than he already does??? Yeah, definitely won't miss that when it's gone. Assuming it will leave someday....please, spit up, please leave someday....preferably someday soon...
4 Responses
  1. Emily Shoup Says:

    You guys! You are having a rough go at it lately! Stop that! :)

  2. Poor Oliver...that looks like it hurt! How is your eye healing? Ok, i hope. And yes, Sullivan is one of the happiest babies i've ever seen....his smile just warms my heart!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    This is Shannon. That first picture of Oliver looks like Seth staring me in the face! No luck with the medicine helping all the spit-up?

  4. Sarah. Says:


    Dude, your black eye story is so lame. You should have said that you climbed onto your mom and dad's dresser and tried to jump onto the bed, but you jumped so high that you smashed your eye on the ceiling fan. Yeah, that would have been better.

    But I have to admit, that black eye is pretty wicked. Way cooler than my last one...see ya - gotta go find something to fall off of.

    later bro,