Sully Cole

Oh how I love this kid...

Getting excited and doing "the swim"
Playing after a good dinner of peaches/rice cereal
Sullivan continues to be a delight...and an avid spitter-upper. Wow, is all I have to say. We decided to go ahead and try the medicine that our doctor suggested; he's been on it for 2 weeks, and it has not even made a dent in the spitting. I saw the doc at church yesterday and mentioned it to him...he said if it hasn't helped by now, then it probably won't. "He's just a spitter - he'll grow out of it - it's just going to be a social problem!" Ugh, easy for him to say. Social problem and laundry problem. Makes my heart hurt sometimes when I think about how people often want to "keep their distance" from him in an effort to not be spit upon - and how can I blame them? It's pretty gross. I mean come on - I'm his mom, and even I think it's quite disgusting. But he's such a sweet and fun baby - seriously so much fun - and I feel bad for all the fun that people are missing out on. I'm really hoping the spitting stops soon. We're getting weary of it! But just when we're getting weary, he lights up our world with his full-face smile and a giggle, and all the clouds go away. Sweet, sweet baby. My heart is overflowing when I think about him.
5 Responses
  1. He is totally cute :) I bet that as a mom it does hurt your heart when people keep their distance! Hopefully, this will all pass SOON, and people will learn what a sweetie he is and wish that they hadn't avoided him, even with all the spit-up! :)

  2. Sarah. Says:

    Sullivan, you can barf on me anytime. It's totally worth it to get to squish you!

  3. Day Family Says:

    He is ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Mandy Says:

    Joy...thanks so much for your comment on my meant the world to me, seriously. thank you for praying for peace. love you

  5. What a cutie pie! Joy, I haven't been on your blog in awhile, and I've missed out! He's just a doll. So super cute. Don't you love the "swim". Bekah is all about that, too. :)