My Boys

Here are some updated pics of the boys. Sullivan continues to be so sweet - a seriously happy baby who just smiles all the time. He is super easy-going these days, and is really aware of his surroundings. He loves grabbing at things and putting them in his mouth, and he's starting to really enjoy his exersaucer!
He's so easy to make smile :)

Oliver has been loving his new Bible that he got for Christmas. He wants us to read him stories from it all the time, and takes it to bed with him at nap time. Here he is reading a few stories to Sullivan :)
Oliver has been so cute with Sullivan these days. He tries to mimic how Seth and I talk to Sullivan. He does this high-pitched voice and just says the cutest things. He laid down next to Sullivan the other day and was chatting him up, so I took the photo op. I love my boys.

Cuteness. Love how his face lights up when he smiles.
Seth was playing play-dough with Oliver the other day and, as per Oliver's request, made a whale and a sea turtle. Oliver is way into sea creatures these days.
Pretty impressive, I sure think!
Oliver's into Lightning McQueen these days, so when I saw these in Target, I thought he should have them. Plus he could use another pair of jammies, so it wasn't totally frivolous :) He loves them!
Holding his head up great!
Going in for a smooch. I can't even express how thankful I am that Oliver loves Sullivan so much!
3 Responses
  1. I love the high-pitched voice mimic. It's one of my favorite things! Cute boys!

    We'll have to get together soon. Jamey's been talking about Oliver lots since we've been back in town.

    Love, Karyn

    PS: I like your blog's new look.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Cool jammies O! Miss you, Gma Lou

  3. Julia Says:

    oh my gosh. you're it. miss them to death. miss you to death! love you sister!